More Information About Tanzan Aura Quartz

by Jantzs Noel
(Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, U.S.)


A bit more information for the description of Tanzan Aura Quartz, I have. Back when I first purchased it maybe two months ago, I noticed it had a strange scent; very strange to me, that was. It also caused a strange feel.

I put a piece of the quartz near me, went to sleep, and woke up strongly smelling that scent. So I disapproved of Tanzan Aura and relocated it into a cabinet. I've read about Tanzan aura quartz again on your site and have put pieces of nit in my room.

Now a days, I've had many kinds of different vibration gemstones with me: quartz, merlinite, moldavite, shattukite, citrine, zircon, rhodizite, larimar, shungite, anyolite, amethyst, sodalite, carnelian, basalt, lapis luzili, cinnabar, and more all around me at once for a long period of time.

Going on, one thing that I easily discern with Tanzan Aura quartz on both occasions is that it produces a scent after about 4 minutes of it being near, four minutes or less or more. The scent can be described as 'like candy, but a different kind of candy you've never had before...because the scent is new'.

The scent is distinct, not an odor, an can be sensed so long as the Tanzan aura quartz is in the room with you, openly exposed. Maybe it's my intuition, maybe my senses are changing, but I don't really smell anything else while I'm smelling the tanzan aura quartz (-I'm smelling it right now, even though the three pieces are not very close to my nose).

It's interesting and only the Tanzan Aura quartz is like this. I also have Aqua Aura quartz, two separate pieces, and they're not like this.

I've also had occassions, with tanzan aura, when there's feelable emphasis on a specific body part of mine. That initial time two months ago, I woke up easily feeling emphasis on my head, which helped me to react and put the quartz away. Within the past 35 minutes, after I put two pieces in my room, I felt emphasis on my heart. I felt emphasis on my jaw within five minutes ago.

Tanzan Aura quartz has always been unusual to me despite also having azeztulite, clear topaz, iolite, garnet, green gather, tektite, multiple colors of calcite, nuummite, ulexite, kernite, selenite, datolite, Iron Tiger, and herkimer diamonds. I just got up to take a look at the kinds that I have to finish writing the sentence before this one.

When I sat back down, I got a strange feeling in the side of my head, not like pain but strange. Makes me wonder & worry about having Tanzan Aura quartz around. It's not original and I believe inhaling indigo is something to be concerned about.

Tanzan aura seems to go 'beyond itself' in strange ways. I'm gonna go into a meditation and see what advice and information I get after I look at myself in a mirror.

Peace n love!

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