Very powerful personal crystal & strange experiences

by Sean
(Lyon, France)

Hi all, I have a question about a crystal. This crystal found me.

I was in Scotland, Edinburgh in a place on the 3rd floor and was being a little cheeky and wanted to smoke in the room rather than go down the stairs.

Within the room there was chimney, but when I looked up to see if it was clear, I noticed a little door that was closed. So I decided to pull the door across so that I could blow my smoke up the chimney and not make my room smell.

When I opened the door a lot of soot and rubble fell down covering me in black. During the cleaning I noticed a rock that got my attention. I picked it up and rubbed it and to my amazement it was actually an Amethyst.

I have been spiritually connected to crystals since I have been a very young child. My grandmother took me into a crystal warehouse and I literally stopped and asked my Nan if she could feel what I was feeling, as the abundance of energy was beautiful. Since that day I have been a lover of crystals.

I would not say I have overly studied them but I have always loved them. I used to carry around a green crystal with me that I found as well, but was gifted to my girlfriend who loved it being her favourite colour. I loved it as it felt like it was wet and was lovely to rub in stressful times.

As times changed I became disconnected from crystals but always have several pieces of uncut amethyst wherever I travel (I have moved a lot over the years) Recently I moved to France and have had a lot of bad luck. I was let down by employment and am without money or security which is the first time in many years.

I looked up at my shrine where I keep my rocks and pictures of my Nana and Granddad who are no longer with me. They are my guardian angels and who I pray to.

I decided when I was going for an interview for a job I really wanted, to put one of each of the crystals into each of my pockets during the interview. Since that day I have kept the Edinburgh stone close to me and have even slept with it.

The first day I slept with it I actually woke up holding it still in my hand. This for me is a near miracle. I am hyperactive and therefore move constantly in my sleep. The crystal was hot.

The second night since I have tried to sleep with it I have been experiencing a lot of sensation, almost like an internal vibration in the hand that I hold it. Facing the point out or in was the same. I have also noticed that the stone has woken injuries I have sustained in the past.

I have a feeling that the stone may need cleansing or is there something I am missing here. Have I overloaded this crystal with the stress that I am going through after just a couple of days?

I cleansed the stone with my 3rd eye to begin with before the interview but I don't appear to be able to do this again. Has this crystal become intrinsically connected to me or is it in need of a very deep cleansing?

On another note. I am Pisces so Amethyst is my birthstone. I have taken it out to take a picture of it but if anyone wants to see it I will have to do so tomorrow when there is more light. I will try to sleep with it again and try my best to heal it with the energy of my body.

Even during this article I have removed it from my pocket (it is fine in my pocket) and put it next to me and I can feel the vibrations from it and its about 50 CM from my right arm.

Also, on another note I did have a piece of clear quartz when I was younger and it actually broke apart in my hand when I was upset and unhappy cutting me in the process.

Thanks in advance.


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Sea Salt
by: Anonymous

Hello Sean! That is a very interesting and special story on how you found/obtained this piece of amethyst. I am also a collector of crystals and have had great success in cleansing them in a glass bowl or cup of sea salt for 3 days.

Also, burning some white sage and holding them over the smoke for a few passes is also helpful. Doing both of these can be extra helpful. From my personal experience, I am a very intense person and need to cleanse my crystals pretty much weekly.

What you are experiencing with this crystal could be leftover energy from a previous owner- I am not sure. But a good sea salt & sage cleansing might do the trick.

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