Believed To Embody Magical Mystical Powers

Written By Liz Oakes

Bloodstone were known in olden times as Heliotrope.

They were believed to embody magical and mystical powers, as they were said to be an 'audible oracle'.

This meant they gave off a sound to guide the user.  This an excellent crystal to help you to feel a stronger sense of determination.

They aid you to regain your personal power, and help to instill courage comfort and strength. 

Their energy instils courage, comfort and strength and they have a good energy to raise self esteem.

BloodstoneBloodstone Pendant

They help to build the tenacity, strength of mind and the resolve to do what needs to be done within your individual reality.

These stones are popular as they have strong metaphysical properties as well as being a very interesting stone.

Their vibration will aid you to find within yourself a deep sense of spiritual tenacity.

They are March birthstones that are powerful healing crystals for you to utilize in your life. Place under your pillow to aid dreaming and to assist you to feel better when you wake up.

Where Is It From? Red & Green Bloodstone Meaning

The name Bloodstone comes from the Greek word meaning 'sun turner'.

This relates to Pliny, a writer, naturalist, philosopher and author from Ancient Rome, who was said to have used a mirror made from this stone to view eclipses.

Probably the meaning of the name of these stones also comes from the red spots or patches.

They are a variety of deep green Chalcedony, that is basically green quartz, in various shades of green with red inclusions.

Deposits of Bloodstone have been found in Australia, Czech Republic, Russia, India, China, Brazil and the USA.

In the the past they were known as Heliotrope and they are also known as Seftonite.

The spots in the stones are inclusions of blood-red Jasper or iron oxide.

This red color that you clearly see within the stone makes the reason for the link with blood quite obvious.

The red spots or patches of red color occur in various sizes within them, and sometimes may be other colors, althought the inclusions are commonly Red Jasper.

There are a number of colors to be found in different pieces of this stone, but it can be very hard to capture in a photo.

How To Use It: Excellent Healing Stones

They are excellent healing stones with excellent healing properties. There are a number of ways to use these unusual crystals including:

  • As the name suggests this interesting colored stone is a great blood cleanser and purifier. 
  • They are said to neutralize and eliminate toxins from the blood, as well as aid your eyesight and help skin rashes.
  • Bloodstone is an excellent healing stone, and within the sacral or navel chakra its vibration will assist the health of the blood.
  • They will also aid the healing of your bladder, kidneys, intestines and liver.

Their vibration may assist you to make decisions, especially relating to spiritual matters.

This may be because their vibration also helps you to develop your intuition.

They are also said to be a useful adjunct in treatment of those suffering from leukemia, to stabilize the blood. 

It is said to stimulate dreaming, and during sleep is said to revitalize you, so it would be a benefit to place one under your pillow.

Why Would You Use Them?

Meditating with this stone is useful as this may aid you to facilitate union with the Divine Mind.

They create positive feelings as they bring your energy body into balance.

Their energy resonates within the base chakra and this makes them strong spiritual grounding stones.

They also work to aid both the heart chakra and the navel or sacral chakra.


Their vibration will assist you to live your life more in touch with the earth and its energy.

Their energy will aid you to to clear fear, and may help you to face challenges around the concept of death and dying. This is powerful, as every one of us will one day have to face this issue.

Heliotrope or Bloodstone History

Bloodstone will help you to develop expertise in new areas of interest. These unusual colored stones are also quite beneficial as they will help to enhance your creativity.

If you have been fearful or vacillating when you need to take action, the energy of these stones gives you the confidence to face your challenges.

It was believed that if you carried one of these stones you might avoid dangerous situations. In the past there were various tales told about the stone.


Some of what we have been told, this ancient lore, we now see has validity.

Historically this stone was associated with the 'blood of Christ', and with the legendary concept of noble sacrifice.

Once you have used a Bloodstone you may find that it may stimulate within many of you, the urge to embrace 'Christ consciousness'.

This really means the desire to live your life in a way that is your highest and best, with honesty and integrity.

These stones were also believed to have magical and mystical powers, and they were reported to be an 'audible oracle'.

This meant that they gave off a sound as a way of guiding the user.

Who Should Use Them?

If you are feeling timid or fearful in any way, these stones may instill courage, strength and tenacity within you.

Their vibration will aid you to dissipate any confusion, and will assist you to become more peaceful and serene.


These stones work predominantly within the base or root chakra. This crystal has a strong vibration that will repulse negativity from the auric field.

This is a stone that will benefit you to wear on your body, as its vibration has many favorable qualities.

You will find it on the birthstone list by the month, as it is a very popular March birthstone. 

It will provide comfort and encouragement, as you find the courage to move forward in your life and do what you need to do. 

Its energy aids the emotional body, and works within the heart chakra.

Bloodstone jewelry is easy to wear as it is an interesting color. Some of stones have a range of colors within them, that are very eye-catching.

If you are unable to find it made into jewelry, buy a stone and keep it in your pocket. This way the benefits of its vibration will flow out into your aura during the day.

It is on the zodiac birthstone list, and rings and pendants made from this unusual colored stone should be readily available, from a variety of places.

Once you begin to wear this stone and your enhanced creativity blossoms, you may choose to make beaded creations.

Wearing Bloodstone

If you are interested in these crystals, it is possible to buy many interesting and powerful stones from different sources.

It is an Aries birthstone as well as a Libra and a Pisces birthstone, so you should be able to find jewelry made from this stone.

Bloodstone PendantBloodstone Pendant

You may choose to combine it with other beads, using beads made from this green and red stone combined with other healing stones.

Combine it with some of the lovely green heart chakra stones and the deep red base chakra stones.

These combinations could be very helpful. Check out the range of different stones that are available, to see how you enjoy using them.

My Final Thoughts: Use Them To Regain Your Personal Power

My final thoughts relate to this being a strong crystal to help those of you who having been going through difficult circumstances.

They are powerful crystals to aid you to have a stronger sense of determination, and there are a number of ways that these unique stones may help you to regain your personal power.

Their energy will give you the strength to do the right thing for your long term good and aid your ongoing spiritual journey.

BloodstoneBloodstone Egg

Bloodstone will build courage and strength of mind, to do what needs to be done within your individual reality.

In summary: remember if you have been feeling fearful or vacillating when you need to take action, the energy of these stones may give you the confidence to face your challenges.

Using It With Other Stones

Those of you who are working on developing your spirituality, might want to combine it with Golden Topaz.

This combination is very powerful, as it carries the energy of the golden pink ray that allows you to connect with the vibration of Christ Consciousness which aids spiritual healing.

If you are on the path of personal transformation, the combination with Moldavite will accelerate your growth.

Use it with Mookaite Jasper to emphasize its energy to alert you to danger. Cuprite, Zincite and Jet combined with these golden stones, may enhance and energize the sacral chakra and the base chakra.

Using it with Smokey Quartz, Jet, Black Tourmaline, Vanadinite, Black Obsidian, Apache Tears or any other type of Obsidian, will enhance not only the base and sacral chakras, but stimulate an increase in the spiritual grounding vibration.

Bloodstone meaningBloodstone meaning

Remember: the energy of the Bloodstone will help you to be true to yourself, even when the going gets tough.

They help you to face loneliness and to make tough decisions, and to follow what you know in your heart is the right course of action.

More pictures of Bloodstone

BloodstoneBloodstone aka Heliotrope

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