My Apache Tear

by Jodie G

I have recently have been going through a spiritual awakening since I tried recording EVP's. On the last EVP I recorded I remember feeling tingling on my head and on my body. From that point on it just kept happening, along with many other strange and unique experiences . Once I started realizing that certain sensations I was feeling were because of the presence of something around me I realized this had been going on for a while and I just wasn't aware of it before or even questioned what was causing this sensation.

Also I realized by recording the EVPs that I opened myself up to something that wasn't in my best interest or for my highest good. Once I got clued into that and with the help of others and a lot of reading I started to do things to protect myself.

Recently I have had a few very intensely frightening dreams where I am being haunted or my body/soul is being used by something else. The dreams are so frightening that it's been on my mind to find a Crystal for protection. On a sidenote I like to make jewelry and I decided I wanted to tie that in with the healing benefits of crystals. So I have been researching crystals and their benefits.

I had been researching and looking for a Stone for protection. I just got into rock hunting with my son. I thought that would be a great way to find rocks and crystals and to spend time in nature which is also very healing and grounding. The first day we tried this we were out in our pasture just digging up rocks and keeping ones we found interesting. My brother showed up with his ex-wife and my three-year-old niece.

I am invited her to look for rocks with me and of course being three she jumped in on the fun and was having a great time just picking up rocks and throwing them in the bucket. Some she would bring to me. She put a rock in my hand and I look down at it and it was a round little black rock unlike any of the other rocks, completely different in shape and color.

At first I wasn't sure it was a rock because it was so round. I scratched at it and checked it out and sure enough it was a stone. I thought, "WOW!", this is really interesting that she would pick up a rock so completely different and put it in my hand.

So for the next couple of days I was researching trying to find out what this was and I found out it is an Apache tear. After I read about the story of the Apache tear and it's benefits I couldn't believe out of all the rocks, she would give me the one rock that would be perfect for what I was looking for and what I was going through! I know it was more than just a coincidence! This stone was meant to come to me when I needed it and it was delivered by the sweetest most innocent little girl I know, who has no clue about what I'm going through and is far too young to understand It!

I will never get rid of the stone it means so much to me because of how it came to me and it's my first experience with the Crystal! I would love to hear stories of anybody else experiencing something similar to this!

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