Lumerian Seed Quartz WILL Blow Your Socks Like It Did Me!

by Curious

I have been looking through the internet for any information on the Lemurian Quartz because I have few of them. And I wanted to find out more about them so I can work with them better.

I have been collecting crystals for long time now but I was not a serious about it until few years ago. I had a rather curious experience with mine which I hope you guys can explain.

I got a huge 5 inch Lemurian Seed Quartz two years ago. It was the second one I had gotten but my first one didn't do any of the odd things you guys had mentioned about Moldavite and the others. But when I got the second one, as I touched it, I instantly felt it realigning my energy and aura. And I felt a tad dizzy afterwards for a while.

As I recovered from the shock it gave me, I found that I could work with my other one better. And I could tell it is a uber powerful stone. Also I have found, it also helps me sleep better. Sometimes I also noticed it hums to me if I mediate on it.

So I think the Lumerian Seed quartz are generally uber high frequency stone, which can overwhelm people sometimes. So I now don't really let very many people touch it very often. I just want to know if I can ever let other people close me handle it without it giving them a shock like it did me? Now its peaceful with me.

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Using Lemurian Seed Crystals
by: Liz Oakes

When I read your experience with your Lemurian Crystal, I did understand as I have made a strong connection with my Starseed Lemurian Quartz which is also the same type of crystal, just not as common as the others.

The reason why you can hear it, is because they will aid you to develop your clairaudient abilities. All types of Lemurian Crystals will stimulate clairaudience.

I understand what you mean about the humming as I also get that from my starseed. I don't even need to be touching it, but can hear it if its sitting nearby! I believe that there are just particular stones that you make a connection with, and clearly this is one of them for you.

If you are concerned about others touching it, you can take action to help prevent this by programming it. As this is a type of quartz it is definitely programmable. Simply sit with it and think about what you would like to happen if others touch it. What you choose to suggest to your crystal is up to you. Maybe you could ask it to relate to others with peace and harmony, as this could be a good outcome.

If you haven't used it for healing, read my article on Lemurian Quartz Crystals, as you can use it for healing by pressing on the ridges, as explained in my article. This can be used for physical healing as well as spiritual growth.

Clearly you love using your special stone so it will be easy for you to work with it!

Blessings Liz

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