Magnetite or Lodestone

Want To Magnetically Attract What You Desire?

➤ By Liz Oakes

Magnetite is a potent stone for manifestation, helping you to attract what you most desire, including both desirable situations and people.

Also called Lodestone, this form of the stone is naturally magnetic and it's energy may aid you to bring whatever you most want into your life.

It has an impressive capacity to balance the hemispheres of the brain and it makes a strong earth connection. 


Its magnetic properties makes it a highly effective spiritual grounding stone. The vibration of this stone will attract into your present situation the experiences or opportunities that you need to experience in your life. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Magnetite?

The negative-positive magnetic aspects of this stone helps you to assist clients whose energy has been over-energized, by the body' attempting to heal itself without success.

If you are a healer, you will appreciate its energy, as it is a strong stone for bringing the chakras and meridians into alignment.

The earth connection makes Lodestone excellent stones for healers to use. You will find this stone's vibration to be very effective to assist with balancing the entire aura.

It is excellent used in stone layouts, as it is highly energizing. For this purpose  it works best for you to use two stones.

Magnetite Octohedron

Magnetite has a strong vibration, and was known in the past as a shamans crystal. This is because of its strong ability to make the earth connection.

In the past it has been used within magical practices, to ground your intentions to Mother Gaia, through the earth star chakra.

You would place one at the top of the head, in the area known as the crown chakra.

Place the other one at the base of the spine, so that its energy is at the base or root chakra.

The stone does not need to be in contact with the body, and may be used as part of a grid layout.

Heard Of Using Magnets For Healing?

Why are natural magnets like Magnetite stone becoming more popular? Have you heard of the benefits of magnets for healing?

Using naturally occurring magnets like these powerful magnetic stones is an excellent way to get many of the wonderful benefits that the manufactured items also give.

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For personal healing, it is useful to have more than one, as it is helpful to hold a stone in each hand, as this will help you to balance both hemispheres of the brain.

Magnetite has strong healing abilities and is powerful to aid the body to heal asthma and problems within the liver.

You may not have heard that the powerful vibration of these stones is a wonderful natural adjunct to your health care for other reasons.

For women who suffer PMS, this stone is helpful to calm the emotions and lessen mood swings.

These stones are said to help to heal anemia and other blood related problems, as well as aid circulation problems.

Magnets are helpful to use for healing, as they attract blood to the area where you locate them.

Using this natural magnetic rock is highly advantageous, as it has an anti-inflammatory action.

They are powerful crystals to heal inflammation as their energy is known to calm muscle problems as well as helping to hasten healing following accidents such as broken bones.

Magnetite Has A Strong Positive Vibration

Magnetite has a deep positive vibration, with a magnetic attraction to help you bring into your life what you most want. So what do you want?

This is a strong spiritual grounding stone, that works by grounding you, down through the base chakra to the earth star chakra and Mother Gaia.

The magnetic qualities of this stone allow you to have a more balanced view of life.

It is easy to buy Magnetite, and it may aid emotional problems, and it is an excellent stone to use if you are on the spiritual path.

Magnetite LodestoneLodestone or Magnetite

It is a strong psychic protection stone. One of the best ways to use it is to keep it on your body, and make sure you wear it every day.

Use it in meditation, as it is most helpful to assist you to enter the deeper meditative states.  

It may also create increased mental clarity, and this unusual stone is a strong aid to visualization.

It may help you to magnetize the things that you desire, to come into your life as the magnetism of these stones make them have a strong attractive vibration.

Your connection with Mother Gaia, and a deeper appreciation of the planet will happen naturally and easily at this time.

These stones balance the male-female perspective physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Another lesser known fact is that this brain balancing is also very effective to ignite the psychic gift of telepathy.

But there are other added advantages that you may not be aware of as these stones have a strong ability to attract and manifest both desirable situations and people into your life.


This is potent stone for attracting abundance and prosperity.

They may aid you to draw towards you many things that you desire, such as love and commitment within your personal relationships.

How To Use It? Benefits Of Wearing Magnetite

Many of you who work in psychic employment, as a clairvoyant or psychic reader, are prone to regularly be ungrounded by continual connection to spirit.

As it takes any excess energy to Mother Gaia, and in the process you make a connection with her energy, this in itself can be revitalizing, without being over stimulating.


As it is on the zodiac birthstone list, you should be able to buy jewelry made from this stone.

It is an Aquarius birthstone and a Virgo, Capricorn and Aries birthstone, and will be a strong stone to wear as jewelry.

This stone is said to aid psychics who have been putting on weight as an energetic protective measure, to help them to no longer energetically feel the need to do this.

Where Is It From? Magnetite Meaning

Magnetite is a variety of Spinel, with its mineral makeup being iron oxide as it is a type of naturally magnetic iron ore. 

The octahedrons may be found in South Africa and Australia. 

This stone has been found in massive form in a large number of locations, including Italy, Romania, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, India, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the United States.

The meaning of the Magnetite name is said to come from the name of a Greek shepherd.

He was said to have seen that the metal in his shoes as well as the iron point of his walking staff attracted pieces of the stone.

Many specimens are highly magnetic, and are commonly called Lodestone. It is said that this is one of the most magnetic stones found in nature

You will see iron filings clinging to the stones in the photos, which indicates their magnetic attribute.

Its structure may either be massive, the magnetic ore, or it also forms in octahedrons. 

The color of the magnetic ore is generally black, brown or brownish gray, and the octahedrons may be black or a red-brown color.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

This stone will help you to develop your intuition, and will aid you to have greater confidence in the flow of feelings that come from the Divine source.

Magnetite stone may particularly strengthen your intuition, if you are a highly rational left-brained logical person.


In summary: remember that if you deliberately and consciously direct it, this stone will also aid you to release negativity.

This is best done while in a meditative or relaxed state, where your intentions can be made clear to your higher self.

This highly magnetic stone may also aid you to ground yourself more easily.

Magnetite will help you to calm over-stimulated areas of the body, by using the negative energy to soothe the area.

Best Crystals To Use With Magnetite

What are the best crystals to combine with Magnetite?

These stones have an excellent energy for manifestation as mentioned above, helping you to magnetically attract what you desire.

Use them in combination with other manifestation stones to boost the other stones energy and strengthen other manifestation energies to add to the situation you wish to bring into your life.

Some of the other manifestation stones that you might like to use and that will work well in combination with this stone.

This includes two well known green garnets, Tsavorite and Uvarovite Garnet as well as Peridot and Citrine. Citrine is one of the most well known crystals to use for manifesting.

To assist you to balance your male-female energies, you may like to combine it with other crystals that have similar properties such as Golden Yellow Labradorite, Sphalerite, Rhodochrosite or Iolite.

Any of the spiritual grounding stones combine well with Magnetite, including Aegirine, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline.

Using either Jet or Amber with this stone, creates a highly active combination.

Both Amber and Jet build up an electrical charge, and the best way to use them is to wear them is next to the skin, as jewelry, like the black Jet pendant in the picture.

The combination of these stones used together may create a potent augmentation of the energy in your auric field, and has the potential to activate the kundalini.

Green Serpentine is one of the best Kundalini stones, and it often has black patches of Lodestone within it. Hematite Crystals have a strong affinity with this stone, as their makeup is very similar.

Other kundalini stones that may be combined with this stone are Growth Interference Quartz, Cuprite, Red Jasper and Blizzard Stone.

Growth Interference QuartzGrowth Interference Quartz

Quartz is naturally a strong amplifier, so quartz crystal healing has become very popular. 

To step the energy of quartz crystals up even more, use the vibration of Magnetite to magnify the energy of the quartz.

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Magnetite LodestoneMagnetite Lodestone
Magnetite OctohedronMagnetite Octohedron
Magnetite Lodestone

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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