Red Muscovite

by Yolanda Williams
(St. Paul, MN)

I recently bought a red muscovite stone. It came with holes in it where a piece of rope for jewelry could be inserted so one could wear it around their neck. I had it for only 1 day, then the rope broke and the stone fell off while I was shopping at a clothing store. When it fell, a piece chipped off that I found and glued back on when I got home. But the interesting part about it is that the rope broke 2 inches from where the 2 ends were tied together, so it is not like those ends came loose on its own, it had the appearance of having been pulled loose.

The rope was relatively new and should not have broken off that easily. It is my understanding, from your site on stones, that the Muscovite will help/guide one onto a spiritual path. Well, I have already been doing some spiritual work on myself, so I was wondering if the rope broke because the stone felt that I did not need it after all?

I do have a Moldavite that I wear often, and I am working on clearing out a lot of emotional debris I picked during my childhood, so as to fulfill my souls purpose. I would like your opinion on this matter.

Happy New Year,

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