Malachite Grandmother

by Roy
(NSW, Australia)

As a child I enjoyed collecting all different types of stones, I accumulated a lot of different polished and non polished stones. I loved it so much and to this day I'm not sure why I stopped. Seems up to my teens the fishing tackle box that I used to house my stones just got further and further back in the cupboard until it was pretty much non existent.

This evening I was at my folk's for dinner with my partner when I spotted a stone that my Grandma had given me before she passed away. It's a piece of Malachite, I've always been meaning to bring it home with me but seemed as though it had just become like a piece of furniture at the folk's.

Tonight I picked it up and I can't really explain how I felt. It felt amazing in my palm, the uncut stone just seemed to fit perfectly in my hand. like the grove was made for my palm. I felt calm but had a strange sensation whilst holding the stone.

I sat there while talking with my partner and folk's trying to figure out what I was feeling. I couldn't but I didn't want to let go of it. I felt I couldn't.... I had to bring it home. I have never really looked into the properties and history of certain stones etc. This stone was already very important to me as my grandma gave it to me. But there is something else there, Found the site and thought I'd share and hopefully get some insight!. :)

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