Nuummite Versus Copperlite

by Jessica

I recently purchased a beautiful Nuummite ring on a popular auction website and to my dismay, when it arrived, it was Copperlite from India. They are both beautiful stones and worthy of purchase, but Nuummite has a whole different look and also different energy. Nuummite is also only found in Greenland. Physically, Copperlite looks deep black with squarish flecks of copper colored flash.

Nuummite looks like a meteor shower and usually has streaks (gold and/or multi color iridescence) as well as flecks. Copperlite may look to some like black granite, the kind counter tops are made of.

Copperlite does have metaphysical qualities. It is a masculine yet gentle energy and can be good for those who have strained paternal relationships. It is beautiful in it's own right, but not to be mistaken for the powerful "Sorcerers Stone" Nuummite. Just had to put this out there in case anyone else bought fake Nuummite and was wondering what it was.

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I'm happy people are addressing this
by: Becks

I should have checked the date on this post as I am probably too late for a response...but...I wanted to take a moment to send thanks for taking the time to address this issue.

It is a shame how many people sell stones under false names but this is one that can be a misnomer by some sellers after being dealt in bulk under the wrong name. I was pretty bummed when I realized the piece I bought at our only local crystal shop was Coppernite as well.

My only question would be how does one approach the subject with a seller in person or should it be left alone? I'm not mad but feel they should want to know their product is not what it says but maybe it isn't my place to say?

by: Karen

Thanks for your post on Nuummite v Copperlite. I recently purchased stock called Galaxite, and trying to find the mineral content and reliable consistent photos for identification has been challenging! I wondered if it might be Nuummite, but no, thanks to your post I am sure the items I received are Copperlite. Sigh ...

Galaxite Vs Galaxyite
by: Liz Oakes (Site owner)

Just reading what you wrote about Galaxite, Karen.

Unfortunately the stone Galaxyite, a type of micro Labradorite, has been mis-named on a major crystal website where it is called Galaxite. So this has flowed through with the wrong name then being used in other places.

Galaxite is a type of Spinel but people talk about the stone Galaxyite by this name and neither of these stones are anything like Nuummite. And probably Copperlite is also a fake name.

Hope I have not confused you. I have a picture of genuine Galaxyite on my G page Here.

Take care Liz

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