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Danburite crystals has a quite high, sweet and pure vibration, with a highly spiritual energy. How does this crystal aid enlightenment?

They are healing stones with an energy that is extremely uplifting to the spirit.

Pink Danburite

These crystals gently yet powerfully open the crown chakra then link and attune it with the heart chakra. 

This combination activates the intellect and higher consciousness from a heart based perspective.

All colors of this stone are amazing vehicles for enlightenment and spiritual growth. They are worthwhile healing crystals for you to put to use in meditation.

They have a high vibration that may aid contact with angels and your spirit guides.

It may activate the higher etheric transpersonal chakras, right up to the fourteen level, and this is known to aid enlightenment.

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Where Is It From? Danburite Meaning

Danburite was originally discovered in Danbury, in Connecticut in the United States, and the meaning of its name relates to that original find.

Deposits have been found in Mexico, as well as in Japan, Burma, Russia and Madagascar.  It has an interesting and unusual prismatic configuration.

White DanburiteWhite Danburite

Danburite crystals come in a range of colors and all have a powerful energy to assist your life. This crystal may be clear and colorless, pale pink or golden yellow. 

The newest color is the beautiful angel aura crystals.  Allow your intuition to guide you as to which colored stone will be most helpful.

Occasionally within the crystal you may see a Buddha formation.

It is said that this formation may promote enlightenment and bring through an increase of spiritual light.

The embodiment within this healing crystal of the higher aspects of enlightenment and self love may assist in smoothing the path ahead of anyone who uses such a crystal.

Why Would You Use It?

Riotous feelings and attitudes caused by misunderstandings may be eased by its energy.

It is a beneficial crystal to boost your patience as its vibration may also bring through a deep sense of patience and peace of mind.

Using this beautiful crystal in meditation may take you to a higher state of consciousness where you may make contact with your spirit guides and access their teaching.

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Pink DanburitePink Danburite

The pink crystals have a strong heart chakra energy with highly beneficial metaphysical properties. Pink Danburite is particularly useful to use for meditation.

The pink crystals not only resonate at the heart chakra, but their energy is particularly strong within the higher heart chakra also known as the thymus chakra.

Using it in this way may assist the emotional body to bring about emotional healing and release anxiety.

The vibration of this lovely crystal resonates with the angelic realms, and is capable of bringing the harmony from that realm down into the heart.

Extraordinary change can happen as its use allows you to let go of past karmic created conditions that you have brought with you to this life.

If you connect with your higher self you may move forward in a new direction.

This is a potent soul star chakra stone that may also aid you with inter-dimensional travel.

How Will It Help You?

These high vibration crystals encourage the heart to resonate with Divine love which also promotes self love.

These crystals have an ability to calm down the mind, which is a wonderful gift. 

Learn easy meditation ideas and techniques, and combine this with using these crystals. An increase in compassion, love and a much greater feeling of happiness may be the result.

Clear DanburiteClear Danburite

It is fairly easy to buy pieces of Danburite from specialist crystal suppliers, and it is usually possible to obtain this crystal fairly easily.

Wearing this stone on your body as jewelry makes it easy to keep its energy within your auric field during the course of the day.

You may also find these crystals made into jewelry, as these stones are on the zodiac birthstones list as they are a Leo birthstone.

They have a wonderful energy to aid emotional healing. They will also assist you to let go of fear and anxiety and help you if you are suffering with grief.

They are powerful for those of you who experience stress and worry, and provide excellent methods to relieve stress. 

Using it may aid healing of family conflict by promoting peace and harmony.

Who Should Use It?

The lovely golden yellow variety connects you to the sweetness of etheric music. Their fine high vibrations are quite beautiful and intensely uplifting.

They will help you to connect to the universal mind and will aid you with contacting angels.

Another wonderful gift that this stone gives us is to use it for lucid dreaming. To lucid dream is to be very aware of what is happening while dreaming, almost as if you are awake.

Golden DanburiteGolden Yellow Danburite

Many people who use this yellow crystal will find that they remember the dream as if it actually happened. The amount of awareness varies from person to person. 

Yellow Danburite is called Agni Gold Danburite. It's energy may heal the muscular structure of the body and has a strong healing action to clear allergic conditions. 

It alsohas a strong cleansing and detoxifying action, as it works through the liver to remove unwanted toxins.

If difficulty with sleeping is your problem, holding one in each hand should allow you to calm the mind chatter of a busy day and slip into restful sleep.

Combine Scolecite or Seraphinite with Golden Danburite and the experience of lucid dreaming will be even more profound.

To aid you to make a deeper connection with the golden light and to Christ consciousness, use the Golden variety in meditation, with Nirvana Quartz, also known as Lemurian Scalar Quartz.

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts

Twin Danburite crystals like the one below, are formed when two of these stones grow together. These are excellent stones to aid relationships.

The healing of the emotions that is aided by these crystals, is one of its greatest healing attributes.

It may assist you to heal any relationship problems as you begin to live from your heart.

Clear Danburite TwinRare Twin Danburite Crystal

In summary: a good idea is to place a piece of any color of this crystal on your bedside or under your pillow at night, so that the energy will benefit you for as long as possible.

These crystals help you by opening your heart fully to the Divine source, so you may find yourself becoming more in tune.

Their vibration may help you to  become truly enlightened, something that is surely needed in these interesting times in which we are living.

Angel Aura also called Opal Aura Danburite

There is a new color and slightly different type of this crystal that has become available, which is known as either Opal Aura or Angel Aura Danburite.

Either name is correct, and this is when the clear crystals have been put through the same procedure that is used to create Blue Aqua Aura Quartz.

Angel Aura DanburiteAngel Aura Danburite

They use the same minerals that are used to create Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz, which are different names for the same aura quartz crystal.

The way they do this, is that they heat the crystal, and during this process, vaporized silver and platinum become permanently bonded to the surface of the stone.

This procedure creates quite beautiful crystals, with an opalescent sheen that have some different qualities to the normal clear color of these crystals.

I chose to get a piece that had been made into a pendant, as I felt it is beneficial to keep it on your body, and what better way than wearing a pendant.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that using the Opal Aura Danburite crystal has a quite profound effect on you.

They assist you in letting go of fear and they are helpful crystals to relieve stress.  Used in meditation they can take you to a very high level where some people experience out of body effects.

You may feel much lighter and more peaceful afterwards.

If like many other people you have found that you are going through a tremendous amount of spiritual change at this time, you could find that this crystal may benefit you.

The main differences between the Angel Aura crystals and the normal clear stones is that they assist you to make an even higher connection to the higher realms, and to the angelic beings there.

This coating is said to help with spiritual growth and awakening, and is another tool that you may choose to use to aid this ongoing situation.

Best Crystals To Use With Danburite

What are the best crystals to use with Danburite?

A good way to use any color of Danburite is with some of the other high frequency stones. 

Those that are used with this stone with impressive results are Celestite, Tanzanite, Moldavite or Clear Apophyllite.

Also combining it with the other very high vibration stones will further create a more intense healing result. To aid stress, combine it with Lepidolite, Phosphosiderite or Aquamarine.

All colors of this stone resonate well with the other pink stones which strengthen its vibration within the heart chakra, such as Rose Quartz or Cobaltian Calcite. 

If you are having trouble coping due to feelings of grief, you may like to use it with stones such as Morganite, Apache Tears, Aquamarine, Datolite or Green Diopside.

Crystals that work well combined with it include Phosphosiderite, Pink Tourmaline, Amblygonite, Pink Petalite, Rose Quartz Crystal, Lepidolite or Morganite.

It will also combine and harmonize well with Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst. 

Prasiolite is also a heart chakra stone, and when combined with Danburite will aid lightbody activation.

This combination also creates a lovely spiritual connection to nature, as does combining it with Angel Phantom Quartz aka Amphibole Quartz, Elestial Quartz or Seraphinite, lovely stones that also aid the angelic connection.

For grounding you spiritually, combine Axinite Crystals or Smokey Quartz with it. 

To aid the strength of the health benefits, combine Golden Danburite with both Lepidolite and Shungite, which is a powerful stone to aid a variety of health conditions particularly allergy.

More Beautiful Images Of Danburite

Clear Danburite with QuartzClear Danburite covered with quartz crystals
Clear Danburite covered with quartzClear Danburite covered with quartz crystals

The piece shown above is Clear Danburite with golden quartz growing on it.

This is an unusual stone that will resonate powerfully, as the quartz has a strong ability to amplify energy.

Pink DanburitePink Danburite
Danburite Crystal Meaning & UseDanburite Crystal Meaning & Use

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