Water and Atacamite

by Josh

Hello. I just recently purchased an Atacamite stone. After receiving the stone I poured water over it.. which I feel like I shouldn't had done that... Did I make this Atacamite less powerful by pouring water onto it since this stone hasn't seen water in hundreds of years.. Thank you.

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Pouring Water On Your Atacamite
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Josh

Interesting question about whether you would have made your Atacamite less powerful. I can't see any reason why that would be so. Actually it probably would have been cleaned by the prospectors who find the stones, and its unlikely it would never have seen any water at all in the desert.

Its my opinion that most stones you can buy have been treated by the seller, or the prospector/miner in some way, before they get to you. They want to present them in the best way possible, so its highly possible they have already cleaned them. Even stones that normally can't take water are all right as long as they aren't soaked in water for some time. A quick rinse under running water should not have harmed your piece of Atacamite.

Having said that I have ruined a few stones, so take care. One in particular that I knew nothing about was totally ruined by me, from putting it in water, so take care. And a lovely bloodstone as well, and I think this was because it had been coated with something to protect it, which I washed off. But mostly this is the look of the stone, not necessarily the vibration being changed. In the case of these stones they still worked fine, even though they were no longer pristine in looks.

So now its done, just allow yourself to let it go. You can't change the fact that you wet it, and I doubt you have altered its energy.

I would suggest charging it on a piece of quartz of some sort, just to make sure its energy normalizes. More to remove any reaction in the stone from your worries about how the stone was affected. I usually use a cluster of Amethyst to charge stones, but I also like using Citrine and I have also used Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz to charge crystals on.

You could also use a pendulum to ask the question you have asked here as well, just to reassure yourself.

All the best

Love and light Liz

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