Moldavite Necklace

by Hannah
(Minneapolis, MN )

I bought a Moldavite necklace about 1 year ago. I don't wear it very often because I just don't wear jewelry that much, and forget to put it on. I've also heard that it's a very powerful stone and in fact it can attract negative energy.

Is there any truth to this?

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Liz's Reply
by: Liz

Thank you Hannah, for writing about your Moldavite Necklace.

Moldavite is a powerful stone... and this is the reason that some people cannot wear it. Sometimes if you are not ready to embrace the energy of a stone, it will just be forgotten about until you are ready.

It is common for people to buy a stone that is not really what they need. Maybe you will never need its energy. If and when your higher self feels the need... I am sure you will be drawn to wear it.

I appreciate your question about this stone attracting negative energy.

It actually has the opposite effect. This is a strong stone for psychic protection. By having its powerful vibration within your aura, this will help to guard you against psychic attack.

It often does have side effects and these are outlined in detail on my page on Moldavite. One particular effect is called the Moldavite flush.

Often when you first hold one of these stones and make a connection, it is highly possible that your heart may beat faster, and you may feel hot and flushed. This is a very common effect and is so strong that it may have led some people to think that this was of a negative nature.

It is not possible to say for certain that a stone can never be negative. But it is my belief that Moldavite is a powerful force for good. I feel that it is here to help us to deal with the multitude of changes happening in the world at this time.

As so many people are wearing Moldvite, many of you may have had some sort of experience with this stones energy. If you have had any type of unusual experience with this stone, please add your comment here.

by: appollyon

This stone brought swift recognition to the things affecting me, but my spirit can survive anything. Anyway I believe it amplifies your purpose and your pathway, a shortcut. It is neither good or evil, it is neutral, the balance of our universe. It will amplify your natural powers and reveal unknown powers.

Caution. It will reveal to all your secrets, but it will give you a chance to become different to all. It is ever flowing with possibilities, thoughts, it will give you power to be you and reveal your destiny before you live it, so you can make decisions to alter your path.

Working With Moldavite
by: Graham

I have been working with high vibrational stones and crystals for some time and have lots of strange experiences with them.

I have rough Moldavite and faceted Moldavite pendant with Brazillian Phenacite attached. When I hold Moldavite I am automatically shifted to the outer space and have had communications with ETs.

I feel Moldavite does give you an other worldly experience. However when used with other high vibrational crystals and stones for example Phenacite or Herkimer Diamonds, then you have a more spiritual experience

When using Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds I was able to access the akashic records very easily. Danburite is also good with Herkimer Diamonds for akashic records.

Could Moldavite Cause A Nosebleed?
by: andrew

Hello there,

Since I have been spending time with a rough piece of Moldavite I have experienced a nose bleed, which I haven't gotten in years and years and it happened while I was with my pieces of Moldavite. So I was just wondering if this could be caused by its high frequencies.

Thanks for your time!

Nosebleed From Moldavite
by: Liz's Response

Hi Andrew

That is an unusual reaction isn't it? While I have never heard of this, I do know that Moldavite is one stone that you can't be sure of at all. I personally find that holding a piece of the stone makes my heart race. It always makes an immediate heart connection for me, and I can feel it in my physical heart.

While I don't really know what happened in your case, maybe if it raised your blood pressure, perhaps this was your body's way of relieving the pressure? Did you feel the vibration of the stone anywhere in particular, apart from the nosebleed?

If it is affecting you like this, keep an eye on it... as if its causing physical problems it might be an idea to see your medical professional and just get checked over. All the best Andrew.

Blessings Liz

by: Anonymous

Can you give your Moldavite stone to others to hold to see if they feel anything or is intended for you only?

Letting Go...
by: Anonymous

Since Moldavite has come into my life I have experienced tremendous emotional healing and have let go of things in my life that no longer served me. I feel a deep connection with the universe I had never felt before, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me.

Power Power Power....
by: Anonymous

Moldavite for me was a stone of power amping the energy centers within like a lightning rod. Just having this in a room around me caused my awareness of energy to expand much like how light works by amping then energy to a higher octave/ energy ring releasing light photons.

Ultimately I guess it's all about the user and how they apply this energy. I ended up reaching for the stars... contact with ET's, my higher self, understanding the Psyche of self and others only to understand things I shouldn't.

I get caught in a web of entanglement with conciseness from other realms/worlds/dimensions or simply of such a high intelligence that it startled and scared me witless for many years of terrorizing experiences that I haven't told a soul about as no one would believe me.

There is truth in a lot of metaphysical writings about expansion of consciousness, activation's of genetics, higher octaves of consciousness/expansion of energy within the human mind/body/spirit... but at the end of the day it seems best to simply focus on what matters...enjoying material physical things, friends, family, food, sex, laughter and such as it was meant to be.

The world is simply too strange once you begin to understand the true implications of the workings of the universe and it certainly isn't all about love and light.

No different then walking into a city...there's all sorts of fun to be had and nice people to meet but there are also crooks, thieves and bandits out to screw you or manipulate for their own desires.... other words free will determines the day and for me it was a slippery slope to meander down.

First Gem
by: Moon

Well, I got mine today. I took a nap with my Moldavite pendent around my neck. When I woke up I felt light headed, I had a head ache, and I felt like I was going to throw up.

I've kept it on and if it really is the Moldavite, I believe it will pass. I got it wanting a special rock for good luck. I wanted to get a Meteorite, but instead found this and got the Moldavite. My tongue also got on and off numb. I have no clue why.

Bad Dreams
by: Juleea

Around the time I started using Moldavite (1 year ago) I started experiencing a seemingly negative entity in my dreams. He seems to be really upset.

When the entity comes I am paralyzed and can't talk or anything. My thoughts don't seem to have an effect on the entity at all. Any advice or similar experiences?

RE Your Bad Dreams
by: Monika

Hi Juleea, I would advise you to remove the stone from your living space as soon as possible, not just from your body, but from your home completely. And start to GROUND YOURSELF as much as possible.

Stay grounded in your thoughts, emotions, feel your body, anchor as much as you possibly can in everyday life, stay with your legs on the earth, enjoy physical pleasures, feelings, matters, just be the everyday earthly being also in your mind space.

Do physical things- walking, exercise, meeting friends, having good fun, hiking if possible, gardening, sex, some party, simply anything simple, enjoyable and earthly. No astral. No entities. No spirituality.

Perceive just yourself, your own consciousness and its experience of the physical world. Maybe that could cut you off any entity from the astral layer of consciousness if you become fully grounded.

Moldavite is a very ungrounding stone. It opens us up to anything in the astral realm, so to be immune to psychic attack, stay your own ground. If you feel that could help you you can try and write your experience. Good luck!

It Clears You
by: Anonymous

Okay, I firmly believe that Moldavite clears all of the negative blocks in our physical bodies. Every time you make a judgement that is below the vibration of love, you store it somewhere in your body. The Moldavite clears these and raises your vibration.

This high vibration that it gives us is the reason that people can communicate with other worldly beings while wearing or holding it.

Now, the reason that you have negative experiences, is because you are releasing negative emotions, and in order to release something, we need to bring it up to the surface.

If this bothers you, ask Archangel Michael to help clear your blocks with his sword of truth as many times as it takes to clear your energy field. This can also clear your mind, which is probably foggy. I just got more Moldavite today and every new piece has different energy to acclimate to.

So I am buzzing right now and totally understand the feeling negative thing that you were talking about, but I know that in order to raise my vibration, I need to clear any conditioned responses of a lower vibration.


Third Day
by: Jason

I have had mine for 3 days now. I bought the biggest Moldavite they had at the crystal store and I went next door to this bead shop and wrapped it in green wire and now I wear it as a necklace.

All of the experiences that I've had so far are similar to most of the comments above. I have a couple interesting experiences to add.

First of all, its a challenge to wear it, I wake up at night, and I have to slow down my breaths, my heart starts beating fast. I'm so fascinated with it that I won't allow myself to take it off. I took it off for an hour today and hung it on the clothes line in the sun. I felt a longing sensation for it in my heart - the feeling reminded me of Frodo's attachment to his "precious"in the lord of the rings.

I decided to go back to the crystal store and get a couple of smaller pieces to send home to my Dad and my Sister - for Fathers Day and her birthday. So I took off out of the door and the energy in my body must have picked up a notch, because I got there in a flash, and I just stood there waiting for the girl to help me behind the counter. I think she picked up on the determination.

She laid them all out on the counter, and I picked a couple out, took off for home, and as I opened the little plastic bag to touch one, it electrically shocked the tip of my finger, and the sensation continued like a diminishing fizzle.

I noticed when I wear it along side of my Rose Quartz pendant the energy is amplified. I think my Hematite necklace amplifies or transmutes the energy as well, but in a different way; I'm not sure exactly how to describe it. Please let me know if you understand how their energies interact - I only combined the two because of intuition.

My creativity has picked up..I wake up at midnight, and type out interesting poetry and go back to sleep. Anyway that's all for now - thanks for the forum.

by: Anonymous

I've had my moldavite for three months. When I first wore it, I did feel a buzzing/vibration. I am a Reiki Master and I feel like it has helped me with that practice. I'm attracted to this stone and don't want to take it off but have several times because of its intensity. This is what caused me to think it's negative as well. Someone mentioned you have to clear out negativity first to reach a higher vibrational level. I don't know if this is true or not.

I found I didn't sleep as well with it on. I was also a stronger person wearing it, purposeful and felt as if it was propelling me toward change. This was happening too quickly and my attitude became intense as well, so I've taken it off. I'm at a loss. Not sure if it was a mistake and not sure if I should be wearing it. Some of the change I liked but my demeanor I did not like. Who knows!

Moldavite Experience
by: Anonymous

I purchased my first Moldavite stone 6 days ago. I heard a lot about the stone. I use it when I am meditating and also to enhance my intuition/clairovoyant. I am very happy I purchased the stone. Before I meditate or use the stone, I always say a protecting prayer.

My first experience I had was when I slept with the stone under my pillow along with a grounding stone Black Hematite. As I started to drift off to sleep. I went through the spectrum of colors the violet/indigo/purple. It was as if I was going through a tunnel.

Then all of a sudden the color had turned dark green like that of the Moldavite stone to a very bright green. Then I saw the eye of Horus, Egyptian hieroglyphics, panther/panther eye, tiger/tiger eyes, and then a flash of the atomic bomb.

Then my spiritual guide had appeared but the face was a little hazy. I could see her smile and then she faded out. Then a golden orange color had appeared like sunshine and filled the whole crown of my head and was there for a moment; after that I woke up. It was time for me to go to work.

My Most Memorable Experience
by: karma-lad

My first time being around Moldavite, I was with my girlfriend in a gem shop. She was doing her thing I was looking around and saw a piece.

I couldn't take my thoughts away from it after I saw it. It was behind glass, and I asked to see it. When in hand it was so overwhelming you would think I was drunk, as I was dizzy and stuttering my words.

The vibrations were flowing through my body rapidly, it was almost too much, this lasted for a good 5 mins then it started to settle and I felt more connected with it after that. I was about $125 lighter in the pocket! It was worth it, and I have been hooked on the stuff since. I guess it's true about what they say about your first time....

by: Anny

I'm buying a small faceted Moldavite pendant, it is on the way to be delivered. After reading those experiences above, I feel a little bit scary... what should I do first ? I fell in love with the stones color from the first I saw its picture.

Headaches for a love?
by: Anonymous

Okay I just bought a Moldavite rock at Sedona... and it was gorgeous. Though I had lunch with my someone very dear to me. That's been in a bit of a negative space. I wanted to give him something, to ground him. So I have him the Moldavite.. He's been very upset and having these terrible headaches...

Moldavite which way to go?
by: Evolving being

Hello there,

I have ghosts at home, very bad temper, very much probably from China, came inadvertently about 3 years ago in a resin statue someone (loving person, sure of that) brought as a gift. I got sure of it only recently when I got for a weekend a Moldavite piece.

Since then (the three days with a Moldavite) I can see them (not as well as my pet does, it seems she can see much more that I do), like a gasper thing, smog type, white and dark,and can feel them on me, moving, close etc. they move things (like a door). They bother a lot my pet. They are not good.

I want a Moldavite very much, I just do not know what to do with those beings in my home. When I got the statue felt bad vibes, when I got the Moldavite for those days recently is like it gave them strength or made me more aware of them, or both.

I do not know anything about all that stuff or crystals. I am a regular person. I do want a Moldavite, just do not want to have a "scene" or something not good happening because I have unwanted visits.

Hope I could get some advice. Thanks!

... by the way
by: Evolving being

.. by the way, I was wearing hematite all the time (two bracelets) and couldn't get grounded in any way. :( I am under the impression that I would need a car on hematite or so to get grounded from a 1 cm piece of Moldavite... also need advice on that.


Moldavite Experiences
by: Anonymous

Hey all I've had my Moldavite for about 4 months and the first day I received it, began the changes in my life !!! An hour after I had received it I got into a car crash while driving on the highway, trying to exit... and I was somehow following a negative thought flow and there seemed to be a big release of this energy that was somehow feasting :)

In the car crash I should have been dead! It was weird what happened, it was happening too quick and as the car was spinning out of control I knew that it had to do with the Moldavite and I felt it shielding me. I came out with a injured leg and face was messed up but recovered anyways and good to go in 2 months. I have been having many types of experiences afterwards, as my heart center has been blasted open!!

I go to places that seem to be magical. I have acquired a grounding stone, its black Tourmaline so I'm grounded while I journey in the cosmos. Its beautiful! People talk about space ships, I'm seeing more now that our bodies are starships and earthships combined, built by the most high, for the most high. What a magnificent reality it is!!

I say that Moldavite fires up blocked power centers and its for those that are ready to be in their fullness outside of their conditioned shells!! So have fun folks !! and much love to all !!! I am you :) peace

Car Crash!?!?! Oh No
by: Jason

I'm so relieved that you are ok after that car accident - today was so hectic on the highway in San Diego, the thought of crashing was close in my mind, the thought of spinning out of control, driving is so precariously dangerous...somedays Im more aware then others - today I was thinking about it...I was wondering how it is that more people don't crash more often. Not that I want them too, but there so many of them..

I had the worse day today. I'm estranged from my kids, and its Halloween and I'm depressed. When I came home I locked the door of the side room and put my Moldavite in the center of my forehead. I was asking God to make my heart stop. I decided that I am ready to die.

I pictured myself laying in the bath with it filled with my blood and it scared me. I prayed to GOD and the Moldavite - I asked for help, I know there are angels everywhere - and I needed them. I could feel the Moldavite energy flowing around my face, my teeth were being squeezed together, I could feel the pressure in my skull.

I gave my Moldavite recently to a Reiki master, who put some spell on it or something, because since I got it back I get splitting headaches when I smoke weed. I threw it all away and get a headache even if I think about it. But now I go into these bouts of depression.

To make a longer story shorter - I was guided to say "I love you" to as many people as I could think of. I said "I love you" prayers to my kids, my ex wife, my girlfriend, my parents, my Reverend, I said I love you to all my facebook friends - that I could think of, I said "I love you" to Mitt and Obama, and to George Clooney and Brad Pitt...I even said "I love you" to the manager who screwed me over at my last job - I am currently unemployed...

In conclusion - Moldavite saved me tonight - I know it - its a link to the unknown - I just have to use my imagination for now - one day I may or may not know the secret.. Peace and Love

re: Car Crash!?!?! Oh No
by: shinyshiny

That sounds like a wonderful thing that the moldavite did for you in a very low and difficult time. I've been there more times than I care to count and I think that the answer you got sounds like I a really great way to save your life. I'm glad your still here.

I wanted to let you know that my husband went through getting off pot after almost 20 years of smoking (since he was 12). He was told that the withdrawls from it are worse than other drugs because they last for weeks, up to about a month. I read that obsidian is really good for addiction when combined with amethyst or other stones; you can check out the info on the O-P tab. I hope it helps.

I'm new to most of this myself, but I thought that you might not have read that yet. I'll let everyone know what my experience is if it's worthy of posting about, or if I have a question when I get it next week.

How to ground after using moldavite.
by: Manny

Hello, I meditated with moldavite and I feel very ungrounded... also, the soles of my feet,my crown and third eye chakra are over-active an it's disturbing my sleeping pattern. I've tried carrying Black Tourmaline but my situation has not improved.
Please help,

Tiredness When Wearing Moldavite
by: Anonymous

I received a Moldavite pendant. been wearing it for the last 3 days and been buzzing with energy and creativity and also sleeping more soundly than normal. I am normally full of energy regardless but since I have been wearing the Moldavite I have noticed that I am being much more proactive. Not just talking about doing stuff but actually doing it..

However, today I could not get up (which is not me! had no energy) I am a morning bird and I have had real problems in concentrating all day.. I just want to sleep and sleep am forcing to keep my eyelids open.. what does this mean?? Please help

Dear "Tiredness"
by: Anonymous

I have been wearing Moldavite for a year and I am always learning new things about it. Some people are really affected by it. My girlfriend's Mom and her son looked like they were going to fall over. The son was in the middle of a conversation and his words just trailed off, and he said "What is this?!?!?!" and he said it "got to his head".

It doesn't steal my energy and I wear it every day and I am very aware of its power. Some people don't feel anything at all though.

I know this isn't very helpful but please keep us informed on what you do?


Moldavite Necklace And Ring
by: Michelle

I purchased two rough pieces of moldavite. The shop is 4.5 miles from my house. Really, leave the shop, drive 4 miles straight and turn left, drive .5 miles and there's my house. Well, I got lost going home; drove 30 minutes until finally made the correct turns and found my neighborhood. That night I made the stones into jewelry.

I wear one as a necklace and one as a ring, and for a week after wearing them I kept getting lost, even going to/from work or the grocery store, and having a GPS, I still kept getting lost. I also felt an increase of nervous energy, dizziness and headaches. It is much better now, but today I noticed that the stone I wear as a necklace has become darker than the one I wear as a ring. Any idea why?

Moldavite's High Vibration Makes You Ungrounded
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Michelle your symptoms are some of the classic symptoms of being ungrounded. I have exactly the same symptoms when I go crystal shopping and start touching any of the high vibration stones. Similarly to you, the last time it happened to me was after crystal shopping. I also got lost and although I had my GPS on I somehow ended up in the wrong lane and had to drive for miles up the highway to the next exit.

You need to ground yourself and keep doing it until you adapt to those specific crystals. By the way if they are changing color, they need a rest. Perhaps only wear them for a few hours each day, or alternate them... wear only one at a time if you think you can, rather than all day.

They are obviously helping you to make some major changes. It is common for many people who use Moldavite to not want to take them off, its one of those interesting effects it has.

So check out my article on spiritual grounding, and use some of the grounding crystals if you have them. There are also some other excellent ideas in this article... on spiritual grounding... that can also help with grounding. Anyone who wears Moldavite needs to ground regularly!

I totally have been where you are with getting lost, quite few times and each time it took a while to click that I was ungrounded. When you are ungrounded you can't always see it. It can be helped by keeping grounding crystals on your body when you wear high vibration crystals, it will help.

Love and light


Found Moldavite Again
by: cork

When I was 13-14 I was given a peace of Moldavite from a lady that me and my friends visited once or twice a week , we would go around and have tea and biscuits and do odd jobs around her house every now and then.

I was one of probably 4-5 and I was the only one that was given the stone. Fast forward 18 years and now I am 32. About 4 weeks ago I had a really strong urge to find that little bit off Moldavite, but having no luck I jumped on the internet and bought my self a little bit that was no bigger than the stone I was given all those years ago..

I have had the piece of Moldavite that I bought around my neck for the last 2 days, but since I have been wearing it, I have being having bad headaches, and really sore neck and feeling dizzy and also really strong and weird dreams.

I sometimes have these strong dreams, but not usually night after night. but the head aches are really strange, I'm not one to get head aches at all. I'm going to keep it on for now , and am hoping that it is cleansing me of something.
would love some feed back .....

The Scariest Most Memorable Experience of My Life
by: Anonymous

My son was 7 years old and interested in space, so we bought him some meteorites and a piece of moldavite. I had just finished reading Eric Pearl's book, The Reconnection, where he talks about moldavite.

I was in the basement getting ready to meditate on the couch. Everyone else was sleeping. I hadn't started meditating, but I had the moldavite in my hand and was in a cross-legged position with my eyes shut. I felt something/someone come up behind me near the back of the couch. At the time, I neither believed nor disbelieved in chakras or ET's. I have had spirits visit before, so at first, I thought it was someone that had passed that was "visiting."

The entity kept getting closer and closer. When I asked who it was. I got no response or feeling about who it was. I tried to forget about it and go into meditation, however the entity got really close to me, and then "popped" open my upper chakras. First my heart chakra, (front and back, I didn't realize there were front and back chakras), then my throat chakras, my 3rd eye chakras, and my crown chakra.

And then it did something that I didn't think possible. It entered into me through the chakras and "sat" in my upper chakras. It felt like it was in between the spaces that I would call me. It felt like there was a lot of space between each of the molecules that I would call "me." Up until that time, I didn't believe we were all just vibrating molecules of energy, creating what appears to be solid mass. I felt like it was looking out of my eyes to see what I see. I sat there for a short while. The energy of it did not feel bad, nor did it feel good. It felt "neutral."

I jumped up like a crazy woman. I started shaking my body all around like trying to get a spider web off of me. Then I ran upstairs and went to bed, putting the covers over my head. I felt like the entity was at my bedroom door and getting closer to me. I was so frightened that I chanted to myself, "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep." And, I willed myself to go to sleep.

I felt like when it was at the bedroom door that it wanted to make an "adjustment" to me energetically.

Since that time,I have been around other moldavite and nothing weird has ever happened near it again. I have often wondered if I would have stayed with the experience a little longer before freaking out if I would have learned more about what whas going on.

It has shaped me scientifically, spiritually, and metaphysically. I now believe in chakras, ETs, and scientific principles of energy and mass.

I will NEVER forget what happened. It was a scary, yet powerful personal experience.

Reveals That Is Within You.
by: Eric Sligar

I have been wearing Moldavite for awhile now, a 6 or so carat pendant. I have lived a huge portion of my life in a state of amnesia. Since wearing the pendant I have awakened to a fact I couldn't grasp until a few years ago.

I keep it to myself because I hate being judged. But if you feel like you are alone or don't belong, you are probably a starseed and this stone is designed to bring you wholeness and find the meaning in your life and to understand it.

by: vipin

I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing.

Positive and negative
by: Anonymous

It has given both experiences it is very intense and protective and raises Ur vibration to aid meditation but the release of negative emotion scared me but it released blockage so it's all good

The time was right, but the dreams!
by: Devina

I have worn a Moldavite ring for many years, with no obvious changes in my world.I felt an urge to buy a Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond necklace,which I have worn for 4 days. Apart from an increase in tinnitus, my dreams have been very odd.

Last night it was my recent ex boyfriend, who was behaving badly,as well as someone attempting to persuade me to sign a form (so they could bump me off)I saw the ream as a mirror about the feelings over the break up.

I guess it enhances senses, and in meditative states, I have seen clearer pictures of spirit guides and people I know,including the ex. I bought this for protection,and feel it is doing it's job,though the dreams are very powerful.

by: Jo

I have ordered my first Moldavite today, a pendant, this all makes me a little nervous. It really worries me that its going to have a negative effect on my relationship. I am hoping and praying it does the opposite - and improves my situation. Oh well its on its way, I am excited to get it.

Moldivite, Good or Bad Comparison.
by: Metaphor101

Okay... Some may think that this comparison is ridiculous, but in my opinion some people have an easier time comparing debates and such to regular, normal, everyday mundane objects.

There is debate about whether Moldivite causes negative feelings, or if it just brings negative emotions to the surface of your being. All stones and experiences are different, but I still believe Moldavite is a force for good. So, (as for the comparison) pretend that your body is a refrigerator. The "fridge" (your body) has lots of food in it (emotions). There's the good food you got a few days ago, your childhood favorite, ect. Then there's the old stuff from a few weeks ago, smelly restaurant take-outs, and the infamous holiday fruit cake that nobody really wants.

So, what do you do? Why, you dump out all the bad stuff, of course! So what you end up doing is go to Walmart, (the gem store) and buy a magic eraser/some other cleaning supplies (moldivite and other crystals/gem stones) and you clean all of the bad food/emotions out of your body/refrigerator.

Now, you're going to see some uncomfortable things coming out of the metaphorical fridge/ your own body, but in the end once the bad food/emotions are cleared out, you have room for more of the good stuff. So, go get more HEALTHY food/emotions, and remember to clean out that "fridge" before things get bad again. :) I hope this helped any and all to feel better about the Moldavite that they purchased, and hope this was informational to the occasional person who forgot to clean out both the metaphorical, and literal fridge in their homes.

Happy cleaning/cleansing.

Bleeding on my crystal
by: Anonymous

I want to know if its bad that I bled on my protection crystal? I had a nose bleed and my crystal got full of my nose blood. Is it bad? Or should I worry?

My Moldavite Experience
by: Kathy

I have done some research before purchasing the stone. Upon receiving it I felt a powerful shock to my system. I didn't use other stones to ground myself. My right side of my body felt numb and I had lose my speaking ability. Off and on I was able to talk and when I wasn't able to speak no one understood me. I was speaking a different language unknown to myself. I guess I was speaking in tongues.

My experience with the Moldavite was life shattering. I was later hospitalized for a mild stroke. Everyone else experience was different from mine. However, I'm glad I regained my speech and able to function like before I do have some problems remembering things. But I'm able to speak properly again and use the right side of my body without any damages.

Despite my unfortunate experience, something did change, like applollyon stated, the experience of the Moldavite has revealed my destiny before living it. I met my twin flame before meeting him... (a year or 2 in advance) When I met him we had an unbelievable connection. I have an unbelievable psychic ability now. I have a keen insight for animals and plants. Animals are drawn to me and plants grow like crazy around me.

I even have visions of my unborn child, and he communicates with me and leave me messages. I'm anxious to have a family but with the knowledge of my destiny I have to be patient and let the universe put things in perfect order. I would also like to reiterate what appollyon stated. "It will amplify your natural powers and reveal unknown powers." I felt like that's what happened to me. I'm eager to find out what my unknown powers are.

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, you gave me the courage to share my experience with Moldavite. By the way, I got rid of the Moldavite immediately after touching it. It was just too powerful.


Maturing with Moldavite
by: Jason_618

Hi All,

I've changed since I began my relationship with Moldavite which began a couple of years ago. I think we can all agree that it has some unusual extraordinary qualities.

With that being said - I really believe - at this point in my moldavite experience - that the "power" that Moldavite has is whatever its master puts into it.

If I am wearing it when I pass on can my spirit use it as a gateway to the farther reaches of the universe? I think most skeptics agree and there is a scientific basis behind the idea that Moldavite - if true - may be an object that has the most distant origin. The only comparison is a "thought" object - the actual thought of where Moldavite could have come from - maybe the only thing that is farther or as close as to the actual origin of Moldavite - if you believe that thoughts are things.

Is the "spiritual" aspect of myself which has been convincingly documented as orbs or apparitions over time - documented in folk lore - does Moldavite act as a vehicle for this spiritual form of us to reach these far away places?

Moldavite has opened my mind to the notion that "thoughts" are actual things or objects, and these thought objects can be used to activate a physical "space travel" object i.e. Moldavite, to actually transport a form of my existence "orb or some spirit object" to some far away place in the Universe - whoa!

My question is - now that I know how it works - can I transform myself into a orb and skip across the Universe in my Green Moldavite space ship and my thought object map :0)

Loving this Moldavite Necklace board - thank you for all of the interesting comments - I love all of them!!

There is always risk
by: Anonymous

Moldavite helps with your third eye, and thus might 'open' you up to more experiences. At the same time, it gives a strong protective energy :). There's always risk of things around that might mess with you when you can perceive them better, but it is not the fault of the Moldavite.

Moldavite Changed
by: Anonymous

I have had a piece of Moldavite for sometime I keep it in my pocket and don't mix it with anything but maybe paper cash. Last week I noticed a higher spot that I have not felt before.
Sort of like a peak in the middle of the stone.

Have you ever heard of that? Or am I just imagining this? I looked at it closely with magnification there are no chips or other changes I could have caused from handling.

What do you think.

by: Anonymous

My husband bought me a necklace for Christmas with Moldavite in, I didn't feel anything from it but having put it out in the garden at full moon I found it has made me dizzy ?? Is this normal ? I do like the calmness its given me though, since wearing it I have not been stressed at all, I'm hoping it will help me find my spirit guides and help me develop spiritually.

My New Moldavite Necklace
by: Mrs Castillo

I have a week with my ruff cut Moldavite Necklace I have been wearing! As I was washing a glass drinking cup it exploded in my hand !

Shattered in tiny bits everywhere, my hand is ok
Strange! Could this be the Moldavite I have been wearing?

Unusual experience...
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone!

Having read everyone's thoughts, I felt it was only right to share my experiences of using this stone. Only a week ago I bought a pair of Moldavite stud-earrings. A combined weight of 0.5 carats.

For such a small amount, I feel I can safely attest to its high-potency. On first opening the plastic box, I was instantly overwhelmed by the force/energy that was emitting from this stone, as it caused me to feel a direct pain over my right eyebrow that I had never experienced before and knew that it was no ordinary headache. I decided that it was a natural reaction to the stone and forced myself to wear the earrings and ride out the pain. Without pain-relief the pain disappeared within half an hour.

I instantly felt the benefits of this stone within the first 24-hours. Firstly, my mind felt sharp and I had a more positive outlook. Secondly, I had a steady hand and my energy increased considering I hadn't eaten for quite some time and do tend to suffer a tremor when I haven't eaten for a long period of time.

Could this be attributed to Moldavite's reputed power to aid sufferers of Parkinson's, M.S. etc? Finally, I also felt its reputed power to reduce watery feelings as a result of tiredness etc. Overall, I felt pretty good.

Nevertheless, after wearing these earrings on the second night, I had a frightening dream that involved a spirit pulling me by the hair and dragging me by my feet to a place inside a secondary school-(I do not have kids?) and I did not wish to go. To add to this peculiarity, a family member that I have only seen twice in twenty years, was also in the dream standing idly by watching.

I escaped the spirit's clutches, only to have him beeline for me again and for me to see his outline very clearly-(which has never happened before). He touched me in the dream and my physical body tingled..? Realising I was at risk, I cried for help to be brought out of the dream which I can only say happened due to my spirit guides as I was entirely on my own. Furthermore on waking, I was expecting it to be dark outside, to my complete surprise it was around 8am on a Sunday morning...? That definitely hadn't happened before!

I've never had a dream that felt so aggressive and so real! Not to mention that it was so vivid! Could this be due to the stone? I have to say that on reflection of that experience it put me in mind of a Psychic Attack and made me very weary going to sleep the following night even with the earrings removed.

I have chosen to try and cleanse the Moldavite earrings to see if things will improve at night as I was feeling so good using them at every other time, I'm still yet to find out...

Moral to this story - you may want to use Moldavite with caution. Hope this helps anyone wanting to know more about the effects of using this stone. Best wishes.

Moldavite, Is it storage space for negative energies?
by: Satellite

... Just finished reading up on everyone's experiences. I'm wondering if Moldavite could be a 'well' or storage space for negative energies?

I've had my Moldavite for a few months... Like others above, I felt drawn to having one. When it arrived I really wanted to love it, but it felt oppressive, rather, 'heavy' to me. It didn't feel 'bad'... and I did feel a bit like Frodo in that I felt connected to it and that it was my responsibility. It was odd.

I'm a bit of an empath and each time I wear the M, I feel stronger and more attuned... but by the end of the day I am weary. Oddly, my throat tastes like I've been smoking all day (non-smoker)...

A friend, a Reiki Master, had a really negative reaction to the stone and puzzled it over for a few days. We've come to believe the Moldavite does trap negative energy, which is what she was sensing... Since trees are sting grounded, I hung it outside, until I have need to wear it. I'm sure it sounds funny to hang it from a tree, but I've slept soundly the last few nights... and it feels safe where it is. I do keep having these funny clearing thoughts about sighting one of our local crows sporting a beautiful green necklace...

Universal Energy & Cosmic Energy
by: Anonymous

Moldavite energy is very great, but one must be grounded when you use it. It is storing a a Universal Energy, so if you have a heart condition, you should not be wearing it, as you could worsen your heart condition.

This stone is also not for the weak, but takes someone like a Guardian or Ranger as you would have a lot of energy coming to you. It should not be worn by young children.

The most important thing is that this stone looks for a Guardian who is Pure in Soul. If you are not that, you should not be buying it as it would reflect back your negative energy to you, which is not good.

One could start with a Rose Quartz, as this helps with the heart and love.

Just love it
by: Jay

I have read the feedback here, so true to the point. I have been carrying Moldavite in my pocket and wearing a Moldavite pendant where ever I go. I feel totally naked without them.

It has to be my all time favorite. It helps me to focus, stay in tune, it brings out the confidence in me. It has true energy.

Moldavite Attraction Dreams and Luck
by: Impressed

I got my first piece of raw Moldavite yesterday. I am not a very "lucky" person. Yesterday I was a very lucky person, starting with buying the chain to hang it from.

I can't really say that I feel the physical effects of the crystal, but mentally I feel different. But I wore it to bed last night and I did have some very bizarre dreams and a little scary. I woke up rebuking it.

I did take off the necklace but felt guilty for it. Put it back on this morning and had a energized day. So I am gonna sleep with it tonight and see what happens.

It has a very drawing power. I was watching ancient aliens and heard about it and I looked it up and it pulled me to the very piece and size that I needed. When I got it it was like a relief. Very cool.

Head aches/migraines
by: Alexandra

I've recently got a moldavite necklace, I have been wearing it with tree of life, amethyst and tangerine quartz, I hardly ever get migraines, recently I have been getting them all the time.

Do u think it may be the stones energy is to powerful for me at the moment?
Thank you

Raw/rough moldavite or ?
by: Lis

I very much want to get a piece of Moldavite, I have heard it's very strong with assisting or promoting psychic abilities.

The question is... which is better, natural rough or smoothed or faceted. Does the effect of shaping it into a ring remove strength?

Also I've seen online some nice crystal stone rings, some have been attached or set in a ring or necklace by a chain or silver thread running thru a tiny hole drilled they the gem. Does any man made changes like this affect or lessen the stones abilities?

I know it's best to choose a stone by the feel you get when holding it but these days buying online is easier to find hard to find that still ok? Lis

How Moldavite Helped Me
by: Vandu

Moldavite helped me to get off of weed.

It's funny when I hear people speak about how weed is not dangerous, and that alcohol is worse, and blah blah blah. Maybe this is true, for some people who have strong intellects, I noticed, it really has no affect on some of my friends. They are still quick witted with good memories, and they just sit there and watch tv and relax.

For me, on the other hand, weed turns me into a pot-head, where I can not remember anything, and I am convinced my poetry and art is better, and it seems I have original thought. Weed was my best friend at a very lonely time when I had to move away from my family and live in Washington DC with no friends and lots of time to kill at night.

This story is more about the interesting way Moldavite may have broken this habit. The moldavite I wore was powerful at first, I could feel it swirling around in my chest, and I would spend hours just meditating on the feeling.

Once when I was slightly stoned, I picked up on its secrets. I had all of my crystals out, and I was comparing their energy to each other. My third-eye or psychic vision was on, and I could pick up the form of the energy from each stone.

Kyanite had a healing geometric energy pattern, tourmaline was nice and smooth like being in a hot tub, and there was no doubt in my mind that Moldavite was connected to something way out there in outer space, like possibly to the boundaries of everything that exists, or maybe the cutting edge of the expansion, I don't know - but its energy characteristic was undeniable.

Fast forward to this Reiki Practitioner healer I accidentally met at a tent in Encinitas Ca. She never heard of Moldavite, but she is like a master of psychic energy. Without telling her what I was experiencing, I paid for the reiki session, and she had this profound experience telling me about this struggle of green energy being really busy inside of me like rewiring me or something.

She was fascinated with the Moldavite stone and wanted to spend some time with it. I gave it to her to hold for awhile. I got it back and all was well, except for when I smoked weed I got terrible headaches. I could smoke a little bit without any, but if I went a little more then just a little, oh man - debilitating headaches followed.

My use of weed followed me to Florida, where I now live. Unemployed I still tried to keep my weed habit going, to escape I guess - from the problems I was experiencing being unemployed and being financially dependent on my Fiance. At last - after the headaches persisted, even after I smoked, I laid it down for the last time, completely losing all urges to smoke it ever again.

It's possible the Moldavite I was religiously wearing at the time had nothing to do with the headaches. But it did start right after the Reiki master worked with it for the week. One thing for sure - the weed habit was the cause of my problems. After I stopped I studied for a professional exam and now have a great job. I am so much happier now and I can think so clearly and my memory is back!!

One negative - I still get the headaches, and I need to see a DR - its just a very dense dull pain in the middle of my forehead. I stopped wearing the moldavite as well; also I no longer am able to pick up on these psychic energies.

No big deal - it was time to turn the page.

Moldavite Rough pendant
by: Miqca

I am in Singapore. Dealing with a lot of stress of moving into another place to stay and dealing with the situation with a partner who is going away soon.

I was walking around in the mall and i stumbled upon a metaphysical shop that sell stones and gems. I have always believe that certain stones and gems carry its own energy and it interacts with the different individuals who wears them.

The shop owner scans me and said i should get the Moldavite pendant to keep negative entities and spirits away. I also wore a pyrite bracelet which was given by my sister for my birrhday 2 yrs ago and been wearing them since.

Last nite i went to sleep wearing it for the first time.. Along with my pyrite bead bracelet which i never took out. Strange thing happened- i woke up in the middle of the night discovering that my bracelet which i have been wearing everyday and nite had broke...

All the pieces of pyrite beads were under the pillow and some around the bed. Is it just coincidence or has that got something to do with my new moldavite piece?

The Force
by: Anonymous

I read the comments here and identify with almost all of them.

My story in short is one of being in hell for the past three years. My partner and I reached breaking point because of her addiction to weed. Her mental state got worse over time. This had an adverse effect on my son and in turn myself.

My son suffered extreme bullying, racial harrasment. I have been unemployed and lost all of my self confidence and respect. I found out that she had been in touch with an ex and had an emotional affair online. This caused a lot of arguments for months.

I had to move my son to another part of the country for his own protection. We both moved in with my mum, whom I found out was lonely and living on her own, suffering in silence.

After almost a year of living apart from my partner, seeing each other twice a month. I felt trapped, low, depressed and fearful.

During this period I found a stall in a market. I started collecting Stones. Built a friendship with the lady who owns the stall. To this day. I thank her and probably owe my life to her.

Three weeks ago she suggested that I should try Meldovite. I purchased this wonderful tectite. The first week, I was lethargic, my emotions were all over the place. I did something that I thought I would never do. I broke up with my partner of seven years.

I have had vivid dreams. I sense energies. I am being head hunted by companies. I realized that I needed to let go of a toxic relationship. My mother has found a new purpose in looking after .y son. Because I still love the girl in question, we have remained friends. I am meeting some amazing people. On Facebook. I have come into contact with others that have Moldovite.

In the last week I would say things have accelerated in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Relationships are improving. I have begun to feel light and free.

But yes it does through you into chaos to clear what is not meant to be in your life. I thought the break up would be painful. Instead, it has been healing. I sense that this is the start of my new beginning. I wear it all the time and sense the flush still. It is just letting me know that there is more to come.

My ex even thanked me for having the strength to do what she could not, now we are in touch and I love her and support her in a different way, but meaningful way.


Feeling of the stone
by: Anonymous

Do stones cry or get in a temper? I actually feel a bit strange with my Moldavite. I never feel the energy of the stone (I am very not sensitive) except my moldavite.

Sometimes I feel it getting in a temper, like it doesn't want to get out from the box I usually put it. When I hold it in my left hand (I always do this), I think it is crying! Is that possible? or its just my misunderstanding?

I am a bit worried about the situation...I put a tissue with 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil in the box I use to place my moldavite at night... could this be the reason why?

Perhaps I should not let sandalwood near it? Has anyone else had this happen?

by: Happy

I recently purchased Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, and Smoky Quartz. I am super excited with the Moldavite. I am a dreamer, and the quality of my dreams has amplified. I can't begin to describe it.

Since bringing the stones home, I got some kind of ear pain that went away, and I feel excited at night, my heart speeds up a little. I'm enjoying the experience using Moldavite, however I woke up twice with a wrenched back.

What could that mean? It's on the right side, so either I'm totally abandoning myself when I'm sleeping, or I don't know. Any suggestions anyone?

My Moldavite Experience
by: Kira

I got my piece of moldavite in a pendant a few months ago but avoided wearing it. Something in me felt that I wasn't ready - and there was fear associated with wearing this moldavite piece.

A few days ago I had a strong feeling to take out the moldavite and wear it around my neck. The moldavite feels tingly when I hold it in my hands but I do not feel the "flush" or "increase heart beat" like others have reported.

However, I do feel that my focus is sharper, and experience fewer episodes of protracted negative emotions, in contrast to pre-moldavite wearing days. I also sleep better at night if I wear it to sleep, since I used to wake up several times a night from anxiety.

I feel that this moldavite is helping me through my stubborn negative emotions, and transitioning me to a happier and more contented state of mind to take action to fulfill my life's highest goals.

Clearing stone
by: Anonymous

Only one day in I realized that at a certain level you cannot hide anything from anybody. If you think you can you haven't been where Moldavite can take you. An altered state of consciousness is reached without trying. You are forced to give up any lower aspects of yourself, which is good but most people will not want to go there and have to change. It's not comfortable but it is very healing.

inner explosion
by: whitetiger

I just got my moldavite ring on Tues, and the first time I wore it I felt weird and out of it and got headaches, but tonight it completely blasted me out of this world. The moldavite made me feel the way it was created and formed. I felt an explosion of energy go through me and keep emanating through me super intensely for hours, but especially for the first few minutes. It made perfect sense to me all the sudden that material that withstood an impact of such incredible force would still have such an incredible amount of energy within it, and that energy was exactly what I was feeling. I felt the burning transforming fire and power of it throughout my being. I still haven't come down completely yet.

At first it was pure adrenaline but after a few minutes I felt so messed up like I was on drugs but I wasn't. I could hardly move, I could hardly breathe, hardly speak, I was wondering how I was going to drive home. I kept feeling the energy rushing out of me in every direction from my core. I intuitively knew I had to just let it flow, because trying to stop it or being scared about it would create crazy anxiety.

What caused this to happen was me clearing the energy of the stone. I had been having really intense emotions and anxiety that I felt were related to it, and I even saw black spirits surrounding the ring, and when I cleared and transmuted the energy and the source of its energy, it completely shifted and that is when it opened up to me and began to speak to me. It told me it was making me feel, and showing me how it was created. It wanted to share that with me, for me to understand its power and purpose.

I kept working with shifting the energy of the stone to help myself feel more comfortable with it because it was so crazy intense. So my advice for anyone is that if you experience anything uncomfortable, use your intuition to guide you on how you can redirect its energy best for you. I redirected the energy to emanate completely from my heart center, and that really helped, but later when I felt I needed to ground because I was so super spaced out before driving home, I moved it to my root and then had it balance throughout all my chakras. This really helped. When I got home one of my cats was feeling the energy and was flipping out a bit. I spoke with the stone and told it I am grateful for its energy and help but that to please allow me to adjust and tone it down a bit and allow me to take my time with it. The moldavite agreed to this and I feel much better now, although like I said I still haven't completely come down. My inner guidance has told me to wait a couple days before wearing it again, and then to spend a little time with it each day, instead of wearing it for so long like today, to help my energy shift smoothly and avoid such an debilitating effect.

So my other advice is, for anyone researching moldavite or who has had any trouble with it due to the intensity and the things it can bring up, take it slow with it and listen to your intuition, take your time with it if needed, its power is serious business!

What I have gotten from the moldavite, is that it will intensify and reflect to you that which you need to let go of as it pushes it out of you for release. So if you feel those difficult feelings coming up, don't fight them, don't fear them, LET THEM GO. BREATHE DEEPLY. Allow them to be released from your being because the moldavite is exploding them out of you and burning them in its fire. This is a good thing, so don't resist! Say and affirm to yourself I am letting this go and you will feel it be released!

I was seeing my twin flame tonight, and the energy is so intense when we are together I know that is why this happened also. He was doing things that normally would trigger me totally but today after this there was complete knowing that this was the stone bringing up what needs to be let go of and getting upset is pointless. I felt like Lucy (from the movie Lucy) super aware and above emotions all the sudden. This went back and forth with bits of fear from the intensity, but I think this is something that will balance out as I get used to wearing it. I'm looking forward to what other experiences I will have with my ring :)

I dropped my moldvite
by: Vera

I purchased a beautiful collector peace of Moldavite and was very happy when it arrived home. I had it for a week and loved his energy. I did feel strong vibrations when I was holding it but nothing too unusual. After a week, I decided to take it with me to work and put it in a pouch. When I got out of the car I dropped the pouch and stepped on it. Small tip of moldavite chipped into tiny three peaces. I was very sad because we I loved having him at home. I didn't know what to do and buried it in a pot with soil on my balcony. I thought that it broke for a reason as it served some purpose, not sure which one yet, but it appeared that somehow moldavite sacrificed himself for me. Some people say it won't change the energy after it being chipped or broken. Not sure, any ideas???
Thank you!

No effects
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if anyone has felt no effects at all from Moldavite. I purchased a beautiful piece and was expecting to feel something like the effects described by lots of people. However, I feel nothing.

I'm concerned that maybe I've been sold a fake. Although it has come from a very reputable shop and has a certificate of authenticity.

Weird negative thoughts with moldavite
by: cynthiadeg

Howdy ya'll.
I got a regular piece and two small moldavites this week. When the big one was in the room with me and I tried to sleep, I had some terrible thoughts.

I suffer from insomnia and it's normal for me to have my mind whirl at night, but I my mind doesn't normally jump to negative scenarios. That night, I'd have a string of terrible thoughts and wonder "where did that come from?" I buried all three pieces in my yard till I can figure out what to do.

Seeing Green Everywhere!
by: Anonymous

So I just received my moldavite in the mail today! I held it, set my intentions, and put it on. After that I went for a drive to pickup my boyfriend and immediately everything green outside just popped out at me and was so vibrant, as if there were no other colors outside. It was so strange and the funny thing is that I also happened to be wearing green sweatpants! Soon after I got a mild tension headache...still have it. My heartbeat also increased during this experience...This should be interesting! Any similar experiences?

Moldaviite very dangerous!! Heed warning!
by: Anonymous

I've had a last 3 scary weeks and finally realized it was because of the Moldavite stone that I kept in my bedroom bathroom windowsill. I am a healer and can heal people through speaking with my higher self. I've had the stone for about a year probably and didn't think anything about it.

This is my story: I started channeling my higher self on 2/15 and was able to do healings but a week and a half into it I started to get mind chatter where I would ask a question a voice would answer back. At first I thought it was my higher self but I have now come to realize as of this past Sunday that I have been, as I would like to refer to it "high jacked" by non-benevolent beings from other universes. They would channel out of me and feed me all kinds of information about the earth Ascension and going from 3D to 5D.

As soon as I wake up I have mind chatter and it goes on all day long, about 5 days ago when I woke up I heard them (or it) tell me that I come see them when I am sleeping and they feed me information intuitively. I have been told by some intuitive people that some of the information is correct but it is more of the forcefulness that is not good a lot of information is not correct (and now I realize coming from non-benevolent beings) I do not like it because it is making me detached from reality.

I am a mom with two kids and wife and have been completely removed from my family for the last 2 weeks. It all came to a head this past Sunday when I realized all that channeling coming out of my mouth was not my higher self and a non-benevolent source. I don't want to go to sleep at night because I know they say I come visit them. And I feel disconnected again in the morning with the mind chatter. I consulted with other intuitives and they all told me to ground myself, which I started to walk outside barefoot in 25 degree weather, whatever I could do. Then I thought I had felt better until I took a shower and had to fight off the "hijacking" again.

I felt like I could not breath good, that is when I started to pray for help from the Archangels and looked at my windowsill and saw the stone. I asked my husband to take it out of our house and throw it in the woods where I never go. Once he walked out of the room I could breath again but then I also had to release the unconscious contract that I had to made with the nonbenevolent beings so they would leave me alone. All in all it became a frightening time.

Those beings were telling me to do and not do all kinds of crazy things and basically controlling me. I wasn't sleeping much, eating much, going to the gym anymore. So for me the stone was the catalyst to all of that happening!

Need Good Energy For Finding A Job
by: Mia1998

I have been looking for a job for long time. I feal that I have bad energy with negative feeling about myself that's reflecting on me in my life. Can you please give me advice about what kind of stone I should have?

Not experiencing much
by: Anonymous M

I've read all the comments here and they are all intriguing. I purchased a 5 gram raw piece of moldavite yesterday from a reputable source here in person and could not feel the flush or warming sensation most have commented on. I realize it may take time so I'm staying optimist. Something perculiar did happen the following day though. I had the stone on the left side of my chest tucked away in my bra and when I tried to use my cell phone I got the loudest, strangest stactic white noise. I tried hanging up and on 3 attempts this kept happening. I've read on other threads that it can interfere or even damage electronics, computers etc. but I'm not sure if this coralates with that. Wondering if anyone else has had anything strange happen with their electronics or phones as well?

Moldavite experiences may depend on your subconscious
by: MC in PA

I bought a small piece of Moldavite after reading The Reconnection, thinking it would be fun to make contact with non-humans like ETs, etc. (Helpful to know that my personal library is like a small metaphysical bookstore, including books on the Edgar Cayce readings!) I slept with the stone on me and had very interesting (educational/informative) dreams at my home, but the stone had a very different, negative effect on my mom (even though I was the one who slept with the stone) after I spent the night at my parents' home! (Helpful to know that my mom was unaware of the stone in her home, and she has no interest in metaphysics. My dad is a typical skeptic. Both of them have too many negative thoughts and attitudes, in my opinion.)

After that first nite with the stone in my parents' home, my mom started regularly seeing/hearing an entity in the home, initially in her peripheral vision - first a shadow of a cat, then a full image of a cat! Not many days later, she saw/heard a shadow person in her home, which really worried me! That's when I got rid of the Moldavite, and eventually, I found a pattern to the shadow's appearance, movement, and disappearance in my parents' home, so I put magnetized iron stones where I thought may be an entry portal (and more of those stones elsewhere in the home). Only after that did my mom stop seeing/hearing the shadow entity! For a brief time however, my mom began to see/hear it again but we had no idea why!

A few days later, we discovered my dad had trashed several of the magnetized iron stones! When I replaced them, my mom again stopped seeing/hearing the shadow entity! Those different experiences with Moldavite makes me think that our individual subconscious' (not necessarily our conscious awareness) determines how Moldavite will affect each person.

Seriously strong on the heart!
by: Snow

Hi all,

I have a small fingernail sized piece of moldavite that i drilled a hole thru to make into a pendant. I tried to wear it to work and had the worst time ever. I felt very drained and my heart chakra was blowing up. It was going crazy on me and I had to take it off at lunch. The only thing that would lessen the pain/pressure on my heart was to channel it straight down into the earth and spread it out... a lot... I kinda felt like my energy was wrapped around the whole earth. What a weird feeling! I am going to make sure I have my hematite/aragonite with me text time and not wear it to work!

Confusion - Lose The Ability To Concentrate
by: Anonymous

So I am new to the entire world of stones. I have been drawn over the past few years to trying to figure out how to harness energy. But life has gotten in the way. So crystals took a back seat. However, that being said in the past two months my intent has really picked up and I am drawn to different things. One of them being Moldavite, then Tektite together.

I have since acquired many different stones but these two keep calling me. My problem however, is that I lose the ability to concentrate when ever I have them on my body.

Literally, when I am doing something that requires concentration it is so hard to do when it is on my body.

I can't explain it. So I tested it. When I took it off of my body and walked away things became clearer and I was able to focus like normal again.
I do not get vibrations per say from any stone. Occasionally I get warmth from them. I am now trying to focus energy on the 12 Synergy stones. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Moldavite Pendant
by: Anonymous

Hi, I bought a moldavite pendant yesterday, and it seems it took about 10 hours for me to feel strangely from it. Can it take that long to feel the effects? I've read that it can make you have headaches, dizziness or rapid heartbeat, but I wondered if it can also make you feel jittery or nervous like you drank too much coffee?

Amazing self realization
by: Anonymous

So as many of you, here is my additional experience. It may help some. I love all crystals, stones and moldovite is no exception. But I do love them equally. I think it is important to mention this. Many people place moldovite above all other crystals. It's God's creation after all and God placed it into the earth. What ever history we believe about moldovite, it'll be far irrelevant compared with its chemical rock composition.

Moldovite is high in Fe, silicone dioxide, magnesium,and phosphate. Our body and mind needs it. It's like a tonic to the human body when it's wore by close contact. I have a faceted beautiful ring and a small uncut pendant that I paired up with my labladorite. I had the hot flesh thing, some short term light headed feelings initially that lasted for 3 days the most.

Other then that, I am far more sharper then ever before, and have lots of energy. I do observe things quicker then before and I am far more together. I am usually anemic, low in iron and easily I get tired plus emotional. So this has been settling down and I am very even tempered and balanced out lately. I have moldovite for 4 months now.

Spiritually just conferming my belief in God. I know even more then before that my prayers are being heard and I am protected and cared for with so much joy unspeakable and full of glory that I have experienced recently. It's incredible how much I grew of the knowledge that God is love and He is with me. And I am loved unconditionally by Him.

I am a Christian for over 20 years, yet this is my 3rd real revelation of God's overwhelming love for me. I was able to receive something very special.

So, in finishing up in nutshell. Spiritual life is down to earth thing to me and we are given crystals to nurture ourselves with something different. Yet also they are like food, air and medicine. We are the activation for each piece. Therefore we determine how far we want to go along as well. I worship God and pray to Him. That means, I don't talk to my crystals. I do bless them and if I sense anything bad or spooky... Well I got rid off many crystals over the years. Moldovite would be no different if it's comes to that. Through them back lovingly to the earth and ground.

Dust to dust... Everyone knows the saying and no harm done.
God bless you in your search and experience with moldovite.

Bohemian garnet as a grounding stone
by: Elke

Hi everyone,

Loving hearing all your stories!

I bought some moldavite - a small faceted piece set in a ring - and had extreme experience when I wore it that night in bed. This convinced me I need it so I bought a few more pieces from the same store, including a pendant I wear over my heart. And I have pledged to myself to wear at least one piece of moldavite at all times, no matter what, for the time being.

I have a instinctive yearning for pyrope garnet whenever I’m feeling a little out of my depth, e.g. travelling in foreign countries on my own. So I bought some pieces at the same time - bohemian garnet - which I almost always wear.

However, I don’t see pyrope garnet ever listed as a grounding stone. Only almandine. Does this mean I should try and wear a known grounding stone as well? I do have some moss agate pieces. I ask, as even though I feel relatively grounded at present, there have been times in the past when I definitely have not been (prior to purchasing the moldavite) and I have come to realise how important grounding can be.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

My experience....
by: Faby

I bought my self a small piece of Moldavite and put it on a necklace with cooper the lady of the store recommended that way, it said that it will amplified its energy. I bought it, when I got home didn't wear it until a week later.

Now I'm wearing it all the time, there's something in me that doesn't want it to take it off. It's my first week wearing it, and I have come down with a terrible cold,

I have headaches, but I feel with energy and like more aware of things around me, on Sunday I was planning to buy a box of cosmetics to resale it they were around 150 pieces on it but something in me was telling me to wait, so I end up loosing that deal, but few hours later I even couldn't believe it, I was browsing in the website and out of no where it was an auction for 400 pieces for a really low price and, I was like OK I'm going to place an offer and will see, for my surprise I was the only one in that auction and I won it.

When I do a short meditation, My Moldovite start getting hot.

I have been having a lot of body aches, is that normal?

Moldavite effect
by: Anonymous

It activated my kundalini. I was scared, I felt really sick I did know what was happening until I read various articles about Moldavite.

I took a break for a week. The next week I took it again I started menstruating same happened the first time now everyone know cycle come every month not week.

Overall I feel great I'm experiencing balance with me in spirit this could be a miracle I have been awaiting.

To Elke Pyrope Garnet and Moldavite
by: Anonymous

Hi Elke,

I wear a beautiful red chrome Pyrope Garnet on one hand and my Moldavite ring on the other. I never been drawn to wear blood red ring or thing before. But this experience with my suddenly find birthstone that is actually a garnet is what I needed to be in balance. I wear a garnet now everyday alone with my Moldavite.

Garnet has a perfect cubic crystal structure like a diamond. Only softer a little and not white. Pure garnet would be white as well like diamond. Red Pyrope garnet composition also includes almandine because of Fe, iron which colour it to red. Iron, Magnesium, silicate oxide is a real goody to give nourishment and balance to your body.

Its a perfect colour as well in contrast with the deep green Moldavite. Its the best fire stone you can possible wear to balance out the Moldavite excessive force that could cause mishaps in our life. I would keep my Pyrope Garnet if I were you. Let m know how you go.

It has changed my life unexpectedly
by: Stargazer

My experience with Moldavite

I’ve been giving tarot readings since I was 7 years old, am a reiki and karuna master, holistic therapist, and giving spiritual healing for 20 years. Meditate daily for chakra clearing and aura alignment, am trained as a yoga instructor in India and so forth. In my meditation I expand my consciousness to a galactic level, and have a couple dozen past lives written down.

Worked in a body mind spirit bookshop / crystal shop for years, and was always neutral to moldavite, although I saw through the years many crystal experts and mediums avoiding the stone. They said they couldn’t handle it as their own grounding wasn’t powerful enough to hold the stone. I was never much into crystals, mine was more flower essences, mediation and hands-on spiritual healing.

3 weeks ago, I suddenly decided to work with moldavite for the first time. I thought my daily cosmic meditation wasn’t evolving much in the last couple of years (although it is powerful already) I thought moldavite could be a nice quantum leap for my meditation. My spiritual grounding has been excellent in the last years, and my emotional baggage has been pretty clear for years also, so I thought that I could give this stone a go.

I then went to the store I used to work at, and got a big chunky inch of raw moldavite in pendant form. I thought since I was going to give it a try, I might as well do it properly. Note – there is a lot of fake moldavite in the market these days, so please research well your source before buying it.

Before I put it on, I hesitated for a second. Will I be ok? There is only one way to find out. I briefly dedicated the stone to the cosmos and harmonious flow of the universe, and I put it on. Immediately I had this huge bizarre grin and felt like I was hit by a very strong laserbeam. Like I just plugged my body in the 220 volts or something. I was not expecting that. Thought of taking it off – but my intuition said I should leave it. I had no palpitations or other feelings, apart from the one of being electrocuted spiritually, which lasted for a minute.

Then it was fine, I was fine, grinning all the time, eyes popped out and this strange smile stamped in my face, but all fine. I felt like I was high on drugs or something. But pleasant. Very alert, and more present than usual (and I was already very, very present.)

First night, I dreamt in vivid detail, long stories with the last people I developed an unhealthy karmic connection – my last housemate, and my last boss. In both stories, the detailed dream would be intricate stories giving closure to both. And it has been like this ever since; every night, or nap, I dream in vivid detail karmic closures with people from my past. I am familiar to complex dreams, but maybe twice a month, and not in such vivid detail. But now it’s every night, or afternoon nap if I take one. If I fall asleep with the stone, I’ll have a crazy detailed vivid dream for sure.

My diet has changed – I’ve always had bananas intolerance but now my body craves 2 a day, and I digest them well. My body also told me to swap carbs for fish, which I did, and now my scalp infection that I had since I was a kid (chronic psoriasis) simply disappeared.

My relationship has changed, too. I’ve been seeing this lovely man for a while, but we’ve been taking it slow as he had a lot to let go, and it’s been hard for him to move on from the past. But the next day I bought the stone and met up with him, he was different – he was clear and present, said he was ready to not look back and ready to fully commit with no connection to the past whatsoever. I was aghast. We’ve been very happy since. It’s like the moldavite has changed him, also. He’s not wearing it, but I am – and as we are connected via the heart chakra, he gets moldavite rays in his heart through mine. So it’s changing his life, too.

My meditation has changed. It was always powerful, but now it’s as vivid as my crazy dreams, and more potent. I don’t feel the need to do the daily chakra clearing routine I used to – the stone really keeps psychic invasion away and my energy field is naturally calmer and more protected.

I never parted from the stone, from the first time I put it on me. I feel it’s a part of me now and I’ll be very sad if I didn’t have it anymore. I usually don’t get attached to objects, but this is different.

I honestly bought it to make my meditation more interesting but I did not expect that it would change my life.

I feel in a great mood everyday, the unexplained diet change has been great, my scalp condition cure is really unexpected, my sudden fully committed relationship was a lovely surprise, and the feeling that I’m not the psychic sponge of the environment anymore (the stone blocks this now) is amazing. I had never expected this. This is a piece of impact glass… how come…?

My advice – if you have poor grounding, don’t go near it. It’s not for you. I’ve seen lovely crystal people full of good intentions getting very disturbed with this stone because they had poor grounding. I had bad grounding in my younger years too, and it took me maybe 10 years to consciously correct it daily. Solid grounding doesn’t happen overnight.

Overall, watch your spiritual companions and always follow your intuition. If you are ungrounded and the stone makes you ‘take-off’ connecting you with unhealthy beings, get rid of the stone, and work on yourself fully before getting back to moldavite.


Get angered n snappy easily
by: Sy

Hi, I have been wearing my Moldavite for about a week now. I did have the Moldavite flush on the first day but after that the symptom is gone.

But lately, I felt that I get angered and frustrated easily and even to the point of being very snappy whenever I am triggered. Just not sure whether if it has to do with the Moldavite I'm wearing.

Anyone else have a similar experience with Moldavite?
by: Sheyla

Hey guys! I keep reading all these wonderful comments and I feel a little left out lol. I had no physical reaction to my Moldavite when I got it yesterday. I would say that sensitivity may not be the issue here ( at least I don’t think so??)

Sensitivity (emotional and sensitivity to energy) is something I have lived with and sometimes struggled with all my life. I am very scatterbrained and ungrounded on a regular basis (I also struggle with this) and my connection to the collective and those around me is strong enough that I sometimes lose myself if I’m not careful (I can now explain it by my sun and mercury in 12th house. Moon conjunct neptune).

I am constantly pulled into daydreams and my dream life is so active that I sometimes wake up more exhausted than when I go to sleep. I have followed the path I am on thanks to synchronicities that have shown up when I am at a crossroads (like constantly hallucinating snakes everywhere when I was considering a career change; a symbol that that was the right change, and seeing 11:11 everyday until the big change in my life arrived.)

I have always been spiritual and have been working with crystals for as long as I can remember, and last year I began remembering my (andromedan) starseed origins and connecting to the fairy realm. I am from (from that galaxy).

I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? If you were like me and had no reaction to the stone (apart from constantly wanting to see it) I would love to hear your input! Thanks!:) PS: I laughed out loud when the "I am not a bot" word that I have to type in is "faerie".

by: Anonymous

So I’m pretty new to crystals and yes I know it’s not well to get moldivate if a beginner but I’m wondering if I can store moldivate somewhere until I’m ready. If so, where and how.

When I got my moldivate I put it on for a limited amount of time maximum 5 minutes then got into a car crash. I’ve been scared to put it on since due to me thinking it attracted negative energy. But if able to, please let me know more information about moldavate.

by: Bird

A few days before my stone reached me, I felt the flush and my mind was on overload. The day I received it, I was so incredibly tired, and it's been this way for the passed 5 days. I'm not complaining though because I can feel the energy shift. I also with it before my pillow and my dreams are so vivid but easily forgotten come the morning. It's been awhile since my heart felt this much peace.

by: Jacqueline

I recently purchased Moldivite about a month ago and have noticed a lot of rusting, Is this normal?

Can I put moldavite in a closed locket and still get the energy
by: Anonymous

I purchased a VERY small piece of moldevite, too small to wrap wore around and make necklace. Only option I see is placing it inside a closed locket. Will I still receive its energy though inside a locket necklace? And does size matter regarding receiving a high amount of its energies?

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