Selenite for cleansing other crystals

by KSC

Hi. On many many sites I have read say that Selenite can be used for cleaning and charging other stones, as it has pure energy and doesn't need to be cleansed itself. so questions are:

1. Is it true? This site is one of rare that isn't saying that, or maybe I didn't see it..

2. Do other crystals have to touch selenite to be cleansed and charged? I mean if I get selenite sphere, it can't hold anything on it.

3. Could the same piece of selenite be used for several purposes? From cleansing and charging other crystals, to meditation and healing of persons?

Thanks in advance..

Note to author of site: Unfortunately I don't have friends interested in crystals, you and the rest of internet are my friends in the crystal kingdom. So thank you for giving us this ability to communicate and educate ourselves through your site! God bless and protect you!!

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by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi KSC Well I agree that Selenite has a wonderful very high vibration and you can use it to charge other crystals. When you are going to do that I would suggest that you obtain either a flat piece or one of the long wand type pieces, that are commonly available, and put stones on top of it. I do feel they do need to be in contact with it, so a sphere isn't really going to work for that purpose.

Many photos that I take of other stones for this site are showing crystals sitting on top of one of the flat pieces of white Selenite that I found a few years ago.

I don't agree that Selenite doesn't need cleansing. It is harder to cleanse as it can't be wet, but there are other easy methods, including cleansing it with sage smoke.

Another simple method is intention, very useful and simple to do. If you cleanse with intention it's done with little difficulty, as long as your thoughts are totally locked into the intention.

I have a whole page dedicated to Selenite, and you can learn how to use it for healing and there is a link to my page on cleansing crystals on that page.

All the best Liz

You are NEVER alone......
by: AnLindaonymous

I'm grateful that I've met you and please KNOW.....that YOU are NEVER alone! When we come too know and love crystals, many shy away because they don't understand and refuse knowing. They are only standing ground in the realm of their own taught environment and afraid to seek what they don't understand. I call many like these people....unable to learn and seek or look "outside the box"! Many will come around soon because they either MUST or they aren't within the sensitivity range.

Some have been desensitizing themselves because they feel something strange and foreign within themselves. My son, who's add old soul with many innate gifts he's now seeing and exuding intelligence has his vibrations so high, along with mine, and we clash.

So, he needs to get the desensitizing drugs out of his system and he will. This tires him and he's will a gal of the same. They took off and I'm glad they left this evil area because they will relax and see more of their life needed within them. With learning disabilities, the children are very cruel and have been heartless with his soul and he learned their ways to be able to belong.

I'm so internally grateful to have found you and I'm NOT alone. I've just met someone much younger than I that found, like I, we are now an empath. I felt a great need to give her a grateful crystal to guide and help her and when we met again, she cried because I was what she needed. We are what we are and do what IS needed without sometimes knowing. She was having a bad day from the start and she said she grabbed a big rose quartz that led me to see I could give her a smaller one to carry with her.

She was shaking as I gave her an angel and a ring with many crystals that would enhance her and I wasn't able to use this ring as my osteoarthritis has made my knuckles enlarged. It was perfect and I saw that it was for her and not me. I usually give what I can...we always can receive when ready. She was beyond grateful and I've now a friend also, within our realm. We find each other when the time is right.

Thank you for being right object front of my nose....being who you are makes me feel the abundance of life. We shall never be aren't meant to be alone....never.

Namaste, Linda..presently living in California USA but I'm a 1st generation of old school Norwegian former immigrant parents, born in Brooklyn, BY and then brought up from age 3-20yrs in very NW upstate New Jersey that is very rural and still have no sidewalks and maybe the same few street lights. My Dad and another family wanted the area to stay the same, and with taxes that were always high but went to the schools, many have been able to still live there.

The cold is too harsh for me and now my bones at 67yrs wouldn't be able to handle it. I plan to move to a quieter area and excited about this. I've Bern I culture shock for many years because my upbringing years have deep roots and I haven't changed as I've - many around me could care less. My son was shown from a baby where I grew up and the friendliness of people who really care. He started too see at age 30 that people here are ruthless while he is kind and caring.

He ran from here to live inn another state or even beyond, not really good timing "legally" (he has much trouble to make upon for) which I'm praying will work out for the better, but I'm happy and I've encouraged him to grow and stand on his "own to look and learn" away from Moms apron strings (which were stronger than expected) and know he'll be protected and his growth will be immense.

What I've seen before he left was incredible. A car that didn't work, he took it apart and now it runs. He knows nothing about cars because he didn't want to learn from his step-dad but he picked up things he needed and learns fast. Be repairs cell phones because he likes puzzles and gets them working and makes just a little. He could earn more but he chooses not to. We all are generous and that is free will or part of our nature.

I've said maybe too much and apologize but I'm truly happy to get took know and learn from you. Thank you very much!! Again, Linda

Thank you Mrs Linda
by: KSC

I'm collecting crystals for 6 years now and trying and trying to work with them on myself. I feel energy as pulsing and vibrating just from few, like 3 or 4 and that contributes to my different doubts. Am I imagining or are these fakes? By reading your comment, you got me thinking about my few experiences very recently.

In the past few months my life turned so complicated and hard to live where I wanted out of my country that made me to go back home and change plans for my life. So I did move home back to my parents, no other choice (!).

After 3 or 4 days I discovered the plan of God.. my parents both got really sick at the same time. Both of them are strictly believing that there is no God and nothing after we die. But as Mom was in much pain I told her 'you have nothing to lose if you try to holding this stone'.

It was rose quartz, one of my few that I feel, and pain disappear in few minutes. She still keeps it along with few others. After a few days, today I said to my Dad would you like to play with some stones? I gave him 5 pieces of black tourmaline. Nothing special to report from him, but I report from my perception: we didn't fight and he didn't attack or yell all day at me.. I'm like his punch bag on stand by usually.

So my parents both not believing in higher power, how to explain this? How come they accept it so easy? My dad went to bed now with 2 Pyrite cubes and Aragonite, and he seemed peaceful. He was even laughing with me for a while, and to top this story with my life getting seriously complicated to make me go home (and I really don't have close loving relationship with them all my life), this is actually 2nd time that happen that I'm really needed to be home and help them.

I thought, its about me and my failure, but no its not my failure, just that I wouldn't come home in other way. So everything happens for a reason coz there is God always giving another chance to everybody... and with a little help of crystals maybe this is small start of loving healthy relationship between child and parents..

Second where you made me think about my doubts with crystals working. Today I had Mookaite and carnelian with me at work. I picked up some wire that is keeping cables neat and I made flower just like that, not taking it to trash immediately... and I'm not usually a creative person to make things by myself.

After reading your comment it made me to see that moment again and recognize it as a aha moment coz I don't feel mookaite or carnelian vibrating or pulsing... but it made me creative, so thank you for showing me that as I didn't see it by myself..

I really apologize to anyone thinking its long comment not so much related to original post, but I just needed to say thank you to Mrs Linda and for what reason and to give her hope in searching of bigger picture of all bad miserable living.. there is a reason coz there is god!!!

I still don't have friends to share this kind of stories except you here, maybe that's why I wrote it so long, ha ha ha

p.s. do you know that many many Norwegian people love buying houses in Croatia coz of our climate, country and lot of things..?

God bless and protect you!!

Need Help
by: Need Positivity

Hi I do not know if this is and old thread or still active. 2 years ago my children and I were being evicted from our apartment of 5 years for no reason. Things had just finally started getting good and working..I've been a single mom for 13 years now.

We moved to a house that is haunted I guess is how I'd say it. There's so much on that story but unless asked I'm going to stick with topic. I feel as though what is here is draining the life out of me& not only physically harming me but also mentally. Now I don't mean scratches or anything from movies when I say physically. I'm literally drained, I've isolated myself only go out to shop and doctor appts.

I've gained weight, body in so much pain, always feel negative and nervous. My children have turned so nasty and mean. They've physically fought. They constantly talk about killing me or each other. Threaten or wish death. I have got to point where I do believe my kids would be better off if I'm gone.

I started with a psychiatrist..court ordered if you can believe that for my 17 yr olds truancy. Only way I can force her to school is by calling police but I cannot handle any more battles or negativity. A psychiatrist will not be able to help me with something I can not see affecting me but I do think some therapy could help. I have concrete proof of the haunting and confirmation of 4 kids having some sort of experience to confirm I'm not crazy.

Onto the stones. I was messaging a friend two days ago asking her if she could find the stone(s) that can protect me from negativity and from negative spirits. She didn't have much knowledge in stones so that was that. The very next day my youngest daughter brought home two apache tears. I thought she had one but when I told her I'd really like it she said I have two! So I took it and read up on it. I can't afford to put it into jewelry and if I slept with it it would've got lost and disappeared so I put it in my purse which I sleep by.

I held it for awhile and admired it but couldn't find how to use it so basically I just have it until I learn more. When I thought of it I found it so strange how I was just thinking of such stones and a little one comes home the next day with my daughter so I was hopeful. Last night I went to bed a bit earlier than I usually do. My youngest daughter and son and I slept in living room.

I had a night full of nightmares where I was waking up screaming to where my son had to wake me to get out of them. The first one was so bad I was about to get up for the night but it was around 3 am. Weird thing was I woke up easier today and in better spirits. I'm not going to get my hopes up. Basically my physical and mental health is so bad right now if my kids were smaller I could not be a mom. The guilt I have for not being a mom to them now is so bad it is the main thing that's bringing me near the edge. I have severe insomnia yet I don't want to get up at all sometimes laying their all day.

I'm on disability. At night and sometimes early day I'm confused of whether I'm awake or asleep, if something was real or dream. I can't live like this. So my question about this specific stone being last night's dreams did not seem like my usual nightmares or the spirit or whatever messing with my felt different. Basically I 100% knew these were dreams usually I do not and no I do not take sleep meds.

The way I woke up was good. Could my negativity and issues be so great that although nightmares are indeed negative could that little stone have had any influence on these events?? Basically what I'm asking is could this be my start of shedding negativity from my body, mind, life or whatever thanks to this tiny stone? Also I'm very interested in any and all stones that could help my children and I get completely out of this negative situation.

Could someone give me the best stones I can get and tell me how to use I just hold them, sleep with them under pillow?? Also I heard they need cleansed...does that mean simply with water. I will buy a book but trust me my life right now that won't happen until I start getting better. I have a few moments a day of clarity to where I can get something done such as this message here.

So I desperately need some advice and instructions to start quickly before it's too late. You guys sound like wonderful people, I need help so badly. You can't get help for what I'm going through being nobody believes in it and I'm considered crazy.

People tell me to call one of those paranormal investigators but as I said I am isolated and do not want attention at all. Few people that know me believe me being they know I'm not the type to lie or make up stories..I'm perfectly happy being boring and don't need to be liked or entertain others. I feel people's emotions and know if they're lying or if someone does not like my children or I or are thinking negatively about us. People say it's in my head but I can't think of a time I've been wrong.

It sucks though being if I'm in a crowd it's as if I feel all these negative emotions. Say at like a swim meet I always walked randomly around to find a seat where I didn't feel the overwhelming negativity. Someone told me recently I'm an empathetic and moving to this house on the river above the train tracks was a perfect recipe for this to happen..I don't know. Before the eviction and my daughters attempted suicide I was half way through with getting two associates degrees, going on vacations with my sweet aunt and lost 50 pounds and felt great.

I did start having some issues with my teen daughter but I never ever thought what happened would have ever have even been a possibility. Now here I am fearing my own death and trying to figure out if out of love for my children if they would be better off with someone else. But even that's a problem being I have been their one constant in their life..not much family that cares on either side.

Please help somebody, yes I pray and God is all I have right now. If God created powerful stones to help people then I want in. Nobody knows everything...I'm open to learning, this is possibly my last hope. Two years we've been talking about moving but without the money or the ability to think and focus that's becoming less likely by the day.

So if anyone does read this do you think the stone is helping me?? If so what other stones can I buy and how do I use them? Thank you for reading, I'm so sorry it's so long.

Using Crystals
by: Crystal

I have been working with crystals for many years now. I feel a strong bonding and deep connection with them. Crystals are living energetic beings. You can transmit thoughts to them telepathically. You can ask them to heal you, protect you or fill you with joy abundance and peace.

I used to hold my crystals close to my ear and listen to them, they carry the primordial sound of the universe, the sound of space or the ethers, the same sound you hear in shells.

However if the sound of a crystal is weak,its vibrating at a low frequency, and it needs to be cleaned,in a metal container, as metal is a great conductor of electricity, and charges the ions in it, or you can use a copper vessel for better results. Ask your crystal for its name, call your crystal by its name. All crystals respond to love and heal in sunlight. Leave them for a few hours or cleanse them with rain water.

Watch them grow and expand. Selenite is great for removing negativity, past life memories and negative patterns. Apophylite helps connect you to angelic realms as well as lift your consciousness. I use smoky quartz to calm stress,anxiety and other fearful issues. I put Sodalite outside my home for security and physical protection. Rose quartz for enhancing love n calmness. Hold your crystals, breathe your breath into them, communicate and listen. You will be filled with a deep love and connectedness to your crystals. Love n light to all xxx

Hope this helps
by: Jordan

I would recommend using black tourmaline and selenite together these two stones are the best for protection you can place them at the corners of your home to protect you and your family. The black tourmaline is a stone purely to remove negative energy and to protect from paranormals. I would definitely suggest reading more into it.

I would also recommend cleansing your home with sage, and before using your crystals cleanse them with sage and charge them in the moonlight. A full moon would be best there are also many ways you can charge your stones such as sunlight, burying them and many more.

I would really like to know if the Black Tourmaline helps you and your family I know it can protect you all and remove all the negative energy in your home if you have any further questions I'd be happy to help.

Selenite and Past Lives
by: Anonymous

I have several things I’ve recently learned may be from a past life. These things are preventing me from truly healing.

I have always had difficulty with meditation and read that selenite can help with meditation. After reading your pages about it I understand it can also help with learning about past lives.

I actually have 2 selenite wands. How would you use the wands to help this?

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