Moldavite Pendant Turned My Outer Life Upside Down :-)

by Monika Petrova

I'd like to share my latest experience with Moldavite. I bought a faceted triangle piece of about 10 carats on a rock display about a year ago. I was aware of the transformational energies of the gem, but I didn't think it could be so intense.

Why, I had been wearing Moldavite rough pieces constantly for a long time (for about another year or two) before, but I hadn't felt anything, any change.

That´s why I considered it to be just jewellery with no evident effect upon me. It was just a pretty and cool pair of rough Moldavite earrings. Nothing more. But this faceted piece of Moldavite was different.

Maybe the effect of the energy had something to do with it´s size (weight) and with being faceted. That was later confirmed to me by my angel guides. The larger & heavier the piece is, the greater is it´s effect and the stronger it's energy is.

I was also told by the spirit guide, that faceted Moldavites are much more powerful than natural rough pieces. The facets amplify Moldavite's energy.

The crystal serves as an energetic filter that enables you to communicate with spirit guides just of high vibrations enough to push us to another higher state of being, both inner, outer and material existence.

I was told all that by high vibrational spirit entities after the process of the great shift I experienced.

So let's return back to my story. A year ago I had a boyfriend, we had been together about more than three years. After I graduated university in 2009, we started to live together and planned a family etc. Everything seemed to be OK.

After several months I bought the triangular faceted Moldavite, I made a pendant of it and started to wear it on my heart, it looked cool and original.

About a week after, many everyday situations appeared in my relationship which I felt to be very limiting for me. That which I had been considered normal before, I couldn't stand them.

I felt as if I was becoming more and more intolerant, something unusual for my nature. It was horrible, I was forced to express very emotional and rebellious attitudes. I felt to be under very powerful, very deep inner pressure.

That's difficult to explain with words. As if a volcano woke up in my deepest feelings and threatened to erupt. A felt very powerful and rebellious, I felt I needed to break something down, to destroy totally, however not knowing exactly what and for what reason. I felt everything is limiting me, I felt like a raging tiger locked in a cage.

But to keep my relationships with my boyfriend and his parents harmonious I put much of my energy in suppressing that feelings. Several weeks after I had bought the faceted Moldavite, it was my 25th birthday and my boyfriend surprised me with an engagement ring, then the rebellious feelings appeared again.

I then realized that I can't marry that man, not knowing actually why. I was confused, because everything between us had been OK since then. He insisted on the wedding and even tried to manipulate me.

Several days after I fell ill because of the intense and permanent inner emotional turmoil and pressure. My immunity totally weakened. I didn't go to work and spent at home about two weeks and felt lonely, because my partner didn't help me much.

He rather spent most of the time with his family and friends on trips and parties. I was really disappointed and felt this couldn't be the man I'd like to spent my life with, the father of my children, the man whom I could trust, who would share my values, my life.

I considered him immature and selfish at once, from my point of view. I realized that all the time I wasn't honest. Nor with him nor myself! Later he told me to choose: marriage or break up. He refused to accept relationship and family without the institution of marriage.

I offered him that alternative as a compromise. I realized both of us were totally different in nature, with different views of life, different spirituality. So there was no point in staying together.

Even my spirit guides contacted me and told me that however I decide, they would help me with new beginnings, they told me that something dies in my life and not to be afraid, because even sun rises up and then comes down every day. They told me that it is natural- something ends to let something new begin etc.

They were right. It is so natural, so simple! So I left my partner. I moved to my best friends temporarily. They offered me help in that difficult period- emotional and material. I ´m so grateful to them. As if they were the helping hands of the angel who guided me through that change.

I also needed a new job and place to live. It came, even immediately- about a week after I had left my boyfriend and I had issued an advertisement- I'm looking for a job as a teacher blah blah blah. I was contacted by a headmaster of a school in another part of our country, that I'm exactly what she is currently looking for.

She offered me a flat to live about a minute walk from the school. School is fantastic, my co-workers are fantastic, children are better then on the previous school.

In a word: MIRACLE! She accepted me and now I live and work there for the first school year. Two weeks after breaking up with my partner and moving to my friends (Jane and Peter, they were preparing for their wedding in that time) I was introduced to a man, Peter's brother.

We simply knew that we should start a new relationship together because we were very similar in nature and were strongly drawn to each other emotionally. Very soon we started to live together but I moved from him to another part of the country because I was already accepted at the new school.

He doesn't mind it however. He told me he will stay with me however I decide, wherever I go. I love him too despite the distance. It is interesting to notice that he had experienced very similar relationship circumstances like me and my former boyfriend shortly before we met.

He has had a relationship for about 3 years, he thought that it would last, he wanted family, but his girlfriend, whom he loved, was an immature party girl and left him. Soon after his and my breaking-ups we met.

I feel much more the presence of my spirit guides than before, the connection is more stable. Sometimes we just have a chat, sometimes they counsel me if there is something I need to resolve or understand.

Last time I felt I´d like to become a healer. I feel energy and tingling wherever I "tune": it's hard to explain with words. I feel my hands channel a kind of energy, I've used it several times on myself when some common illness occurred. It worked almost immediately.

I was also told by Archangel Chamuel that the part of my journey is to become a healer. Also other guides send me similar messages. BUT on this new direction I find out there are outer limitations. Again! My relationships are already superb, but on my new way towards practical spirituality and healing, I should overcome conservative attitudes of my surroundings and even my new partner.

Maybe after a several months of harmony, there will come a time for another shift in my life journey. Well I wear the faceted Moldavite all the time now, together with White Azeztulite, Clear Danburite, Phenacite and Larimar.

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by: Jessica

That sounds awesome!! I had read that the faceted Moldavite was more powerful or at least it seems to bring out the powers in the stone more so than the raw pieces.

I have recently bought a Moldavite piece but have not meditated with it yet. I was given a piece by my guide in my sleep which is what drove me to buy a piece for my collection.

I can't wait to see what it does considering what it has done for you!!! Keep us posted!!

Liz's Reply To Monika's Story About Moldavite
by: Liz

You have had major changes happen in your life, Monika. Moldavite is an amazing stone, that is well known for making this happen. Once you embrace its energy it helps you to go more quickly to where you need to be in life. I am so pleased to have heard that it is all turning out well for you after quite a lot of turmoil.

Someone else let me know that they had read your story, and were inspired to start using Moldavite too, and this is a wonderful service you have done by telling us all this story. Many more people may find that they are drawn to this crystal too. I know that using my faceted Moldavite ring and my pendant have certainly helped me to move forward too. I wish you all the very best and I am sure that it will work out well. Come back and update us, as there are many people who would love to know how you progress.

Blessings Liz

Thank you :-))
by: Monika P

Thank you all very much for wishes. I'm very happy to pass on my experiences. The more people it helps the the better.

I feel as if there was no lazy period with Moldavite. It simply kicks you to move forward :-). The further you go, the more you need to experience. It's an inner urge for active response to unexpected circumstances in everyday life.

I don't know whether it is because of the simple Moldavite, but as soon as I started to wear it, my life became busy...Maybe it had something to do with some astrological transits, I don't know- as I don't work with it. However it may be all mixed by synchronicity- maybe there simply came a natural cycle of changes in my life, so everything concerned with changes appeared automatically- including the faceted Moldavite piece which just enhanced or symbolized the whole process. It's a small mystery for me :-)

Don't worry to use any gem you are naturally drawn to at any stage of your life despite what you read about it...It's the right thing for you at that period of time. I feel we are always on the right place in the right time although it sometimes doesn't seem so .

Wish of joy in your hearts,


The true power of the stone
by: TruEmpath

Thank you for sharing your story!

I am an Empath and as such am extremely sensitive to all energies. Its true that this stone enables you to communicate with higher frequency beings but only up to sub-angelic frequencies. But the stone also has a dark energy to it. Much like a deep dark rock pool... able to give life and take life.

I write because I can relate to your experience. I had a gf of 3 years and everything was great. Until I wore over my heart a certain pendant. It caused the same feelings in me you described but what u may not realise what is really happening.

It actually severs your heart connection to people, this blockage then wells up and becomes "dark" fire. all the feeling u describe are dark fire symptoms. As a side effect it turns the hearts of those around you cold or dark. The "revelation" you had on his character about him not being there for you was BECAUSE of this stone. With your heart blocked so was his by this stone hence him treating you like that. IT IS ALL THE STONES FAULT! it creates a feedback loop and how u felt was reflected back to you in him. Thats why u never realised it about him before because it wasnt in him before! I realised this and corrected my mistake with my gf before it was too late and we are happily together..

I truly hope u do not put the stone over your heart. Its a great stone but must be applied to the correct chakra's. I just wanted to warn you that you have not interpreted the events of your life correctly. Time will prove my point. Go back to him without the stone and things will be as good as they were in the beginning.

A Powerful Stone
by: Shamman

In my opinion, it seems that stone was fighting and protecting you at the same time against all the bad influences and guiding you to be yourself, to be honest and to let go what you needed to let go in order to achieve what you have achieved. For what you said in the story, this guy was not good for you but the spirit guide was telling exactly what you needed to hear.

Let go and begin something new. It seems that you knew you had to let go of him but you were probably either afraid, confused or not sure to see what exactly was going on until you got sick and realized your ex boyfriend was not for you nor he was a part of your life.



Moldau Quartz
by: Monika :-)

Hallo, thank you all for your opinions and comments very much. I still keep in touch with Moldavite. It became my friend, not just a piece of some solid thing, but rather a conscious being able to communicate by its own means on its own state of consciousness. Many things had happened since the time I wrote my Moldavite story, very positive ones,...Well, the crystal communication opened to me more clearly last time.

Now I ´d like to share another experience with you, because I´m very really very very veeery happy to experience that :-)And I wish everybody who has a possibility and will to be also happy and experience that too :-)))))))))))))))))))))It happened just a few hours ago, so I still feel eager to write about it.

On May 2011 a friend of mine who has a small crystal store (but he is not interested in metaphysics about stones at all...) called to me and asked me whether I would like to go with him for a trip to Czech republic to search for Moldavites. He didn´t know about my affinity for Moldavite at all. No idea :-) He is rather a materialistic guy :-)) Well, I said yes, I was happy, but not because of the searching for Moldavites (I already had some pieces of them, so I didn´t want any more of them, no need :-)) . I was just happy to enjoy a nice trip with the friend I really very much appreciate, a pleasant adventure with him, to see a beautiful town near the Besednice locality- where the best quality Moldavites are found btw. - the town is very beautiful- UNESCO locality- Cesky Krumlov- a magical town, really beautiful, very nice. So I was not aiming to have a "stoney trip" at all.

Part 2- Moldau Quartz Story
by: Monika

The Czech republic is not very far from my country- I´m from Slovakia so Czech republic is our very near neighbouring country. We traveled about 300 kilometres or so to get to the Besednice village and a local jewellery maker who knows the Moldavite locality gave us advice what to do if the police came (well, it´s illegal to dig for Moldavites did you know that? :-)) :-))) , what do we need for digging, in which layers of the clay to search for etc...and he also quided us to the forest behind the Besednice village, where the locality of the most frequent appearance of Moldavites lied.

He guided us through a labyrinth of the forest and suddenly we found it. The Moldavite "fields". Imagine a forest full of nice green trees and in the forest on the ground there are lots of quite deep holes made by the digging Moldavite searchers.

When I saw that I was appalled by that sight! I felt sad almost immediately. I felt sorry for the trees and the forest. I couldn´t understand how could people do such thing....!!!!Inside my heart was crying. Well- imagine a deep hole that goes underneath the trees´roots, many of the young trees just fell down because they lacked soil and stability. The holes were not just on one place, they were everywhere!

Everywhere around in the forest. It was unbelievable! I thought that it looked like a moon country- with all that craters. I understand, that people search for stones but I can´t understand why they start digging new holes every time they get there....!!!Even under the roots of the trees!!!

Part 3 - Moldau Quartz Story
by: AnonyMonika :o)

I said that to my friend and he also said it is not very nice. He chose one of the holes and started to dig and search in it I asked him not to start a new hole. When I saw that devastated forest, I didn´t have zest for Moldavites and even being in the forest. So I left my friend digging in the forest and went to the field nearby to enjoy rather sitting at the spring sun and waiting for him there.

After some time I went to offer him water, he was very much exhausted of the digging :-)) and... he finally found a beautiful Moldavite, he screamed and laughed and was enjoying it like a child :-)) It was the first Moldavite he has found himself that´s why it was valuable to him. He said, that he is going to find another piece also for me and then we will go away and continue our trip through Czech republik.

I said, I don´t want any piece, so there´s no need to dig, that he is already exhausted and we can go away right now. I started to be bored there. But he didn´t hear me, and digged and digged :-)) and couldn´t find any. I said: Let it be, let´s go away. But he is quite bloody- minded guy :-))

So I waited for him, till he calms down :-) and while waiting I noticed that the holes in the forest are full of a kind of orange, white and gray type of mineral, it looked like quartz, but I ´m not a mineralogist so I couldn´t say what it was. I was bored, so I started to entertain myself by watching the various pieces of the coloured "quartz".

They were lying everywhere around just on the ground, there was no need to dig or anything... Two small pieces of it really caught my eye immediately, I took them - because they looked quite strange to me, so I picked them just for fun. After that I finally persuaded my friend to stop searching for a Moldavite for me and to go away.

Part 4 - Moldau Quartz Story
by: Monika :

So all that was on May 2011 and since then I have forgotten the trip, and most of all I´ve forgotten the two small greyish stones I´d found.
And today I felt strangely spacey for no reason and I suddenly I don ´t know how and why- I remembered that trip and that I had found two small stones and I felt a strong urge to find them at home. I didn´t know why.

When I found them, one of them - well if it was communicating with me. I without thinking lied on the bed and put the crystal on the forehead. I asked (but not through thoughts- it was rather somehow guided by I don´t know what...) the crystal to "tell" me or share with me it´s message if there is any message from it to me. And I just waited and "listened".

Nothing happened at first but after a minute or two suddenly I was "washed by a kind of strong energy, it was very physical feeling and very clear and strong. The energy ran through the lower part of my body- under the chest and created an increased very dynamic stream of energy filling the lower body, activating among other feelings also a sexual one and then it ran up and entered the heart and very strongly led the energy stream of the activated running energy from the lower parts of the body into the heart and there it created a wonderful feeling of love showering all around.

I said to the stone- I don´t understand, it´s too physical for me, show me what do you mean by that, what does that mean? And in a while the physical energy started to translate itself into more emotional feelings mixed with a kind of very divine spirit as an essence in all that.

Very very pure energy out of any quality,judgement, form, anything... divine light, pure spirit, spark of god...Then images started to appear in my inner vision and I felt experienced a very clear and direct state of vibration, state of being, state of consciousness or how to say it.

I will try to describe it, it´s really difficult to say it with words, in that case words are not enough....really, but I´ll try.. So, I experienced a state of perceiving (or rather a reminding) in which all forms of life are divine. All the physical deeds, all the states of mood, of personality, of appearance, all which belongs to the perceiving in the physical or lower layers of this world is divine and beautiful.

Part 5 - Moldau Quartz Story
by: Monika :-)

It was all about the godly beauty of all that exists even that things, we do not like. A beauty and holiness, purity and perfection of all creation. Not just nice things not just states that people appreciate, not just that what is light and beautiful in it´s inner or outer appearance.

That was experience of beauty and perfection and great love for all, absolutely all without exception. Images were running, showing everything- nice things, awful things, everything, and every image was seen through love and sense of divinity as if through eyes of god.

Perfection of beauty of all created of all the forms of creation. It was very mystical and divine state of being very blissful, I started to cry but in a while the wave of tears disappeared, it was like an emotional wave cleared the pathway to a beautiful space of that godly bliss. Amazing really!!! :-))))

I felt the energy of the stone was very very connected to the lower body- both physically and non physically and connecting it with the heart consciousness, making one feel love for everything very consciously and thoughtfully.

After that experience I went to the internet and searched for information what kind of stone that might be. And now I found information about a "Moldau Quartz" - I´ve never heard of that before, it amazed me. It was that stone I brought with me from the trip. Then I found an article by Robert Simmons (on his site on the net) about the Moldau quartz from his book Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening and Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals and Gems. What he writes about the stone amazed me very much because my experience with the crystal´s energy was very similar.

It's funny now as I remember how the crystals were everywhere around as "debris" for the Moldavite searchers, nobody was interested in them and they were so plentiful :-)) And I didn´t bring home any of them besides the two small gray pieces "just for fun" that I accidentally picked and liked, with no intention :-)) I could bring more of that crystals and make jewelry of that and give to people around... If I only knew that... :-)) well never mind :-))

Triangle Faceted Moldavite
by: Heidi

Hello Monika :)

I recently acquired a Moldavite pendant which has a triangle facet on one side and the natural rippling on the other. I am presently wearing it with triangle facet on the outside and I can see through it to the ripples - Just wondering if your piece was like this also, and if so... did you wear the triangle facet facing in or out from your body?

The Moldavite´s Cut
by: Monika

Hello, that sounds nice. My piece is faceted as a whole piece . It has no natural areas on it. It is just a piece of simple glassy triangle.I wore it as a normal faceted gem- with it´s tip towards my skin.

But I think it doesn´t matter very much how to wear it. What matters is whether you are honestly drawn to it- whether the gem somehow "call" to you: Take me, Be with me, Like me...etc...If you truly appreciate the gem without thinking (eg- your mind thinks it is nice so you think it would be appropriate to work with it...) it will work with no doubt and then it doesn´t matter if you wear it in your socks or in your pocket or as a ring, pendant or on whatever.

I don´t know, but my experience is that if such a gem occurs- a piece that I am drawn towards- the best communication is to put it on the upper part of the forehead (and in the middle of it)- but not between eyes, but rather higher, there it feels very nicely. And after a while there should be a state of being through which the gem transmits it´s message to you. I think, what we take of a particular gem depends on what we are able to "read" at that particular moment.

It´s about the actual resonance of a part of energies between a human and the stone. It´s not about prescription of cuts and types of gems or places to wear at all.

Try to tune to your Moldavite and you´ll see what happens. Gradually.... :-)) Enjoy the friendship :-)

WhereTo Purchase Moldavite
by: Venusian

Thank you to all for your fascinating stories. Do you know of any trustworthy online vendors that sell authentic , faceted ... genuine Moldavite. As there are many vendors that sell counterfeit versions.

Thank you in advance :)

Arkadian Moldavite
by: Parvati

Where did you purchase the faceted Moldavite piece? If it was from Arkadian Collection, then I can explain the energy of their pieces is actually more powerful. They activate their stones in a healing temple located on an ancient sacred site in southern Poland. The Moldavite thus is activated Moldavite and extremely transformational. Check them out online. Incredible!

Where To Get Moldavite
by: Angela

Hi, I have just read all of your comments and stories and they are all very interesting!

I personally find that Moldavite feels like a friend and very comforting, like a part of home and I think that it is the most beautiful thing ever!!!

I have faceted earring, dolphin ring which is faceted, two dolphin pendants, one is carved into a dolphin and partially polished & has a Herkimer Diamond, the other is faceted with a natural backside. I also have two bracelets, one is natural & partially polished, the other is Celtic design with five small faceted Moldavites &
I also have a belly bar with a faceted Moldavite & lots of specimens inc Besednice.

Thanks for sharing your story !
by: Callum

I've had a small piece for a couple of weeks now... there were only 4 pieces in the shop when I bought it, and 3 of them were so wafer thin that they wouldn't have survived the journey home intact.

I bought the piece that was more chunky and likely to last, although I felt more of a connection to some of the other pieces, I tend to sleep with some of my crystals and I needed something sturdy.

For a week or so, I couldn't feel any thing off my piece, and started to wish I had bought one of the pieces I'd felt a vibe from... but not long after that I noticed my dreams beginning to become more vivid. Eventually, they actually became coherent dreams that I was able to understand (most of my dreams these days are just normal nighttime mental processing gibberish).

At the same time I began to feel emotion again toward my ex girl friend. Ive been off sick from work since April due to depression from this breakup (I'm writing this in September) all year. I couldn't understand why I was allowing these emotions to become prominent again.

I'd spent the entire year trying to move on... In the end, after trying to visit her, I realized that I needed to see again, now much more clearly why I had to split with her, because deep down the break up had been too confusing, had left many unanswered questions. I had a very powerful dream that night (she wouldn't even see me anyway!), that allowed me to balance out the relationship in my heart, which is where it needed to happen in order for me to truly heal.

I woke up so full of life force that I had no aches and pains (not very common with me these days!)... and have been buzzing with energy ever since. I've begun to remember that I used to follow a much more wholesome path in life, and suddenly realized where a lot of my current frustrations where coming from - I needed to use the gifts and skill I'd already gathered in healing again and begin to explore Reiki again.

I saw that my life had slipped into stagnation, and that my journey was far from over. There was more for me to do, and I could have back the sense of magic and wonder that I once had when I had begun on this path.

[I strongly disagree by the way with the comment made above by someone regarding NOT wearing Moldavite over your heart].

My distinct impression of what this stone is trying to assist me with is that of what other people have said also. It is helping me to clear my life out... and I have no complaints so far with what it has done and am enjoying the relationship that is growing between my heart and my wonderful stone. :)

Moldavite is very loving
by: Angela

I agree with you Callum. My personal feeling is that Moldavite is there to guide & comfort you on your earthly quest.

I wont take off any of my Moldavite jewellery because it has such a beautiful & comforting feeling to it and I always feel that I am not alone (even though I know my spirit people are with me also) and that I have a piece of home with me always.

I incorporated dolphins into my Moldavite jewellery so that I can carry my animal guide with me all the time so I have extra guidance or healing or whatever I need. My many individual pieces have their own little personalities too and I enjoy looking at them or meditating with them.

Enjoy your journey in life and enjoy all the spiritual gifts that your Moldavite gives to you, they really are very special!!!!!

Getting started
by: Julz

I recently came across some Moldavite in a gem shop, and whilst holding it in my hand (a raw piece, no pendant) it grew very very hot, and my heart started to race like I was running a marathon.

My husband had a different experience, he felt tingling sensations. After relinquishing three done back to the shop hand, my hand, wrist, and arm ached for a good 15 minutes. I'm very new, green as grass when it comes to all of this.

I'm asking for some guidance, if anyone is willing to point me in a direction where I can quiet my mind in re to mediation, finding myself, connecting with my spirit guides. I feel so lost. Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone.

Some Guidance On Getting Started
by: Liz (Site Owner)

For you Julz, and anyone who would like more information on getting started with using your crystals, one of the best ways to get more from your stones is to use them in meditation.

I have a couple of articles on using crystals for meditation including easy meditation techniques and one on crystal meditation. Another article that may interest you, and which has quite a bit of beneficial information, is the one on finding your spirit guide.

You are on the right track there as meditation and communicating with your spirit guide or guides (as we often have specific ones for special purposes) may be the first step. If you use some of the high vibration crystals, this may open up many new psychic gifts too. Check out the list in the article and follow highlighted links to other articles on the site to learn more.

By the way Julz your reaction to Moldavite is similar to what I got. Have you read my Moldavite article? It gives you lots more information on this unusual crystal.

My husband also adores Moldavite, and kept using mine LOL! So I suggested he bought his own piece. I helped him decide where to buy it but he chose it himself. He often doesn't feel the energy of stones but this is one he definitely does feel! He now sleeps with it under the pillow!

Most people can feel the vibration of Moldavite, and may react to this energy. For many people this energy is a major catalyst for change in their life. My husband's life has changed dramatically since getting his piece, and maybe it would have anyway, but he is now following his dream and running his own business.

And when this change happened it happened quite quickly! So be aware that this stone can be a catalyst and expect the unexpected!

I personally love this stone, and I own many pieces of jewelry made from it and wear one or more pieces every day. All the best, many blessings Liz x

Re: Getting started
by: Julz

Thank you so much Liz!! Your time and knowledge is much appreciated. I will definitely look more into high energy stones, and try to educate myself further with the links you've provided. Thanks again for pointing me in a direction!

TruEmpath - Darkfire
by: Chuck

I'm sure that you are wrong about that dark fire, Moldavite never hurts, it just makes you conscious about thing that you have suppressed in you, things that you normally don't realize.

What happens to you can look evil, but it is actually only clearing of your own karma, you should use clear topaz to understand.

Moldavite Healing And Energy
by: Angela

Hi, I feel that moldavite does help you to clear lots of negative thing in your life and sometimes the things that you thought were ok are highlighted as to what they really are!
One of the major things that occured to me happened a few years ago with my previous employer. When I first got my job it all seemed really great, the hours were good and my boss seemed good and I really enjoyed what I was doing.

However after a year I found out my boss wasn't my boss and was in fact the son in law and my actual boss wasn't even clued in to my employment!! My actual boss was ripping me off with superannuation and such which I constantly had to ask for and all I got was excuses.

Lots of other things happened with her and because she was so nice to me with good pay and gifts on birthdays and Christmases I was totally unaware as to what sort of person she really was:( I left there a couple of years ago and I'm now in a proper job that I enjoy and am not getting ripped off.

So I look at that as a learning lesson and I'm now very happy!!!:) There have been a few other thing that have been highlighted over the past couple of years but I am always aware of the learning lessons, joys and whatever is sent my way.

My Moldavites
by: Angela

Hi there, as well as the previous listed Moldavites I have recently added a few more fabulous pieces to my ever growing collection. I bought a very lovely angel carving, I also purchased a natural piece that is shaped like a dolphin (head and dorsal fin), my most recent purchase is a hand carved double sided dolphin and I have been wanting to buy him for ages!:)

Every time I bring new Moldavites into my home I always get a warm feeling and a beautiful energy that is ever present. Moldavite to me has the best energy of any mineral, crystal, tektite or meteorite and I have a massive collection.
I wish that everyone could experience the effects of Moldavite, its addictive and very unusual!!!

by: Anonymous

Is it ok to just wear Moldavite by itself...or all four like stated... Larimar, Danburite, Azeztulite and Moldavite.

A lot of people are making Moldavite and Azeztulite together but just wanted to see what you all think as well.

I'm trying to pick out a necklace and need help ASAP... thanks everyone.

Wearing Moldavite
by: Angela

Hi, all of my Moldavite jewellery are set by themselves. I find that the energy flows more freely and feels right for me. Though I do have one exception and that is my Moldavite dolphin carving pendant and it has a Herkimer Diamond crystal in the top of it just above the carving and has a beautiful energy to it.

Personally go with your gut and go for what feels right for you, there is no right or wrong and you will know as soon as you see the right piece!

There are many places to buy Moldavite jewellery and you can choose between loose Moldavite, carvings, faceted, collectors pieces etc. Good luck and let us know what you chose;)

Thanks Angela
by: Anonymous

Thanks Angela. I really appreciate it a lot.
I got the Book Of Stones book and I'm reading more and more on what to do.

I'm not sure what my gut it saying...I think its telling me RESEARCH... lol

Researching Moldavite
by: Angela

Hi, that is great news that you are researching before you buy because then you are more informed about Moldavite and its properties etc and it will be easier and more enjoyable when you feel ready to start collecting!!!

I purchased my first piece of Moldavite many years ago now and I started researching not long after that and when I learned what I needed to learn I was able to purchase more! (I still haven't stopped collecting.)

Here are a few fantastic learning books that have helped me when I started collecting and still give me enjoyment when I read them:
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation

Good luck !!:)

Thanks Again
by: Anonymous

I will go check on those books Angela. Thank you!
What do you use your Moldavite for?

Anyone ...please answer. What is your purpose for using or having a Moldavite?

Why Use Moldavite?
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Its clear that lots of people buy Moldavite and this relates to it being an extraordinary crystal. The primary reason most people use it is that they are drawn to its energy.

Its one of those stones that once you start using it you seem to just want to keep using it. Its my favorite stone and I wear one of the pieces I have every day.

Have you read the article on Moldavite? This contains a lot of in-depth information on how to use it. It is one of a group of high vibration stones... and combining it with other high crystal energy stones may be beneficial to you.

If you'd like more information on crystal books and why you might choose a particular book to add to your own collection, check out this article... as it has reviews on the various Crystal Books.

All the best Liz

My Uses For Moldavite
by: Angela

Hi, I absolutely love to wear and collect Moldavite and I feel such a connection to it that I just cant explain, like my spirit animal which is a dolphin and my spirit guides that I can feel and connect with.

It also feels to me like a connection to home and is very comforting and I literally feel very odd and not quite right if I am not wearing it, I have only taken my Moldavite jewellery off once and that was for the Blue Moon several months ago.

Moldavite is excellent for helping you to see things for what they really are and will bring about the necessary changes and will guide you to what is right for you! In my case I get gut feelings and sensations from my Moldavite and I have learned to just go with it.

Moldavite is also great to meditate with etc, I have previously posted comments about my experiences if you are interested they are further up the page.

Thank You All For Help
by: Anonymous

Thank you guys for all your help on me picking my necklace on Moldavite. I did my homework and this is what I got. Moldavite, Phenacite, Azezulite, Danubrite and Black Tourmaline.

I must thank all you guys for all the great information plus my jeweler Lauren. She is a very patient me, dealing with me all these weeks with questions and may I see pictures. Talk about an amazing patient person she is.

I wish I could add a photo later. If I can someone please let me know where I can post a picture of it and I will when it comes in on next week. Again thank you all for the great help and you all rock!!! Hugs!

by: Angela

Hi, congratulations on your new piece of jewellery!

The combination of stones that you have chosen will look and feel incredible and I hope that you enjoy wearing your new piece.

All Over The Place
by: Crystal angels

I have been fascinated with Moldavite for about 6 months and have read different things about it. I held a piece in my hand about a week ago and it did get warm in my hand, but did not feel anything else so I put it back.

I purchased a pair of earrings of Moldavite today using my pendulum. There were a few necklaces there too, but was more drawn to the earrings. I am excited and scared at the same time, my thoughts are all over the place on do I just go ahead and dive in or not.

I am a person that always feels a need to be in control. Where do I start, I know deep down it time for me to continue the journey I have started, I just feel so stuck and want to release this fear and just dive in! I would love some advice.

Thank you, Love Light and Blessings!

Just Dive In!
by: Angela

I personally think you should go ahead and collect your Moldavites in jewellery, specimens etc and experiment with them. It is actually quite interesting what effect different Moldavites will have, from the physical sensations to the mind and everyday things.

Go with your gut feelings and enjoy the results and let us know what happens. You will be surprised with the results and it may even be a rather liberating experience.

Good Luck!!!!!

Who is the Jeweler in Besednice
by: Andrea

I am traveling to CR in June and am on a quest. While I don't really need to find Moldavite and ravage the earth, I am more on the journey of the path of the stones in CR.

So, I would very much be interested in more of your journey as I am planning my trip right now. Who can I contact in Besednice for assistance and are there other places to visit with sacred stone significance? Maybe we can communicate off this site as well. I hope that you respond and I appreciate your experience. Blessings.

Places to go in the Czech Republic
by: Angela

Hi, there are quite a few locations in the Czech Republic where Moldavites have been found, so I'd say that they would all be of significance.

Near Besednise there is Chlum which is one of the most well known sights and a lot of jewellery and specimens come from there, Locenice, Koroseky, Slavice just to name a few places.

If you want to buy online direct from the Czech Republic I highly recommend they are in Pilsen, Czech republic and they have an ebay store where they sell jewellery, specimens, carvings, pendulums etc and they also sell wholesale.

Milan Purkart owns and operates, I buy 99% of my Moldavite from Milan and he is a pleasure to buy from.

by: Merz

Hi. I live in Australia and was last month I and my husband moved interstate. As a going away gift, my friends gave me a moldavite pendant. At the time I did not know that it helps with transitions. I love the pendant! My question is should you wear it all the time and should you shower with it on? :-)

Wearing Moldavite
by: Angela

Hi, that was very lovely of your friend to buy you a moldavite pendant!

I personally wear my moldavites 24/7, I wear them in the shower, to bed, absolutely everywhere and I dont take them off at all.

It is such a beautiful tektite/gem to wear and touch and has a superb energy to it and if you feel comfortable wearing it all the time or just an occasional thing to wear, it is entirely up to you and just go with what you feel is the right thing to do.
Good luck and enjoy your special gift!!!:)

More moldavites for my collection

Hi, since last posting a comment I have purchased more moldavites for my collection!

I have two more dolphin carvings, an angel chime, a few more loose specimens, a beautiful natural specimen forged in 14k gold, a 9k gold ring with a cushion cut moldavite and chrome tourmalines, a pendant with a natural specimen and a little pendant with a small faceted moldavite.

I love moldavite and will be forever collecting them, you can never have enough of what you love!

More Moldavite added to my beautiful collection

Hi, since last posting I have purchased more moldavites:) I cant help it, I'm just drawn to some specimens and need to feel their energies and touch and have their energies close to me.

I have recently purchased some very beautiful specimens that include 8 assorted very beautiful specimens that have lovely energies, a couple of days ago I purchased 2 more specimens and a Besednice that I'm looking forward to receiving and yesterday off the same vendor I purchased a very gorgeous sterling silver Besednice pendant which I am extremely excited about because its my first piece of Besednice jewellery, I wonder what the energy will feel like?!

I hope that everyone who wishes to feel the energies of Moldavite have the privilege to own one and experience the beautiful, vibrant energy for themselves!! :))

by: Anonymous

If your a natural born healer is it good to wear a Moldavite stone? I bought one two years ago and I left it aside, hanging on my bed. I started to talk about it to a lady and asked what she thought of it.

She didn't know much about it. I suppose is a good idea to start wearing it. Am I better letting nature takes its course and what ever god has planned out for me?

Will I be moving things to quick in life and just take one day at time. Can anyone help me in deciding what to do wear it or not, let nature take its course?

Go for it!

I think that you should try wearing your moldavite. You are obviously drawn to moldavite and enjoy being in its presence so I think that your next step it to wear your special piece & if you don't feel comfortable when you do wear it you can always take it off and try again at a later time.

I personally cant get enough of it and like you I
had purchased a piece a few years prior to wearing it, and one day I pretty much had the same reaction and wondered if I should wear it or not.

I have never looked back and still collect moldavites now. I have a wonderful collection of natural specimens, besednices and angel chime that was purchased just because it looked beautiful. One day I read about angel chimes so I thought I'd try all of mine and one piece turned out to be one!

I also have carvings, faceted, tumbled and lots 10 pendants inc a carving, 4 rings, 1 bracelet, 3 pairs of earrings and a belly bar and still collecting because I love their energies! So just follow your instincts and do whats right for yourself and not what other people tell you is the right thing to do:) GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

My experience so far.....
by: Anonymous

I recently added a small piece of moldavite to a tektite pendant I bought a few weeks ago and my dreams are more vivid. However, interestingly, I cannot wear my pendant in a car as I get quite sick and dizzy. Any thoughts what this may be? Much appreciated. Thanks.

Moldavite Energies


Moldavite does have unusual energies that can range from dizziness, nausea, hot flashes etc to nice warm fuzzy feelings and not wanting to take it off.

I'd say that the combination of tektite and moldavite (which is a tektite) is extra strong. You will have to get used to the energies slowly and wear for short periods first and build up to the length of time that you are happy and comfortable with.

I personally love to wear moldavite 24/7 and its lovely especially with amethyst but is also great with many other gems. However I have not personally combined moldavite with tektite in jewellery and I bet its a very nice combination!
Just be persistent and do what feels right for you:-)) GOOD LUCK

Listening to Moldavite
by: Bliss King Hu

Hilo, I read about half of the stories in response to the above story. I want to say that I own two pieces of Moldavite, one 1 inch by a centimeter, kind of looks like a trapezoid. The other is a small pendant surrounded by two pieces of Peridot

For some reason, I have very little reaction to these green stones. I hear stories of people reaching for it and getting energetically burned or how about bringing in an advanced rainbow child as the mother wore it around her neck and then it broke into smaller pieces when the baby arrived.

Please don't get me wrong, I believe In every(thing/one) no(thing/one) some(thing/one and any(thing/one, I believe in all of it, call me gullible lol.

This puts me in flux (neither here nor there and both. I am a rainbow adult, I came early, 1991 jan.30th, I am a double Aquarian. I can be very weird but im in touch with my motional energy (emotions*energetic*~4D) (Umotions*unconditional*~5D) (Bmotions*beyond*~6D)

I wear my moldavites every day and I have had some experiences with them, feeling like im going to pass out a few times and intense energy coming into my dreams and entering my physical and astral bodies, which makes me spin like a top and move through the walls of a dream building.

I just want to know why doesn't the moldavites play with me every day, I would love that? ~:D

I want to realize who I am, I use to know, at age three I made myself forget for learning purposes I guess but even so I must get in touch with my Bliss and make the transformation permanent. People think the only Rainbows coming in are babies being born now, but I have news for you, They have been here throughout the ages, as Ascended masters like Merlin and Yehushuah (Jesus) Paramahansa Yogananda and many others.

I just wanted to let you know that the "waves" of Rainbows coming in have been entering way before this age of Aquarius or the Age of All. We are all masters many of us are sleeping masters not wanting to wake from their dramatic slumber.

I'll end this message with my purpose my destiny, It's Bliss. I wish this for all of you, I wish you Bliss, may you be your dreams, Namaste

Moldavite pendant
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just purchased a Moldavite pendant today & after reading some comments, I almost put it away in a box. I have such a beautiful collection of stones & crystals I use for helping me to Spiritually Awaken more. I lost my Son 2 yrs ago & vowed to meet him halfway to connect (he sends me daily signs & messages) & keep our communication open & going.

I have had many different types of Spiritual experiences and wanted to open up clairvoyantly, and connect with the Higher realms. I purchased a Herkimer Diamomd and on the 2nd day I had it, a piece broke off in my hand while meditating!

I cleansed it again (Sage) & it fell off the table & broke more! So... either it took a negative hit for me, or I don't need it, or I am not ready for it? I don't know. That is why I purchased the Moldavite today. I held two types of Moldavite pendants & chose one in a beautiful setting I was drawn to.

I felt a bit dizzy at the store, but not bad. I cleansed & charged it at home & held it for a bit & felt nothing. How experienced do you have to be to use it? As I said, after some people's reactions, I'm truthfully nervous to meditate with it now.

Any thoughts? I really want to awaken more & communicate with my Son, my Higher self & Spirit Guides. Any help is appreciated.

Connecting with your loved one

Hi, that is just gorgeous that you are connecting with your son and I feel that just being open to messages etc will benefit you.

Moldavite is a wonderful gem/tektite to wear, hold, touch and look at and will easily take you to a state of being where you will be open to your messages from your son.

Also pay attention to your dreams, repetitious signs, feeling of not being alone, things that remind you of your son and general feelings that make you feel more spiritual and connected to your son will be of great benefit to you and your son.

Just know that your son is around you and take comfort in that, and as an added benefit take your moldavite on the journey and know that you have a little friend to take comfort in and will be a friend for life:-)

Good luck on your spiritual journey and I hope you get some comfort in this post......

Simply put...
by: Omniblissious

Hello, its me Bliss King, but really how egotistical can I be lol, I don't need to tell you all that before, and I don't need my moldavite to play with me and work on me every single day...I didn't need to tell you all that information, it would have been better to keep it simple, maybe ask 1 question but something you can easily answer, not this complex mass of words I wrote earlier.

My real name is Rick...sorry for the more thing is I ordered a wand online called padauk wood and from my observation I would say its similar to moldavite in constantly changes and shifts energetically...have a blissious day ;)

Natural Rough Moldavite
by: Keisha

I have a natural rough pendant and I really don't feel any energy from it even though I'm quite sensitive to the energy of stones, after reading this article I've ordered a faceted pendant, hopefully the energy will be better....

Moldavites are my friends!
by: Alyssa

I've enjoyed reading all the comments on this page. I to am a moldavite addict and have been using it for 6 years now.

When I first came in contact with moldavite I experienced the moldavite flush. I broke out into a sweat and felt the heat in my upper part of my body.

Very amazing after that I decided to become a dealer of moldavite I purchased many moldavite on ebay website and had them wrapped and also bought some others that were already wrapped. It was a successful small business for me and lots and lots and lots of fun. That was the only stone I sold.

I wear moldavite almost daily. I discover when I do not wear it that my mood is depressed. And when I put it back on again it is elevated. I think it is especially a great stone for single people.

It acts like you have a friend or family with you all the time. I will always be in love with moldavite. I found a piece in my collection that I've had for the past 6 years that I never wore. I started wearing it and have been feeling so much better and having so many vivid dreams it is amazing.

Robert Simmons book about moldavite is a great reference.

Go get that great green gem
by: Friend

I am an empath and am only sort of recently rediscovering my path having been "derailed" by 3rd dimensional life and habits. I found some pieces of moldavite at my local spiritual shop and was quite excited since this was high on my list of attainment.

Once I picked out one that spoke to me as my piece I carried it around the shop in my hand with a couple candles. The heat generation from the moldavite to my hand was intense enough to make the candles quite malleable.

Before I had acquired this piece I didn't seem to dream much, or to the extent of them just not being vivid enough to remember. But now I sleep with it under my pillow and I've had quite vivid dreams in response. My wife even tells me she's been dreaming more.

I also created a small "Dream Grid" of other assorted stones at the foot of my bed surrounding a 2" black quartz skull (he is my helper in any work). I hope to attain lucidity again, it is quite a magnificent experience.

Happy vibrating my friends, with much love.

Me too...
by: Anonymous

Here is my story. I had someone recommend the moldavite stone to me at one time in my life. I am knowledgable with crystals and use others but was not familiar with moldavite. The energy was intense when I first held it and I felt a heaviness in my heart chakra that first day.

I knew this to be expected and by the next day I could feel my energy acclimate well with it as I carried it in my pocket. I noticed the first few days some synchronisities and was excited about changes/ transformations as I had just gone through a horrible experience a few weeks prior.

By the 4th day of having the stone in my pocket I literally became a victim of identity theft/fraud and my life turned upside down in an instant right before my eyes. I was completely seduced by a professional evil criminal and never saw the signs in the beginning. I felt like I was living a nightmare while sitting in the police station.

The first thought that came to mind was that the stone had something to do with this but why? The day after it happened I left the stone at home and never touched it again. Ever since that experience I would only carry my hematite and obsidian stones with me everyday. If anyone wants to comment please do!

My experience
by: Tammy

I wanted to find out if anyone has had the same experience like I have had.

To start off with when I first seen the raw 18 by 40mm moldavite pendant it felt very fimilar and it felt like it was mine which stop me in my tracks.

I just started working at a jewellery store
and knew I couldn't afford such a beautiful piece.

9 months later on Christmas morning I opened my present under the tree and to my surprise the pendant that always felt like mine was now indeed MINE.

I hadn't taken it off for three months. I had a few doctors appointments due to my energy being zapped and head aches. Have seen a ears nose and throat specialist as it hurts daily but nothing is coming back as something is wrong.

I have read recently that it can effect those areas in the body. I had taken off the pendant for three weeks and all my issues have left me. I started wearing it again and within a few days the same issues I had before has come back. I don't sleep with it on anymore.

I am worried that I can't wear this beautiful piece. I don't know what to do and if anyone has any ideas for my please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

no experience
by: Anonymous


I bought moldavite from a reputed source. I am wearing it but I didn't get any experience as such. My Moldavite doesn't contain bubbles or trapped material inside. When seen in the light its border looks whitish... can it be real?

Reverse effect of moldavite
by: PIDA

Please help! I bought a piece of moldavite and placed it with a Herkimer Diamond in our living room. 5 months of having these around, my love gradually started to distant himself, and he resents me for all the fights we went through.

I realized that part of it could be the stones pushing him in this direction, so I went to bury them in a place away from our house. By this time it was already too late, he moved out within a month and half. Is there any way for me to reverse this? He doesn't live with me anymore.

Spirit guides
by: Maria

How do you communicate with your spirit guides? Do you see them literally? How do you hear them? Literally? On ficical ear? How do you contact them? I want to do so I ask.

My experience with Moldavite
by: Teresa

I just thought I would add my own take on the topic of Moldavite.

Originally, I used to wear meteorite as my everyday, main necklace,which I wore for a couple of years. In the middle of the night I was awoken by a dream in which my husbands mother (who I had never met) appeared to me in my dream and told me that Moldavite was my stone. Huh...I thought, okay, well this dream was not an ordinary dream. It was one of my "dreams" that are very different and oh so real.

So, needless to say, the next morning I located a necklace made with Moldavite and ordered it. I really did not notice anything exceptional, except perhaps my head buzzing or intense tingling happened more often for me. This occurs when I am supposed to pay attention to things. I believe it is when my crown chakra opens up to me and I become overwhelmingly sensitive to things.

I wore the necklace for quite awhile and then replaced it with an organite necklace that I really loved.

The same person (a very loving friend of mine who deals in crystals and rocks who calls me his god mother) then steared me to the organite necklace told me he had some high grade Moldavite that he thought I should get. So after all of this has happened, I went home and put back on my Moldavite necklace. The next morning, on my way to work (I am a tie dye and magnetic jewelry crafter) in Sedona, I drove past Bell Rock and low and behold I had my very first vision. I "saw" super imposed on Bell Rock, a horse which was reared back, legs high in the air with a rider on him who was not the focus. The horse was a pale gray color with a very stark black mane. It was, as if he was actually there. It was so amazing. I am still trying to understand any of this. Help me if you can, because it was so real.

Faceted Moldavite
by: Lula

Moldavite has called upon me recently 💚 I have just made my purchase and I cannot wait to receive this beauty! May I ask how big was your faceted piece? I couldn't find a bigger one without costing my arms and legs. Mine will only be about 1.5cm x 1cm but fully faceted. Hoping it will still be enough energy to resonate with me 🙏 Thank you for sharing your story!

by: Chavah

Hi everyone,

Well,I just finished reading almost every post about moldovite in this blog.
I just have 1 single,raw piece hangs from a sterling silver cap and I purchased a carnalian crystal beads necklace to hang it on my chest. Not even near to my heart,more closer to my neck.

I never wear it on its own.I am actually a labradorite lady and I do have a natural drilled lovely piece,hangs on a leather string very close to my heart.I do wear several crystals. Labradorite,amber,ametrine,kunzite,spirit quarz,peridot,dark purple garnet,and rose quartz alone with my only piece of moldovite are almost always on me.Plus I have some tumbled packet crystals for work I take with me such as onix, tiger eye, tiger Iron, red Jasper and healer's Gold.These are my main everyday crystals that coming with me,and on top of all these,I have some in my car as well as in my home in each room.

But only one Moldovite.Moldovite must me able to live with my other lovelies as well.I don't mind placing it over night on top of my hymalaian rock salt lamp,tucked into the selenite candle holder. I use it to clear and recharge my things over night this way.

My moldovite experience is very recent, since I got this only one piece 2 weeks ago. I went to a rock and crystals art show on that Saturday after work. I picked some lovely crystal and suddenly I recognized:Moldovite.I read about it before, and it took me awhile to warm up to it. So I did touched two out of the 3 that was available and the hot flash was sudden and lasted over and hour. I simply held them not more then a minute each. Then I picked a boot looking shaped and there it went to a bag and into my hand bag. Until I got home, hours later,I was able to sit down and examine my purchases.

I first hanged it with my Labradorite. Most beautiful vibration. I slept with them like that on the first night.I was full of energy the next morning,and in a blissful state knowing that I am truly a Christian and god indeed hears my prayers. It was a profound spiritual experience. Knowing it for sure where I am truly stand in this world. I wear it pretty much every day.Although, since then, as I briefly mentioned it, I decided to place it with a carnelian bead necklace. Different vibration with this new addition and twist but its serves the purpose over all. I need Moldavite, and Labradorite to keep out negative influences and carnelian balance and energizes.

I need my prayers heard, and I need to think clearly without being washed under from other people's emotions,so to do my job and eventually not get sick physically.

I use and do everything very differently from most people I have read about. I never meditate,and I never ever have a dream. Yet,I KNOW things and I am intuitive. I am an empath /clairsentient. And I love being clear and chose to not get muddled up.

What Moldavite "communicated" (I never hear voices or see visions or talk with spirit) to me was this :Whatever, I will put my mind to do,this will be electrified, advanced, materialized, brought forth ect...and will dominate my future.

Therefore,I think twice before I allow something to consume my energy. I am very careful that I always draw on the love of Christ and use my compassion and gifts through God's grace,because my crystals magnify all my intentions.

God bless you

Try being single for a minute
by: Anonymous

Seems like you jumped out of one relationship right into another without even taking some time to breathe. A lot of people derive their sense of self from being in a relationship. I suggest you get comfortable being single before moving on so quickly.

Two weeks ago you were going to get married and now your with some other guy! I think maybe the moldavite is making you crazy!!

Chest pain
by: Mary

I bought some Moldavite in the Czech Republic. A small faceted ring. I awoke in the night with sharp chest pains. They gradually subsided. I still wear the ring, I've had it for two weeks now. Does any one have a theory as to why I experienced such pain? Thanks!

From Upside down to right side up
by: Jane

Hi, because of your story I spent over 1k on a 16.69ct faceted Moldavite pendant, as well as a a matching Moldavite Ring and earrings. I’m trying to get out of a quarter life crisis I’ve been in for 4 years. Please wish me luck!

Moldavite, my favorite stone
by: Fran

I bought my first moldavite many years ago and still love it :)
Now I have a collection of moldavites. Sometimes is funny to see what some sellers pass off as a real moldavite. The worst are faceted moldavites. If you are are planing to buy a moldavite, please be very careful.

This guide could help you - How to spot a real/fake moldavite -

by: Tiztiz

Hello all. I just bought a small Moldavite. Didn't know how it looks. I could hear voices saying Moldavite. So I decided to buy one. I put it in my pocket. Didn't felt anything but after about 5 hrs in my pocket I felt sick. My stomach was upside down.

This happened when my husband came home and right now things aren't that good between us. Do you think this happened because of Moldavite? Thanks Tiztiz

by: Anonymous

Hi there I’m so happy for you and how you have embraced your journey. You are probably already familiar with this but I feel to ask you if you are familiar with the twin flame journey?

I feel if you look into this (if you're not already familiar) it may interest you and reside with you about things between you and your new partner (checkout stages and also the preparation before coming into contact with the partner).

If this is new I hope it helps and I wish you all the luck and happiness on your journey xx

Faceted moldavite
by: Anonymous

Yessss!!! I just bought a faceted moldavite ring and it made my solar plexus feel like it was going to explode, tiger in a cage. I got several new crystals at the same time and so I want sure which was the one.

It was definitely the moldavite, because when I took it off a few days and put it back on this morning, I felt the same again. Very much anxious! It's a beautiful piece but I wasn't expecting such a strong energy. I think it will come in handy once I get used to it and learn how to use it!!

Moldavite is a very strong stone.
by: Julie

I can relate to your story. I purchased a moldavite necklace and from day one I felt like a different person. Trapped and wanting out. I've been married 15 years and things I used to accept were not acceptable anymore. I took off the necklace after 3 days and I was back to normal, maybe.

Knowing what I know now it will always be different. I will continue to work with the stone to see if I can figure it out.

I bought my moldavite at a spiritual store in Oakland
by: Anonymous

30 years ago I bought a piece of moldavite from a spiritual store in Oakland. The guy told me don't bite unless you want your life to change, I said yes sure no problem. I am an intuitive empath so I have my bases covered. Wrong. My husband was leading a double life I thought he was cheating but he was doing illegal money laundering and he went to jail prison for 9 years.

I put my moldavite away 5 years later I pulled it out and thought Oh that was just a coincidence. I broke my ankle the same week. I had to move off of our boat my whole life changed. Now my friend wants to get some moldavite. I told her not only does it change your life around beats a crap out of you also.

I have every kind of stone or Crystal in my house moldavite is one I will never touch I consider myself a hybrid that I am not 100% of this world but I can tell you it literally scares the crap out of me.

by: Audrey

Thank you so much for sharing!

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