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I need your help. Two days ago I've bought an achat crystal to get a better, reacher life. I washed it and tell her that I will use her in light and love and for a minute I've seen some kind of points just like when you turn off the programme on tv.

Yesterday I've washed it again and then I've heard more or this bee sound very clear when I said my name and ask her name. The problem is that I'm afraid. I haven't slept as I heard a sound very clear later. I said I'm not ready so it stopped but after it came again.

What shall I do? How can I turn it off? At 3 am it was stronger until I've heard a long sound just as something is turned off. Nobody believe me and I also think this sound crazy if somebody would tell me. Thank you for your help. Just one more thing. I have headache both sides of my ears and back at my head.

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Name Of Crystal
by: Anonymous

Hello ~ I have never heard of an achat crystal so I am finding it hard to understand what you are asking. Perhaps you could describe the crystal or post a photo might help.

I sounds to me that the crystal has opened up your clairaudient abilities. I suggest you stop using it and let them calm down. Put it away from where you are so you aren't affected.

Good advice for anyone who uses a new crystal and has negative results like this, is to stop using it straight away. Take it slowing and use it only for short periods, until you adapt to the energy.

If your issues continue it may be a health issue rather than the crystal, so I would see you doctor.

by: Susana

Dear Friend,
thanks for your comment. I attach a photo, this is not my chrystal as this is in the wardrobe under some clothes, I do not want to touch it again, but it is similar.

I don't think I need a doctor for these symptoms I think I just don't want it happen now. I have two baby's so I really need to be at the ground to care of them. Somehow I also very curious the things what are happening now, but reading about them was enough I don't need a radio in my head yet. That is why I was asking how to stop.

I also feel my chest like I can breath easier it is a good feeling, and I have headache, but it is not like migraine it is different.

Before I bought this chrystal I had a dream that the ocean was outside the house. It was not a bad feeling just strange. I also hear a sound when I go out to the nature. So what I guess is something happening and its not that I'm going to be mad I hope.

The only thing I miss is that I had a "picure" in my head about God and angels and all this and its not like what I learned. It is confusing that is why I'm afraid. They are so close but I can not feel the comfort in it yet.

I hope you understand my english, thanks for your help.


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