Please help! Question about wearing Lemurian Quartz

by Starseed Spirit
(Brooklyn, NYC, USA)

I bought my first crystal yesterday: Lemurian Quartz. I want to use E6000 (a very strong glue) to glue waxed rope around it to wear around my neck.

But I'm unsure if the the glue will disrupt its vibration & energy field! Will gluing cord to my crystal harm it? Or will it be fine? I'm just excited to start wearing it immediately!

Below I've also shared my experience with my crystal: I had been having the urge to buy a crystal for quite some time now. Crystal Quartz had been on my mind for some time. I'm not sure if I'd seen it before or where I'd seen it but in my head I had a very clear image of the crystal I wanted.

I did my research & decided to let the crystal choose me. I went to the shop & was still drawn to the crystal quartz points. I picked up two from the basket. One looked a bit more complex & almost dirty. I put it back and the empty hand felt heavy. After speaking with the store associate, I decided to go with that complex "dirty" crystal.

I cleansed it last night & put it in my window to dry. This morning it was bathed in sunlight & Erne to the touch. I researched it more, and and learned that the crystals have "barcodes"- grids etched upon them that are encoded with Lemurian knowledge. Mine also has Lemurian hieroglyphs.
I meditated with the crystal, running my fingers along its etchings.

I was overcome with emotion an started to cry. I put the crystal down and began to hear a "sparkling" or "twinkling" sound. My first thought was that it was the crystal communicating with me. But I second-guessed it as just a ringing in my ears. But I noticed that when I walked away from the crystal, the sound became fainter.

It got louder as I got closer to the crystal & stopped whenever I gave it attention. I hear it most in my left ear, but upon holding the crystal to my third eye, I heard it in both. I continued doing research and learned that Lemurian quartz crystals containing hieroglyphs can often be heard by "clairaudient" people.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as clairaudient! I feel a very real connection to the crystal and want to keep it with me at all times.

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by: Anonymous

Yes, I heard singing, and then had several dreams I was singing in a different ancient language. Lemurian quartz is my soul crystal. I don't suggest glue or drilling!! They are wonderful in Auras too... but have it wrapped or wear in a pouch <3

by: Master Zayd

I have a lovely Pink lemurian quartz and it would never let me glue it to something. These are truly ancient crystal beings which should not be tampered with.

If you wish to wear it for closer vibrational frequency and also so that it is with you at all times, I would suggest keeping it in one of those crystal 'cages' just search for them on the net, your local metaphysical shop probably carries some too. You just slip it in the metal cage and ot stays there and you can wear it.

However, the best way (In my personal experience and inspiration) is to communicate with the crystal through you heart and Ajna Chakra.

Peace Love and Blessings
Master Zayd

Wire Wrap
by: Fay Kelley

You can quite easily learn to do wire wrap, either silver, gold or a colored wire. That way you can avoid glue or drilling. If you drill a stone it then become a bead. Good luck !

Crystal Love
by: Sheri

You could also wrap it in a hemp caged wrap. There are tutorials on YouTube how to make them and then you could wear the crystal and remove it from the wrap to hold it in your hand whenever you like.

There's different kinds of hemp wraps, look for the one that has the bead on top and if you slide the bead up you can remove the stone from the wrap. You can even put different stones in the wrap!

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