Help! My Brand New Amethyst Cluster Cracked In Half!

by Chris
(New York)

Hi everyone,
I recently purchased the most beautiful Amethyst cluster. When I brought it home I cleansed it in a salt water bath for about an hour and it cracked in half and a few points fell off. I am so saddened by this.

I've cleansed other Amethyst clusters this way and never had anything like this happen before. I was so drawn to this cluster because of it's beauty and strong vibration.

Should I try to glue it back together (it is a "clean" break)? Will this effect it's healing qualities or vibration? Please post comments or thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help.

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Cracked Cluster
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't glue it back together. It would have broken anyway. Just be happy with the fact that you now have more than one piece of this beautiful crystal. Stay well and happy :)

Don't Agonise Over It
by: Anonymous

It's possible that the cluster just had a natural crack in it and it gave out. I have known of this happening before. I had a small quartz cluster which just came apart in my hand one day to form several individual points, but I don't agonize over it and I don't read anything into it either - it just happens.

Cluster Cracked
by: ElizaBeth

Have you considered the possibility that perhaps you need the energy of this particular cluster in more than one place???

I understand why you're saddened since you just got this piece, but I believe if you're open to the possibilities of why, the reason will be shown to you soon! In any event, now you have more than one new Amethyst to love!!

Broken Amethyst
by: Anonymous

There are no accidents. It was it's time to break and maybe it was meant for you. The energy is still the same as it was before with each piece so you don't have to worry about it loosing anything because of the break. Maybe now you have enough pieces for a grid or to keep in numerous places to help with an overall energy change.

I had a beautiful Lemurian Crystal that broke within the first week I had it... I was devastated.... but she's still as beautiful as ever and helps me everyday. so I would think the same of your Amethyst:)

Cracked Amethyst
by: Chris

Thank you everyone for your input. I especially like the comment from ElizaBeth. Since the vibration from this crystal so powerfully attracted me in the first place, and I was debating if I should put it in my bedroom or living area of my home, I think that it just split so I could share it in both spots!!! You're right! Now I have 2 beautiful clusters!!

Thanks so much! Chris

Take Care When Cleansing Crystals
by: Liz's Comment

Hi Chris

Due to what happened to you I felt it was a good time to refresh everyone on a number of different methods you can use for cleaning your crystals and stones. Have a look at my Cleansing Crystals page to see other ways you might use in future. I personally don't like to use salt water... and I also prefer only to soak crystals for a few minutes.

I am so glad that you have come to terms with your crystals cracking. While disappointing, you may have learned a valuable lesson for the future. I have had a few of crystals of mine break, but not while cleansing them.

One that cleaning did not work well for was a colorful Bloodstone...chosen for its bright colors Even washing it under running water made it go dull. Very sad at the time, but over time, sitting in the lovely atmosphere of my healing room it has improved. We also need to learn all we can to make sure that we do the best to help out our crystal friends.

All the best with using your new Amethysts Chris. Maybe you could use some of the loose crystals to do a crystal meditation as they work very well! Blessings Liz

Glue Together Quartz?
by: cyberseeker

I may agree that the cluster was ready to separate to become two valuable tools-there are no acidents-

Choose to reglue it if you truly love your cluster as a whole. I once had a beautiful- very clear- 8 in. quartz point that had a wonderful vibration about it. One day, in a fit of anger, my ex-wife threw the point to the ground & it split in half. I was deeply saddened by this because of my use of the stone & what it meant to me. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away so I put it in a bag & stored it away.

One day years later, I was going through my stones & opened the bag. I wondered If there was anything I could do with these Quartz pieces since they were so clear. It dawned on me to check to see how it would look to put the pieces together again. It looked great, so I decided to glue it together, even if the energy wasn't the same.

Result: It's a beautiful whole point again (with a flaw in the center where it joins. The energy is the same... I did the same thing with another point that I just bought. It fell from the counter & broke in half. I glued it together & it's still wonderful.

Point: Glue it if you want to... the energy will remain the same.

fear not
by: Anonymous

It was meant to be, live and learn from it. Amethyst enhances the viewing of the third eye, healing qualities of amethyst are secondary to sight and you should not concern yourself with its uses for healing.

Cracked Amethyst Cluster
by: Anonymous

Hello. I've read many articles stating that Amethyst is a crystal that can't be cleansed or cleared using salt water. Also, any quartz crystals with any cracks are not to be cleansed with salt water. The easiest method, in my opinion, would be to smudge your stones with sage, cedar, or sweetgrass incense.

You don't have to stand too close to the smoke as not to inhale it, but you may want to use a feather or some way to bring the smoke closer to the stones in order to clear it of previous energies. Blessings~

Split Amethyst
by: Anonymous

Hi, what a beautiful conversation and lessons from Amethyst!!!

We can always choose between restrictions or freedom and creativity.


Cleansing crystals
by: Jill

I've been cleansing all my crystals by resting them on a selenite slab. I just found that keeping track of which one likes what was too complicated for me. If Crystal has visible dirt on it, I do rinse it under shungite water.

I dropped and broke a beautiful fluorite double point last night. I put the pieces on selenite and surrounded it with other crystal friends. The truth is I was thinking about buying more fluorite so I'd have chunks around and sure enough, the piece that broke off is the exact size I was thinking about. Remember also that your crystal is already a broken off piece of a larger rock formation. So really, each break is random.

Chrysocolla Pendant
by: Jan

Bought a beautiful chrysocolla pendant about three weeks ago. It chose me by its exuberant reaction to my energy. Almost like a puppy so glad to see its person. Woke up one morning this past week and it was lying on my dresser, exactly where I left it, but it was cracked totally in half.

So sad. I did glue it back together and it still sends me wonderful vibes but I have been told that gluing it together was wrong as glue is manmade. Any thoughts on a) - what would cause it to crack in half by just sitting on my dresser and b) gluing it back together. Thanks for your input.

I did glue it back together and I have no regrets!
by: LF

I think gluing a crystal back together is a personal choice. I can’t think of anything thing that is "man-made" where some element of it didn’t already come from the earth. In the case of my one crystal, I didn’t even have a chance to get it out of the store before I accidentally dropped it and broke it in half.

I did what I felt was the right think and bought it anyway, and tried to convince myself that "oh now I have two pieces" but my psyche wasn’t having it. I glued that sh*t together as soon as I got home and I and, surprisingly, my crystal felt better, like she was "whole" again.

I say do what you want. If afterwards, it doesn’t feel right or good, you’ll know not to do it again. Sometimes it’s pure trial and error. Good luck and crystal blessings to all!

Gluing Crystal
by: Anonymous

Hello! I glued my rose quartz pillar after it broke in two. It happened to be at a time when I was questioning my romantic relationship. After gluing the pillar back together, my partner and I talked through our problems and began fixing our relationship. I believe the crystal was trying to tell me that I needed to fix my broken relationship, just like I needed to fix my broken crystal. Both are still going strong and beautifully.

Angel wing broke during a move
by: Anonymous

I am devastated that my amethyst Angel wing broke as we tried to get it out of the SUV! It was a friend’s that passed. I definitely need to glue it back. What should I use?

What to use to glue amethyst angel wing together belonging to a friend as a suggestion
by: Anonymous

This is a reply to someone who asked what adhesive could be used on an amethyst angel wing previously belonging to a friend who has now passed on. I honestly work with crystals quite often and actually make crystal jewelry and have a few different suggestions depending on how the stone broke and how you feel about the repairs.

You can get creative with it and wrap it in copper tape and solder it if the crack is in a place that accenting it would be appropriate. Or if you’re wanting to not accent the break and hide it as much as possible you can actually purchase a jewelry grade adhesive at your local supermarket like target Walmart or even on Amazon.

The type I use is called E6000. I want to warn you though, don’t get this on any surfaces you don’t want it to stay on. It’s much like if you can imagine a cross between an epoxy and a super glue.

Also as an alternative to both, you could display the broken w=ing as a tribute to your friend in your home. Place her or his picture behind it and use it as a memorial for her or him.

Regardless I believe you will find the method that works for you best and hope you have found peace in the midst of your loss. Hope this comment helps.

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