Philosopher Stones

by Stu Foster
(Nth Queensland Australia.)

I'm a professional prospector in North Qld Australia. I also use the divining rods with my work. I have found rocks that emit energy and are not radioactive. The energy emits within a diameter of 2 metres, ie a marble size, but when shone with light the energy zone expands out and up to a 40 metre radius. When I turn off the light the energy field drops back to the 2 metre.

When you hold the a stone in your hand and imagine, the stone becomes white light and the the energy is fixed always to the 40 metre odd zone. The energy switches your brain over to right side, my daughter always wanted to paint pictures but just didn't have the gift, but after I gave her a stone she got A's in art, incredible in detail. I also now paint.

How was it that I found the Philosopher stones? I asked!! Is their anything on Earth that will change the consciousness of Man? I got a yes reply with the rods which led me to the location, what I found there was a large vortex. The rods spun like a helicopter blade. A rock the size of a coconut has an energy field of 2 metres but when broken into hundreds of marble size pieces the energy field is 2 metres in each separate piece, like a fractal of the whole!

I have now discovered the I can divine a person and ask where they have problems in their body and what will heal them naturally. I have had many strange experiences in my life, one where I died 7 or 8 times over 1.5 months on a life support from a deadly incurable bacteria from bats in an old gold mine. I found that you don't die, I went on a journey, I felt was 3 days to the other side that changed my consciousness forever.

I was broken and humble for years after. Could you help me find someone who could do serious research on these stones please. Ps.I found that Shungite stops dirty electricity from TV's etc..

Regards, Stu

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Oxidative stress can be reduce by a short time magnetic super field
by: Rana Tanveer Zia

I think its a super magnetic field which can produce a ionic stress on a human biological system to reduce oxidative effects to increase the life and aging process.

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