Need Help With Making My Crystal Grid

by Neil
(Saudi Arabia)

I have 18 crystals including Tiger Eye, Jasper, Carnelian,3 Moonstones, 2 Snowflake obsidians, Blue lace agate, Agate, Hematite, Rhodonite, 4 tiny Clear quartz points and a Super seven.

Now my question: stones: What type of grid will I be able to form with these random stones. And how will I activate my crystal grid without a long crystal wand, is there a substitute for activating a grid aside from quartz?

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A complicated question
by: Cecilia

I guess people would tell you "it depends". What are you aiming for?

With apologies to the experts, most of the grids I've seen are two-dimensional schematics of the PHI (Greek letter) equation. Golden mean and all that. In terms of the human body, the fact that the ratio spelled out by the distance from the top of your head to your navel over the distance from your navel to your soles repeats all throughout your body - and all throughout nature (think, chambered nautilus. It may also be PHI in multiples, but the PHI constant is always involved).

So a simple way to figure it out for yourself could be Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, taking yourself as the focus - after all, it's the element you totally control. Based on that you can determine the path stones and destination stones, depending on your purpose.

Naturally, this applies to the Flower of Life and Seed of Life patterns. I've seen other grid shapes suggested, though.

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