Pyramid Crystal turned into a Bridge with Barnacles

by T Tracy

Crystal on the left was a pyramid, Crystal on right did not have a smaller one

Crystal on the left was a pyramid, Crystal on right did not have a smaller one

I have a small 1 inch crystal that I have owned for several years. I purchased it from a friend who was a psychic. She was an older woman who was very matter of fact but loving. She told me to keep the crystal with me at all times it would help with healing.

This was a quartz crystal in the shape of a pyramid. I did as instructed and did take that crystal everywhere by keeping it in my purse.

About a year after I went to Reiki healing, and metaphysical health fair. Although one person was praying for me at the time I remembered feeling hands on my shoulder as well as my knees (I was seated, my purse between my feet) and felt really warm all over. The person was/is a reiki master and she said that she saw green light flowing down into my head while she was praying for me.

So fast forward a few weeks and I go into my purse to get something out, pull out my crystal and see that its shape had totally changed.

It became longer and seemed to have developed a point. I got excited and nervous and was not sure what to think. So I wrote about it in my journal. That was around the 2010 - 2011 time frame.

Fast forward again and that same crystal now has a small crystal on each side; one jutting out and is attached the other grown through it.

Also the bottom of it is now rough and uneven and the entire piece no longer looks like the smooth pyramid that I purchased.... One more thing is that I purchased another crystal quartz from a store in Florida. It was a terminated crystal, curved on one side and the bottom was broken.

I've had this crystal since 2012 and it now has a smaller crystal (with inclusions) attached on one side, and has developed a crack around the area where the smaller crystal has grown.

That crack has inclusions in it as well. I keep these crystals in my bedroom, on my nightstand pointing in my direction.

I am sharing this story hoping that someone can shed some light as to why these crystals are growing. I feel that it is my energy that is causing the growth. I do pray regularly and do read holy scriptures often. Thank you for listening : )

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