What Is This?

by Concerned

What Is This?

What Is This?

I bought this as a key-fob years ago, but have only recently become interested in crystals. As I don't believe in coincidence, I thought there must be a reason why I have this crystal/stone in the house.

So today I put it on a string for hanging around my neck. The only thing is, I can't seem to find what it is. It's green, (despite looking a bit blue in the picture - though there are hints of blue in it alright) so I guess it relates to the heart/throat chakra area.

There is a clear 'window' in the centre of it, and when you hold the piece to the light the lighter rings appear like brown smudges.

Any guesses to what it might be?

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It Looks Like Agate
by: Liz Oakes

At a guess I feel its probably Brazilian Agate. Agate slices are sold in quite few places and can be large or small, so that is probably what it is. What they have done is get a large piece and cut it up into thin slices. I haven't covered those types of Agates because I know many of them are dyed, and I am not too happy with dyed stone.

So the green stone may not be green, but the natural Brazilian agates are known to be helpful to aid the energy of the heart area, so you have correctly recognized its energy there. Its also helpful to aid problems in the digestion and elimination areas generally.

They have some good metaphysical qualities. They can be used if put on string, (that's a coincidence LOL) to use for dowsing. If you have lost something you can use them to find it. Very protective stone for use during deep meditation to ensure you remain safe and return from very deep state safely.

Enjoy using it! Liz

Green Agate Slice.
by: Maria Moore

I agree Liz, it looks like a slice taken off an agate geode. It does look very calm and soothing, a piece for the higher heart (thymus). This chakra is coming into it's own now as we are opening our heart chakras to take in more of these higher energies that are coming in now. Aquamarine also resonates with the higher heart chakra. Enjoy and love xxx

What Is This- Died Agate
by: Whispering Peace

I agree, a died Agate. Rule of thumb, if it looks to crayola then it is died.

by: concerned

Thanks for your comments. The thing that makes me think it might not be dyed is that the centre 'window' is still clear; also around the outer edge is a rough sandy coloured finish - wouldn't this have turned green, too? I'll keep wearing it for a while and see what happens...

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