Question regarding quantities of various stones & crystals in singular usage.

by Justin Haskins
(Owosso, Michigan, U.S.)

Hello Liz,

I have been only using stones & crystals since the spring of 2014 during what came to be quite an adventurous yet turbulent year. It was the beginning of a much needed new start & change of pace for me.

The stones came at a much needed time & have brought me much insight into inner/outer workings of the self/universe that needed personal illumination.

Since the beginning of my crystal journey, I have primarily used your site for insight on the particular attributes of the stones. Sifting through the internet & talking to various people, I see that we all have our own methods with using these stones.

For instance, one person will say that they may keep emeralds on them all the time for their loving vibration, while someone else might say not to keep emeralds in your aura all the time. To only use them when the heart is in need of them. Furthermore, I don't particularly program a stone unless it's in much need.

I find that a prayer is answered best when simplified, I think. I allow the stone to work it's purpose given its own particular attributes. But like I mentioned, & I'm sure your aware, everyone has their own quirks & methods.

Since I have referenced your impressive database often, I have been itching to ask you this:

Do you believe their is a certain maximum roundabout number of various types of crystals/stones carried in ones aura (not particularly during deep meditation practices) one should not exceed in having with them at one time. Would this particular number relate to ones own intuition? Could too many be too chaotic?


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How many stones to use at a time?
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Justin, your question about how many stones to use at a time is interesting. I feel you are on the right track when you ask... does it relate to your own intuition? I feel that is very much the case, yet I also feel a need to be a little more expansive.

On most of my pages about specific crystals, I make suggestions for combining crystals. While this is intuitive, I find that if stones have a common purpose they work well together. When you have too many disparate purposes it can get chaotic. If I use stones that are too different together sometimes I feel I don't get the result I want.

I like to wear one of my protection stones on me, either as jewelry or a stone in my pocket. But apart from that, I feel that having too many stones that are extremely different might mean that the result takes longer to achieve. So you might want to work on one aim at a time.

An example: If for instance I had a major problem I wanted to find a solution to, I might use a few stones together that help problem solving... such as Datolite, Ulexite and Sphene. This might also be combined with say Blue Topaz if my problem was related to writers block. So that is why I usually tell you what stones go together for a purpose, to strengthen the action of a stone to achieve the results you want.

At the beginning you possibly have less crystals, so its not an issue, but as your collection grows, many people start to want to use them all, and it isn't necessarily helpful. Not that its bad, it just doesn't benefit you, if you see what I mean, and in some cases it can be chaotic especially if the stones are pushing/pulling you in different directions. So if you use stones that calm you along with stones that are stimulating that can make your energy fluctuate.

You can use a pendulum to discover if a specific stone is right for you at the moment. You are connecting to your higher self, so you will get the right answer if you allow the flow.

When doing meditation or doing healing you could/would use a lot more, especially if you wish to place various stones at individual chakras during a healing. When you meditate you can place stones for grounding at your feet and a stone at each chakra if you wish. But again if you are meditating for a specific purpose I usually combine stones together that help that aim... like say developing a specific psychic gift.

Hope that helps. Best wishes Liz

by: Justin

Thank you Liz for the clarifications! That's going to help me. I suppose a pendulum is in order. Now just for finding the right pendulum for me. LOL!

I have referenced your suggested combinations list. Those are helpful as well.

Unfortunately, I have found in the past that if I start combining stones, I have had a tendency to get a bit obsessive & started combining to access. My actions in this matter had led me to only use one type of stone at a time for the purpose of not creating a disharmonious level of practice due to the push/pull chemistry as you mentioned. But nevertheless, your words of clarification on aiming towards complementary stones for a specific purpose is going to help me.

In a combination of theory & practice, I do believe, even though the stones have different healing attributes, they might all lead to the same place of healing. It's just a matter of what route via specific stones one desires or is called upon to take to get to that place of healing.

Thank you again Liz!

& I'm going to read up on choosing the right pendulum. At this particular time, I don't know how they work in regards to various stones in pendulum form.

Will buy something from your store that I cannot get around here.

Types Of Pendulums
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Justin, just a quick note on what type of pendulum to use. Really any sort will work, but I have found... after using a few... that ones made of quartz will resonate more strongly, because of its amplification properties.

So when using quartz, the information about the subject you are asking for clarity about may be easier to receive. But again use your intuition in this purchase. My favorite right now is a lovely Amethyst pendulum that I picked up in a crystal shop, just to use as I didn't have one with me, and it worked so well, and made a connection with me, so I bought it!

Love and light Liz

Responding ..
by: Anonymous

Thank you Liz!

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