Lemurian Seed Crystal And Rutilated Quartz?

by Xavier
(Valencia, CA, United States)

Hello all! I have received a Lemurian seed crystal and a rutilated quartz and have cleansed them with salt water, rosemary, and lavender. I then charged both in the sun for an hour.

I then programmed the Lemurian seed crystal to help boost my psychic abilities, show me its wisdom, and repel negative energies (I know its high vibrational) and for the rutilated quartz I programmed it to strengthen and seal my aura.

The Lemurian is worn as a necklace and I carry the rutilated quartz in my pocket. I've been meditating with them and have been feeling very "light headed" and "floaty feeling" I have been trying to open my third eye. Side effect maybe? To much vibration? Also for some odd reason I feel a bit drained or tired at times.

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Symptoms Of Being Ungrounded
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Hi Xavier

It seems to me that you have the symptoms of being ungrounded, and you may even have a few more symptoms that you haven't noticed or maybe mentioned. In my article on spiritual grounding I have a list of these symptoms, check them out.

This article also has a grounding meditation that you may like to do regularly, but especially now as you seem to be ungrounded. This meditation takes you right down into the earth where you make contact with the energy of Gaia, and this also aids you to give back any excess energy to Mother Earth. It is of value to deeply ground yourself and make sure you take yourself right down to the earth before going upwards and it will work better for you.

As well you might like to also carry some of the grounding stones as well. Some of my favorites are Black Tourmaline, Black Andradite Garnet and Smokey Quartz. There are a number of other grounding stones as well, and there is a list in that article on spiritual grounding.

This is a good question you have asked, as you are not the only one who get high vibration crystals and works with them, only to find they feel a little unwell. Its partly a matter of adapting more slowly, but in our world these days everyone wants things to happen quickly. So please take action to ground yourself, and as soon you can can make sure you use grounding stones along with your higher energy stones.

All the best. Blessings Liz

by: Xavier

Thank you so much Liz!! I shall get onto finding some black Tourmaline as soon as I can :)

Re: Lightheaded, ungrounded
by: Anonymous

It is important to protect yourself but equally important to stay connected. Guarding your aura constantly can hinder your connection to the earth, thus making you feel light headed. Try protecting your aura around groups of people, then reconnecting your surroundings while out in nature. This will allow a good balance of meditation.

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