Phenacite - Phenakite power!

by Pascal

Hi everybody! First, sorry my English, it’s not my mother language. I searched for a spiritual stone for helping me to meditate. I searching through the net & I found that Phenacite - Phenakite was maybe a stone for me. But I don’t know where I can get it on the net. Liz (Thank you Liz!) advice me for getting one.

I found a BIG Russian Phenacite, who intergrown with Seraphinique. The stone is not very beautiful but very powerful for 3rd eye!! When I use it for meditation, I've got always like a kind a 'headache' or pressure on my 3rd eye.. Same time, I feel like filled up of energy, sometime I see white light also.

So I continue my meditation in awareness, but I don't know what it is I can really can do with this energy, apart to stay in awareness during my meditation. Because I’m newbie with crystal energy.

I’m very happy with my Phenacite, I respect his power!!

Thank you Pascal

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Your Phenacite With Seraphinite
by: Liz's Comments

Hi Pascal

Your English is fine. If I was writing in French I would not write as well!

When using your Phenacite... the pressure behind your third eye is probably just a reaction to the stimulation of a very powerful stone. You will adapt to it over time.

Phenakite is an amazing high vibration stone with intense energy, although having the Seraphinite with it will calm the feel of the energy down a little. As this is a rough unpolished stone, the energy is possibly a little more intense because of that.

Keep on using it in meditation as this has the potential to make not only spiritual connections, but angelic connections as well. You have chosen well for what you wish to achieve.

Should I worry?
by: Anonymous

I know that this sounds odd, but this really did happen and I have only told a few people about it, as I'm not exactly sure what did happen. It happened twice. I was in a astrology class, where we meditate first. I had a friend that was a natural psychic (a very strong psychic). I had a bad day and told her that I am just going to meditate on Peace and Bliss and not listen to the
Instructor's guidance.

I initiated my meditation, as usual and then went into my own. All at once, I shot out of my body with no awareness of my physical body. I poked out of a bright white cloud-like substance, seeing 360 degrees around me, hearing chime-like music and bright white, white light. It was beautiful.

The next thing that I remember was I laying on the floor of the classroom with the chair tipped backwards. People said that I looked very strange during that experience. My psychic friend stated that she thought she would help me with my meditative goal and gave me a push. She said "don't ever do that again; I had a hard time getting you back".

I only know that I came back elated, happy and very clear-headed; so much so, that I could do all the calculations of the astrological charting easily and quickly. In those days the charting was by hand with no use of computers. The formulas were long and laborious, but after this experience I just ripped through several easily.
Something similar happened again, when I was in
prayer with another psychic before a reading. We would always pray before a reading and again I shot out of my body. I found myself standing before a long table with several people standing behind it, dressed in robes or something like it. No one spoke, but they looked as surprised as I was. Then I heard a distant voice calling my name
again and again. The next thing that I remember,
was opening my eyes and back again with my psychic reader.

I wanted to know if I should use this crystal, as is, or temper it with another element. I just retired from a nursing career and now have time to go back to my spiritual work. Before nursing,
I was a Flight Attendant for 24 years which allowed a good amount of time for my spiritual work. I also, did readings and spiritual healing, but haven't in a long time, as nursing in the ICU was very consuming. My head is still cluttered from that career. I feel that I must now push forward and find the next key in my spiritual growth, God willing. Could you possibly advise me
as asked?

by: Anonymous

I heard this stone opens up the pineal gland and if the pineal gland can you teleport? I heard with this stone phenacite/phenakite it is possible. Is it really true?

Anonymous' story is exceedingly interesting
by: J.N.

That's a very interesting account, Anonymous. VERY interesting!!

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