Feeling people's energy!? Which crystals do I need?


Hi! Lately I've become aware that I am very sensitive to certain people's energy including certain family members. After being in a crowd and interacting with a group of people I feel very tired, not myself, sometimes I feel depressed or bad in general for days after.

I do have anxiety and have had anxiety for several years. However I just started experiencing this around certain people, or around people who are extremely negative, complain etc.

What exactly is causing me to feel so bad for days after being around certain people?? Are there any crystals that can help with this? I would greatly appreciate any information, thoughts, or recommendations.

Thanks so much!!!

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Crystals That Will Help You
by: Liz Site Owner & Writer

Hi Amethyst girl

Your issues with energy depletion from negative people is something that affects a lot of people. One of the better stones to use to help this is Tourmilated Quartz.

This is a type of quartz crystal with pieces of Tourmaline embedded in the stone. It is a powerful crystal to shields you from harm, including negativity, as it creates a circle of light around your body, creates powerful protection & self healing.

I would also suggest that you may like to read about a few other stones that you could use, including two of my favorite protection stones, Black Tourmaline and Fire Agate.

Fire Agate is helpful when you are dealing with negative energy being directed at you. This may be deliberate but often isn't. It can be that that when a person is out of sorts they project negativity, and it goes out to you and impacts your auric field.

While all of us can be impacted by other peoples energy, some people are what are known as sensitives, or empathic people and they feel the energy more easily and it is more likely to hurt them.

I sleep with four pieces of fire agate griding my bed (one in each corner under the mattress) check out my page on Fire Agate to see more about this stone. I also have Black Tourmaline in my bedroom to act as a shield. This is an amazing stone that transmutes (changes it) negativity to positivity, as well as electromagnetic energy.

I also have Black Tourmaline, Fire Agate and Tourmalinated Quartz pendants, and I wear them when I feel that I might be at risk of being impacted. This might be a good idea for you, but another idea is to simply get a small cloth bag (sold by many crystal shops), and put one of each in it and keep them on you when you know you are going to be near these people...

Check out the pages on these three stones... simply click on links above, and use your intuition to guide you to what you feel is right for you.

Much love and blessings to you as you handle this situation... best Liz

Protection from others negative energy
by: Raina

I'm so glad you posted this. I have found myself to be sensitive to other's energy, both negative and positive, as well. I love the advice Liz gave. I will have to look into those.

While visiting a local crystal shop, here in Colorado, the lady there had a Jet stone in her pocket. She stated it was protection from others feelings and energy. I went back a few weeks later and got two. One for me and one for my oldest son.

We both suffer from attention issues and I thought it only natural to carry one, as all the energy from others can be very distracting. I have only had my beauty for a week but I already feel love from the stone and less from others. Good luck and hope it helps.

On Jet
by: Cecilia

When I was in college, we used to have a joke about certain people we'd classify "30 minutes", "1 hour", etc., depending on how long we could be around them without feeling exhausted. This didn't make them any less our friends, just that there were limits (and I hope some of them learned from that).

I was just struck by Raina's post about jet. In Santiago de Compostela, one of the exits from the cathedral premises is called "Puerta del Azabache" (the "Jet Gate"). At first glance, it's because all the jet stone artisans sell their wares there, but that arrangement has been in place since the 16th century, to regulate an existent thriving trade.

The Pilgrimage to Compostela boomed in the first millennium, when it was still a dangerous enterprise. Pilgrims on the way were given or sold jet stones as a talisman, a belief that was a legacy from the Arabs, who had it from the Persians (Zabat meant "power", and they used it against the evil eye, among other dangers). Those who made it invariably sought more specimens for their loved ones, and hence, the thriving jet trade.

It's particularly poetic that "Compostela" itself is regional Gael pig-Latin for "field of stars". You crossed a field of stars with a piece of jet. The field was above you, since the Milky Way was viewed as the procession of souls on their way to heaven. After the cathedral visit, some would continue in that direction to Finisterre, the "ends of the earth" in those days.

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