My Moldavite Pendant

by Deborah
(Hervey Bay Qld Australia)



I bought a Moldavite pendant a few weeks ago, but I have not worn it yet. I keep it next to the bed and pick it up every night and look at it, and I can feel it has a strong energy like you said.

When I pick it up I feel kind of strange, almost dizzy. I feel a bit scared to wear it as my friend tells me that it can cause you to have a lot of changes in your life. She bought a piece of Moldavite and started to wear it and lots of things happened in her life not long after.

My stone is really nice to look at. I was attracted by the look of it, and it is a really nice piece of jewelry.

I would like to experience what it does but I am not sure. I have read what you wrote about it and I don’t know if I am ready to make my life change.

So it is sitting there and I wonder if I will ever wear it. I don't know should I wear it? What do you think?

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Liz's Reply To My Moldavite Pendant
by: Liz

Thank you for telling the story about your Moldavite pendant.

How long you take to wear it is not important. I would not be concerned, as you will know when it is the right time. By even holding it for a short time every day, or as often as it suits you, the vibration will affect you positively.

Don't be scared about the energy of this beautiful stone just because of what others have told you. I had my Moldavite pendant for a few months before I wore it all day.

At the beginning I wore it for only about an hour, as the vibration was so strong. I then decided that the time had come to embrace its energy. So on a day where I had nothing important to do... I put it on. I decided that I would keep it on all day, even though the vibration was quite strong, and I found, just like you that having it on made me feel a bit strange.

I decided that I would communicate with the stone directly. So I went into a meditative mode to communicate to the stone. I let it know that I was keeping it on - whatever happened. By the end of the day my body had adapted to the energy and I have been comfortable wearing it ever since.

I am sure at some point in the future Deborah you will feel comfortable wearing it. Allow your intuition to guide you, and when and if the time is right you can start to wear it.

by: Ithusan

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Yes change is unsettling, but you will only let go of what no longer serves you. Once the dust settles you will get the understanding of the changes that you made, and feel enlightened gratitude for your experience.

Moldavite has come to you to assist you in these changes. Love and rainbows. Ithusan x

The Changes Come From You
by: Neenee

Hi there, I too have just acquired a Moldavite pendant. Amazing isn't it!

Keep in mind that gems are tools that you utilize - an axe will only chop wood if you pick it up, it will do nothing sitting by the fireplace untouched! Opportunities may arise but changes will only happen if you allow them to :)

by: Maureen

I wear mine with another stone, in my bra, 24 hours a day. I want to get Nummite to go with them. Try wearing at night to start off. I meditate, with both in my left palm, having great results.

Add another stone with it
by: Christina

I'd like to add that adding another stone to the Moldavite to lower the chance of having any sensitivities isn't a bad idea. Stones such as Nuumnite, Labradorite or Pietersite may help.

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