My Story About Crystals, Stones, Rocks, Minerals, Shakras, etc!

by Jeannie

I have several favorites so it is hard to choose. But to keep this short & sweet & hopefully informative for all of us - I have had semi? serious health problems all my life. I've also felt that maybe everything I have learned all my life is not always true but many deep truths lie within me (all of us).

I read some stories just now & I am new to this sight; if fact, have only started learning about the healing energies of stones(et,al). I truly believe in the healing properties.

Many people had said they felt ill or overwhelmed at first. I have learned from medical,herbal, different spiritual healing - now learning & receiving positive energies from within myself & the world around me. I found that I usually do become worse or at best don't get any better at all, to start with.

The body works in many ways, but one thing I have come to understand that for the majority, one's body starts healing by getting rid of what is causing the problems. Since a body is used to being sick, it fights against what is healing it. Ever try getting rid of worms,candida,parasites?

Even when the health problem is of a different physical nature,or emotional, psychological, or spiritual, our bodies may have a negative reaction to start with.

I would like to strongly express that I am not a physician, or even expert in self-help, spiritual,or other issues I have spoken of. Just my own personal experience. I have also found the less medical, but not excluded, the better I was, although I have a problem with many medications.

Of the many different things I have read about & tried, many have worked unless I quit or didn't work at first, but came back to me later when I was ready.

My search for the best possible health in all ways will never end. It is also a search for myself, which I believe should be happy, peaceful, & full of love even in the worst of times. I believe this for all & wish wonderful things for all.

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