Cobaltian Calcite

Brings Joy & Happiness & Emotional Healing

➤ By Liz Oakes

Cobaltian Calcite is a lovely stone that embodies the pink ray, with a powerful heart based vibration. 

It's vibration is known to aid emotional healing, may help you to think positively and may help you to find solutions to problems more easily.

Its energy is known to boost feelings of joy and happiness, and they may help to raise your consciousness, allowing you to access spiritual learning

Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite

The vibration of these stones may aid the development of psychic gifts, assist exploration of past lives and enhance your awareness of karmic lessons.

This will assist you to let go of negative feelings that you may have been holding onto.

It may be advantageous for those who are working in a group situation to have a piece nearby as they aid everyone to work together in harmony.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use in meditation as their energy promotes a deeper more relaxing experience. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Who Should Use Cobaltian Calcite? 

Cobaltian Calcite helps to stimulate the emergence of new ideas and bring balance to your life, by harmonizing your thinking with your emotions.

These pink crystals have an excellent resonance that helps to make a connection from the heart to the mind.

This can create coherence and unification between your thinking and your feelings.

Cobaltoan CalcitePink Cobaltoan Calcite

These beautiful heart based stones are powerful to elevate how you feel. Their energy helps to create emotional healing and may assist you to communicate more compassionately.

They are known to assist you to release buried emotions, and may be particularly beneficial if you have been burdened by intense feelings of loss, grief, guilt or remorse from the past.  

Cobaltian Calcite Aids Problem Solving

The energy of Cobaltian Calcite may assist you to move forward with your plans and find good solutions to problems that emerge.

They are good crystals for problem solving that help you to release any related negative feelings that may be preventing you from achieving what you desire.

Sometimes a problem may relate to situations from a past life, these need to be resolved in order to break the karmic cycle.

By gaining a realization of what is keeping you trapped with someone in the karmic cycle, and through allowing love and compassion towards the other you may resolve it.

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Cobaltian CalciteTiny Cobaltian Calcite Crystals on matrix

This stones energy may also assist you to feel compassionate towards yourself and may aid greater self love.

They have a good energy to assist emotional balance and may help to balance the masculine-feminine energy or yin yang energy of the etheric body.

How Will It Help You? Breaking The Karmic Cycle

Use in meditation where it may assist you to gain access to the Akashic records where you may discover what you had planned for this life.

You can use this to learn about past lives and how they relate to your current life in order to help you to break the karmic cycle.

If you discover information that makes you feel that karmic lessons may be creating issues in your current life, reach out and ask for help from Spirit while using this stone during meditation. 

Cobaltoan CalciteDeep Pink Cobaltoan Calcite

It is easy to buy Cobaltian Calcite, also selling as Cobaltoan Calcite

The energy of  Cobaltian Calcite may help if you are working with others in a group. 

They assist everyone to work amicably, may boost unity and harmony, and may assist the development of friendships among group participants.

These stones are known for their action to help you to uncover information relating to your past lives, and through learning these details, this may assist you to understand karmic lessons.

Healing Properties Of Cobaltian Calcite

Healing Properties: 

The strong resonance of these stones at the higher heart chakra may help to stimulate the immune system and has a powerful energy to aid emotional healing.

It is said to be beneficial to aid the healing of issues within the brain and the nervous system, and is known to aid problems in the blood.

They are said to help your digestive system, and is known to help with the production of the enzymes required to enable improved health and vitality.

Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite

These are also said to have powerful healing properties for issues related to aging.

Their energy may help you to release energy which is preventing you from aging in a more gentle healthy way.

They are beneficial stones for reiki healers as they assist distance healing.

Place a piece of this stone on a photograph of the person who needs healing to help them to recover.

Where Is It From? Cobaltian Calcite Meaning

The name of these quite beautiful stones relates to the high amount of cobalt mineral that they contain, and this mineral is what causes the bright pink coloring.

Depending on the specific mineral make-up of individual stones, their color can vary,  and they may occur as lighter pink colored crystals through to deeper rose red shades.

Less commonly they may be green, grey, brown or velvety black, but these are not as common and some colors are known to be quite rare. 

They are also known as Cobaltoan Calcite, Pink Cobalto Calcite and also as Sphaerocobaltite.

This second name is not normally what is used when they sell this hot pink stone. You may also see them selling as Aphrodite Stone.

These crystals are found in the United States, Brazil, Peru and the Congo as well as a number of locations in Europe including Italy, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland and Romania.

Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite In Matrix Rock

This pink variety of calcite commonly occurs as very tiny opaque crystals or as a sparkling druzy coating on a matrix, although you will also see them selling as tumbled stones.

Why Would You Use It? Benefits For Meditation

These crystals resonate within the third eye and crown chakra.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways you can put them to work in your life and their vibration will help you to more fully relax.

Like most stones that stimulate the higher chakras they are highly beneficial to use in a crystal meditation.

If you find it hard to meditate due to being unable to stop a chattering mind, you may find their energy is helpful to stop this

Their energy encourages you to go deeper into the meditative state.

Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite Pendant With Green Tourmaline

Through regular meditation with them, you may develop psychic gifts, including enhancing your ability to see visions relating to situations you need to gain awareness of.

They may assist you to more easily go deeper into meditation and to elevate yourself very quickly to the theta level, which may assist you to make contact with beings in the Spiritual realms. 

The energy of these stones may also aid you to become more in tune with the energy of the higher spiritual realms and may raise your consciousness. 

This may help to stimulate the gift of automatic writing, which may be awakened in order to allow you to discover knowledge related to the teaching of ancient civilizations.

By placing this stone on books that are related to the time you wish to learn about, you may enhance your understanding of what you read. 

They also help to stimulate your creativity, and may aid you to discover creative ways to solve problems.

Through aiding you to overcome negative self talk, and by bringing your awareness to any deeply repressed feelings, this may aid you to move forward with a more positive outlook. 

Natural Cobaltoan CalciteNatural Cobaltoan Calcite

They are known to aid the emergence of natural talents and abilities, and may assist you to discover the reason behind why you are here on this planet at this time.

Wearing Pink Cobalto Calcite

Many of these crystals have a sparkly look and texture, and when they are made into crystal jewelry they are quite beautiful.

There are many benefits of wearing this stones as they are excellent heart chakra and higher heart chakra crystals that are beneficial to keep on the body.

Cobaltian Calcite With Green TourmalineCobaltian Calcite With Green Tourmaline

This energy is excellent to wear every day, and having a Pink Cobalto Calcite pendant within your energy field may help you to form friendships and may facilitate raising your consciousness.

They are good crystals for kindness and generosity, and their energy may help to encourage consideration and thoughtfulness towards others.

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts

These pink stones have a powerful action within the higher heart chakra, where they work to boost positive emotions and caring for others.

They work to engender feelings of unconditional love, kindness, generosity, consideration, compassion and forgiveness towards others. 

By using these powerful crystals to boost joy and happiness, this can help to activate an increase of loving feelings  within yourself and towards others.

Green and Pink Cobaltian CalciteGreen and Pink Cobaltian Calcite

In summary: these crystals resonate with the energy of the pink ray.

This is a strong heart and high heart chakra energy which aids emotional healing and stimulates feelings of joy and happiness.

They are helpful crystals for self love that encourage love to flow through your entire being.

They are powerful crystals to use in meditation, as they may elevate you to the theta state and assist you to develop psychic gifts including automatic writing.

Use them in meditation to travel to the area of the Akashic records to help you to learn more about past lives and whether there is a past life karmic issue that is causing problems in your current life.

Best Crystals To Use With Cobaltian Calcite

What are the most beneficial crystals to pair with Cobaltian Calcite?

These beautiful pink calcite crystals are wonderful to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness.

Use them with other stones that also stimulate positive happy feeling such as Chrysoprase, Citrine, Ocean Jasper and Chalcopyrite to improve your overall positive feelings.

The energy of the higher heart chakra relates to strong feelings of love and compassion.

These crystals resonate with this powerful energy to boost compassion, forgiveness and a growth of  communicating more compassionately.

The location of this chakra is related to the thymus gland so these stones also aid immune health.

Other stones that also stimulate this area includes Tugtupite, Green Calcite, Mangano Calcite or Magenta Fluorite.

For those who are working in a group, and need to increase the unity of the members of the use, it may be beneficial to use it with other crystals to stimulate accord between those who are collaborating on the same project.

Some stones that you may wish to combine with them to increase group harmony includes Septarian Stones, Yellow Fluorite, Eucryptite or Analcime.

Do you need more help to understand karmic lessons you may have become conscious of during meditation and how they affect your life?

Use this stone with other stones that help you to work out what the lesson was that you need to be aware of.

Stones that assist you to understand and accept karmic lessons such as Okenite, Purple Scapolite, Ankerite or Dioptase may be helpful  to assist you to work though the situation.

These stones have a lovely vibration that helps your emotional healing and may be aided by combining them with other stones for deep inner healing. 

Stones for this purpose includes Chrysocolla, Green Diopside, Rainbow Obsidian or Rhodonite.

More Pictures Of Cobaltian Calcite

Cobaltian Calcite
Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite
Cobaltian CalciteCobaltian Calcite

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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