I have a question, Magnetite vs. Hematite

I've talked to people who sell magnetite OR hematite jewelry for healing. They always claim that the one THEY are selling is better than the other.

I've also seen some magnetic beads that claim to be "stronger" than average. Can you explain the properties of each, which you recommend, and any other info that could help me.

Thank you, Jamie

Hi Jamie,

I have written articles on both of these crystals. I will give you the links to the two pages, in case you haven't read them already.

So here are the links to the two pages, read them through, and see what you think. Read about Magnetite and about Hematite.

As as you are asking questions about their healing attributes, maybe you have read about them. While its hard for me to say which would be better, as they both have some excellent qualities, as soon as I read your question the word Magnetite immediately popped into my head. So maybe I was getting guidance about what to suggest.

I had a thought, why don't you ask the sellers if any of them make up special pieces and get them to combine the two in one piece? They would go well together!

All the best Liz

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Thank you
by: Jamie

Thank you. I did want to combine them but I wasn't sure of the effect. You are very helpful. Your sight is full of details and not full of bias. Most are very ambiguous and bias since they want to sell something. I am a chrystal virgin and a recent convert. Thank you again.

Grey matter in Brain
by: Anonymous

I have a question. Can hematite affect the grey matter in your brain? If it does is it bad or good? Can it help it?

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