My peridot broke in half - what does it mean?

This morning I did my solar plexus chakra healing with my peridot, stone for abundance and prosperity. Afterward, I wanted to keep it with me for a while, so being that I was at home, I put in in my bra.

About an hour later, it fell to the floor and broke in two pieces, one of them displaying a clear point. I have it placed on the window sill for it to receive energy from the sun right now.

What does this mean and what can I do with it? I would appreciate some insight. Thank you!

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It just happens
by: Chuck

I see the whole of life from a karmic view. I have had a similar experience, stones sometimes break or leave you for some reason, usually it means you don't need it anymore or it took so much negativity from you and it breaks itself to make you buy another.

About karma, I mean every event has its purpose, so don't worry about losing your stones by any way, it happens everytime, to show you something or make you move forward.

God bless us all.

by: clay warix

It is telling you that you need to place both halfs in different spots on your body. It is physicality... telling you that you need balance.

What do you think?

"It Broke In Half"
by: elle

I too, place the stones which I need the most help with in my bra. (awesome) My karma broke twin crystals in half. I am now divorced from that relationship and all the falsehoods that came with it. It took 21yrs to hear my stones screaming at me, be yourself!

Sometimes you just need to sit and listen to understand what the stones are saying. The stones are speaking to you, not other people and their experience with their stones.

Believe in yourself and shine. Blessed Be

Sunstone Crystal In Two Halves
by: Anonymous

After a banishing ritual, as I picked up my Amethyst crystal, my Sunstone was pushed up, and fell out of my bra. It broke in 2 pieces. I felt something like sun rays are all over me, even though its freezing cold. There is also what looks to be what cancer would look like through the stone......

Broken Amethyst Geode
by: Anonymous

My tall amethyst geode broke in half as it was top heavy. I've got it on each side of my door way now. Does it mean something in particular?

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