More A Question Than A Story... I Need Some Help

by Paul J. DuBois
(New Bedford, MA)


I'm an avid believer in crystals and am trying (for the first time) to create a crystal "chip" necklace for general protection from negative entities (e.g. psychic intrusion, psychic attack, psychic vampires, spirits, ghosts, demons).

I have been wanting to create one for myself, but now trying to pick-up-the-pace for a six year old girl who is gifted and has been attached to by a malevolent spirit.

After doing some searching, I already have a rather LARGE list of crystals which will protect, ground and invite angelic/higher connections. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's a good idea to combine so many crystals in one piece of jewelry. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is my list:

Agate, Banded/Zebra
Agate, Blue Lace
Agate, Green Moss
Apache Tears
Aventurine, Blue
Elestial Crystals
Jasper, Brachiated
Jasper, Dalmation
Jasper, Red
Kyanite, Black
Lapis Lazuli
Moonstone, Black
Mother of Pearl
Obsidian, Black
Onyx, Black
Peacock Ore
Quartz, Clear
Quartz, Rose
Quartz, Smoky
Tiger Eye, Blue
Tiger Eye, Brown
Tiger Eye, Red
Tourmaline, Black

Many thanks in advance...

--Paul from New Bedford, Massachusetts

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Protection Stones
by: Anonymous

Black tourmaline, blue kyanite, malachite should do the trick...

Exploding necklace!
by: Jamie Crow

All I can comment is my own experience. I made a beautiful multi-crystal necklace years ago. It was very special to me personally. I believe the energy was just too much. It kept breaking. I changed the floss to another heavier kind and again and again. It would just burst apart.

Finally I used wire. Again it just exploded right around my neck. I don't know if the synergy was all wrong or if the frequency of the different crystals was so powerful it simply could not be contained. I understand now that working with too many crystals at once creates a sort of chaotic energy. For me, I'm learning to work with one at a time or at least make sure the frequency of the crystals is similar. That's my personal experience to offer.

Heavy !
by: Claudia

Geez ....You have a list that would weigh that little girl down ! :) I would make a necklace of what she would feel be beneficial to her. Let her pick out the chips from say maybe 4 or 5 on your list...and let's see what 'she' is attracted to.

What you necessarily want, she may not's all in what speaks to her....the vibrations she receives from the stones....or thereof lacking...Good Luck! Namaste

Stone Choices
by: Liz (Site Owner)

Paul, you have a very long list there, and I assume you do not intend to use them all together at once. I agree with Jamie, in that too many crystals might create chaotic energy, and with Claudia in that if you have too many it might weigh her down. I also agree that it might be best to let her have a part in the choice.

This does depend on how you approach the situation. I would choose ten (the ten you feel are the best choices) and ask her which she likes and if she does not like any of them find some others. I am not saying use ten, but giving her too many choices could be overwhelming.

I would grid her bed too, so she can sleep without interference and my choice would be fire agate for that... you can read about this stone here. I have my own bed gridded with four fire agate stones, one at each corner.

I do have one other suggestion, which is Pyrolusite. Now this is a very fragile crystal, and but at the same time I would be seeing if it can be placed close to where she spends time, as its very helpful. I used my first one in my pocket and it broke quickly into quite a few pieces. My latest one I have used on occasion under my pillow, as it stops any psychic interference.

My reason (in more depth) for adding this stone: This a very helpful crystal to keep close to you, as it repels negative energy and strengthens your aura. It is a beneficial stone as it helps to implement a barrier to end psychic interference and block attention from beings who are existing in the lower astral realms.

Perhaps you have already read my page on psychic protection, and I have a lot of information there that might interest you, including a long list of stones for protection. If you haven't seen it already, Click Here to read that article.

All the best Liz

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