My journey started from a vision of selenite in the unicorn.

by Affreen

My Little Fairy And Crystal World

My Little Fairy And Crystal World

I was attracted by a unicorn which has a heart shaped crystal in the middle. To my thoughts, it was a white but the salesgirls said its was a pink. I refused to buy other than white as in eyes its white. After a month or two, I was told my white stone is there.

To my surprise it was a fairly big heart shape Selenite which does not fit my unicorn and the only one fitting was the rose quartz which I took. But being so attracted by that Selenite that I bought it.

I fell in love with it, unknowingly I used to kiss it, put it on my heart or even on my forehead while sleeping. I didn't know if these were the ways to use this crystal. One day, I dreamt of a lady like my Selenite lying next to me in bed which I mistook for my grandma. I saw a very tall lady who looks similar to Opalite, conversing to me. In my dream I understood what she was saying during the dream, but when I was awake I forgot. All I remember was just her presence n how she looked like. The next day, I went to my usual crystal shop and bought an Opalite which I put in my unicorn.

Today, I have three different types of Selenite. A wand, the heart shape, another one as a dream catcher like with Citrine and Tiger Eyes and Citrine. I once searched whose the angel I can communicate with my Selenite, I found out it was Gabriel. I bought a book about Gabriel. While reading that book, I noticed that I wanted a Moonstone. While I was meditating with my Selenite, I told myself I will buy a Moonstone on my next pay. The very same week itself I was given a huge moonstone ring by a very good friend.

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