Smokey Quartz Burn

by George

Have been wearing a smokey quartz pendant for a few days, and when I woke up this morning I felt as if it was burning me.

Sure enough, when I looked in the mirror there was a round, red 'burn' mark on my upper chest, the size and shape of the pendant (even though, during the night, the pendant had slipped around to the back of my neck).

I have read about this burning happening with things like Moldavite, but never smokey quartz. Has anyone any ideas about why this happened?

When I first bought the pendant it made me feel uncomfortable, and I figured it had picked up a load of negative energy in the shop I bought it from. I buried it in the ground for a few days, and after that it felt really clean, so I wore it non-stop for 3 days, until this morning. I've now left it the sunlight to give it a chance to cleanse again.

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Your Smokey Quartz Burn
by: Liz Oakes

Smokey Quartz is very easy to program, so sit down with it in your hand and program it. Ask it to turn its energy down at the moment, as its too much for your body and you don't like the burning. I'd say its been working full on to heal an issue and it isn't aware that this is too much for you. But possibly cleanse it first before you program it.

While you don't like the burn, and I wouldn't either, I feel this is a sign that its been working on healing you.

Like you I agree that cleansing crystals is very valuable, and its a good idea to cleanse your stone. If someone else was holding it prior to you they may have accidentally left some negative energy in the stone. Use directed white light to cleanse it ... with sincere intention, to completely remove any energy other than the stones innate energy.

This will also remove your energy, and if its been healing a health issue its a good idea to help the stone to release that and make it fresh and ready to use again.

All types of quartz are really easy to cleanse, and can be washed in running water, unlike some other stones which you have to be more careful with, so you can also cleanse it with water.

Smokey Quartz is a lovely stone and I am surprised about what you have related, so its a good idea to cleanse it more, as you already have realized. Be careful with using the sun as it may have an effect on the color of the stone.

Keep us informed about how you get on!

Smokey Quartz
by: George

Thanks Liz

That's all very interesting. I hadn't realised that cleaning the smokey quartz in sunlight might affect its colour. But don't worry, we don't get much sunlight here in Ireland; perhaps I should leave it out in the rain!

I'm hoping you're right about the burn being a sign of some healing - the mark only lasted half a day, and was in the area of the higher heart chakra.

I'm wearing it again today, and we'll see how it goes this time.


Smokey Quartz
by: Lorena

Hi George, thanks for sharing your story about the burn from smokey quartz. I just wanted to say, leaving your crystals out in the rain is a lovely way to clense them, I do it whenever the need arises, and every now and tben, I leave them out under a full moon to recharge them again. I hope you are enjoying your smokey quartz.

Hematite, flourite and cluster cleansing
by: Salman

I have hematite and smokey quartz that I wear both as pendant 24/7 around my neck, all I want to know is what is the best easy way to cleanse both of them, while I have no natural running stream of water.

Second thing is I have flourite and epidote crystals which are said not to be cleansed by salt or water, their cleansing method please?

And what is the best way of cleansing clear quartz points and clusters while no stream water is there. Thank you.

Its the pendant housing, not the stone
by: Anonymous

The burn may mean you are allergic to whatever the stone is set in.

My partner had the same burning from a pendant
by: Erika

Interesting thread. My partner has been feeling that his kabbalah pendant has a burning sensation and the cord it's on. It only happens occasionally and usually when working through his fears. Perhaps it's trying to heal him more then?

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