Moldavite, Dreams And Guides/Spirits - Help?

by Nee
(Perth, WA, Australia)

Hi everyone, I've recently acquired a Moldavite pendant... it has three pieces - raw, polished and faceted and I have been wearing it for the last two days.

I have always had some degree of intuition and knowing and often feel tingles around my pineal gland. I also sometimes slip out of my body as I'm falling asleep.

Last night, this happened even more than usual (I slept with my pendant on). I was aware that I was occupying my astral body separately to my physical one and the experience felt much more conscious than usual.

I was able to imagine white light and then the green light of the Moldavite bathing me and protecting me from negative energies.

The most amazing thing, however, is that during my sleep I met someone. I believe she was a guide but I'm not entirely sure. I can't remember the conversation I had with her but I distinctly remember thinking she was a guide during my dream. However, my workplace is a very old building filled with energy and she was connected to that place. Is it possible she is actually a spirit from there making contact with me? How can I tell the difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Wearing Moldavite And Your Experiences
by: Liz Oakes

Hello Nee

Regarding wearing Moldavite and your experiences with it. Many people have strange reactions to wearing Moldavite, so what you have said does not surprise me. What you are saying I think, is that you are wondering if the being that contacted you was a spirit guide or a discarnate entity, whether from work or anywhere else.

My suggestion would be to start working with other stones that aid lucid dreaming. This allows you to participate more in the dream. Then you can ask questions of the being if they return. Stones that may help develop lucid dreaming would be Angel Phantom Quartz, Danburite or Goshenite.

If you were not wearing Moldavite, I would say make sure you have psychic protection in place. But Moldavite has a strong protective vibration, so that should be okay. But to be on the safe side add in extra protection in case you have a negative being. Place a psychic cloak around you, the instructions for that are in my psychic protection article, and also use any other protective stones you own.

You may be developing channeling or mediumship abilities. You may find classes for developing these gifts through the spiritual churches. I just checked on the net and I see that there are three listed in Perth. One is a christian spiritualist church, and depending on your preferences you may prefer one of the others.

Spiritualism is about proving life after death, and the mediums who participate at spiritualist churches may also be able to tell you if they can see anything that may help you to be sure of what is happening.

Hope that helps. Many blessings. Liz

by: Nee

Thanks so much!

I felt strongly at the time that she was friendly even if she's not a guide, she has that sort of mum type energy if that makes sense!

Lately I've started having some strange physical symptoms combined with an overall feeling of BLARGH! Perhaps from the moldavite and the changes soon to come :P so I haven't been able to focus on my spiritual self as much. Actually I've started having full-blown panic attacks again which is quite bizarre, not sure if that's related but darn it's strange.

Anyway, thanks so much xx

by: Anonymous


I have had my moldavite for at a least 3 weeks and I have not experience anything. I know it's a real moldavite. Is there any chance will I experience anything from it.

Thank you

Crown Opening
by: Dameo

Greetings all. I received my Moldavite a week ago and as I opened it up and held it in my hand I immediately felt the top of my head open up. It was like a beam of light that was coming down from out of this atmosphere. It felt great as it entered me I felt it traveling down my entire chakra system one by one.

I slept with it one night and didn't receive anything but a headache in the a.m. lol But my wife had a revealing dream and I never told her that I had it in the room with us much less it being in the bed with us. Looking forward to working with it some more !

Love & Light

by: Renée

I bought three small pieces and yesterday at work I held one (largest piece, about 1 inch) instantly felt my hand warm, and head started tingling.. I held it for about 10 minutes ... I left a few hours later came home went to sleep.. I had a dream, kept looking for Moldavite.. searching internet spelling it different ways, I wish I could remember it all.

I woke up and only my left side of head pulsating. Very weird. Very powerful. I wasn't sure if it was real, I only paid $90 for these small pieces.. but after yesterday I know they are real.. the instant I held it, I felt it. Beautiful piece. I will make a necklace and wear it.

Effects of Moldavite's
by: a friend

I received my Moldavite in the post. As I held it in the package my throat chakra started pulsating and my heart as well. I didn’t open the package for at least an hour.

Moldavite leaves you with a very calm feeling. I am enjoying the journey.

Sleep pattern
by: Anonymous

I received my Moldavite one week ago and didn't feel any heat or any vibration what so ever. One thing I noticed is how relaxed and tired I get to the point that I fall asleep during the day and cannot sleep at all at night. My schedule is completely backwards.

Moldavite transportation
by: Anonymous

If I buy a moldavite online, during the transportation, it should be transferred by many hands, I wonder these people when they hold the parcel, they will have strange feelings?

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