Which Crystal?

by Graham

Hi everybody

Throughout my life I've always had this feeling that there's something missing - like I want something, but I don't know what it is I want. Does anyone recognize that feeling, and have they used any specific crystals to heal this issue (if that's what it is)?

Alternatively, is there anyone who is intuitive enough to recommend a crystal to help with this feeling?

Any reply would be very much appreciated.

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More Thoughts
by: Graham

Having thought about it overnight, I think the feeling is more one of wanting to DO something, but not knowing what it is I want to do.

My mother has the same issue, so it must be something I've either inherited or copied. She temporarily resolves it by going out and buying stuff, but that's not a route that interests me, because I know that's only a temporary fix.

Any crystal suggestions?

Crystal Healing Master
by: Jim

I would suggest that you try a nice hand size sample of Amethyst. Amethyst is a form of quartz and works on all chakras. It works most efficiently from the heart chakra and up.

What you are needing is inspiration. Amethyst can be applied to the third eye chakra for clarity and to the crown chakra to open your communications to the spiritual worlds. Enjoy!!

Thanks Jim
by: Graham

I appreciate you taking time out to respond to my question.

Your suggestion is interesting, because when I looked at the problem, Amethyst seems a logical choice. I have tried this in the past, and also Clear Quartz, but I find that the crystals for the higher chakras disturb me - kind of leave me restless, dissatisfied (rather than my usual puzzled "what is it I should be doing?" feeling); and also make me feel vulnerable to attack from negative phsycic influences.

I would dearly love to have some communication from higher, loving 'beings' such as guides etc, but after desiring this and trying all manner of different ways to achieve it, I find myself entering my senior years without this ever happening. I wonder, then, if perhaps this is not meant to be, not part of my journey. So, what I'm wondering (I do a lot of wondering!)is if there are other chakras that also relate to action or purpose?

You might have some other suggestions?

My own experience
by: Mary B.

If I may, I'd like to tell my own experience of having a similar feeling to the one described, and the crystal I found most useful.

I tried a lot of crystals relating to the upper chakras, but they left me feeling a bit de-stabilised emotionally. Then when I used ones for the earth star chakra, everything clicked into place.Suddenly I found myself doing stuff that afterwards I thought "that was inspired."

My theory is that the inspiration was there all along, but needed grounding in order for it to turn into action. I guess I had been thinking that inspiration would be like words or thoughts in my head, and then I would pay heed and take action - and maybe that's how it is for some people - but for me it turned out to be an un-thinking urge or impulse to act, without any pre-planning. Does that make sense?

Maybe this is some use to you.

I like...
by: Graham

I like the idea of grounding inspiration. You didn't say which of the earth star crystals would be best, or which you used. What do you suggest?

Which Crystal
by: karen

Hi, This is pretty much how i feel...going to look into this...thanks..will let you know how it goes, if it sits right with me
Blessings x

by: Nancy

Finding a spiritual teacher near you to help as mentor. You have many questions and feelings inside you. You are gifted and need to be with like minded people, and there are many groups in different places.

Use your intuition check them out and see how you feel. Use a clear quartz to help guide you to the right now. Always know that your gut tells you what is right and what is wrong.


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