Strange Pink Crystal From The DRC

by Robyn Stephenson
(Johannesburg South Africa)

Hi Liz I'm actually in need of help please. I recently traveled to the DRC and whilst there found a piece of rough pink rock that I can't find a name for.

I was in a mining area that produces a lot of Malachite and Azurite as residual deposits from the copper that they extract but they said the pink crystal was Cobalt.

I can't find any picture on the web that resembles what I have. It's the most extraordinarily beautiful pink colour and I'd love to start working with it but don't know what I'm dealing with. Can you please direct me to a site that might have loads of pictures of rough crystals in order to try and identify it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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Maybe Your Pink Crystal Is Cobaltian Calcite?
by: Liz's Response

Hi Robyn

The best way to allow me to identify it would be to post a photo. It does sound a little like it could be Cobaltian Calcite as it is found in the Congo.

There is an in-depth page about these lovely crystals and there are lots of pictures of these stones including a beautiful piece of Cobaltian Calcite jewelry. There is also lots of information about its properties which may be helpful.

Have a look at the photos on the page and see if it looks similar. Cobaltian Calcite is found in a number of places including in the United States, Brazil, Peru and the Congo as well as a number of locations in Europe, including Italy, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland and Romania.

Once we see it we might have a better idea of what it might be. Liz

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