Siberian Jade Problem

by Skymouth
(Seattle area)

I used my free-form tumbled Siberian Jade on my heart chakra for the first time last night. I'm still new to the whole chakra business but I've been a fan of crystals for as long as I can remember.

I've been consistently using this site as my main reference for the past few months. This piece of Siberian Jade is new to me (most of my buys specifically for chakra stones came from Etsy... what an addicting place!).

So anyway, I placed it on my heart and right away it starts to just pound! I tried to slow my breathing and everything but there was so much uncomfortable energy coming from it I had to remove it before very long. Yes I did cleanse it by setting it beside some blue kyanite so it shouldn't be holding on to any old energy.

Can someone please tell me if this is pretty typical of the stone? I do have a few other stones I got in reserve use for each chakra. This is a really pretty stone and I'd love to be able to use it more. I always ask the stone if it would please help me cleanse and heal my chakra's before placing them and I always thank them after and either put them on my amethyst crystal forest beside my bed or in my window sill and leave them there for 24 hours or so.

Am I doing anything wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer to Siberian Jade Problem
by: Willow

This piece is too strong for you. I would suggest Malachite instead. Jade enhances prosperity etc. It is already amplified and then you placing it for heart chakra work is too much. Hope this helps.

Not a Problem
by: Mary

As an energy worker, whenever a stone does what this SJ did to you, I leave it on whatever chakra it is effecting. When a crystal has this effect it means it is clearing out the chakra. If it gets to be too much, put it down for a time, but I would advise you to keep using it and get that gunk cleared out of your chakra.

Green jade
by: Anonymous

All crystals should be cleansed! Try sage and pray over it.. Wash it and sage over again and sit in the sun to charge it and don't let anyone touch the stone but you!

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