Working with Autistic & Spectrum Children

by Jules

I make healing jewelry, pendants and bracelets, and healing bags and I was researching what to make a little boy who is autistic. I made a pendant out of Sodalite but it just didn't seem quite complete. I had a Dumortierite bracelet that I had restrung, combined with other crystals, and had some left over.

I was looking at articles on Dumortierite and saw that it helps a person stand up for themselves. This was something this timid little boy would not have done. So I added a couple Dumortierite beads to his Sodalite pendant and it really seems to be doing what he needs.

He is now using words, he is beginning to potty train (he's 5), he is opening up and being more socially interactive, and yes, he is standing up for himself. It is really great to see.

I also made this combination for a little girl with sensory processing disorder. It is giving her confidence and calming her down. She was unable to be in her classroom when her regular teacher was out. She is now able to go to class whether her teacher is there or not. She has recently had surgery and the combo of sodalite and dumortierite helped her to keep from becoming too overwhelmed.

I was wondering if anyone else had had success with this particular combination with spectrum children.

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