Serpentine Tourmaline?

by Ben Franke
(Pasadena, CA)

I recently purchased what I was told was "Serpentine Tourmaline" but after scouring the net, I've found zero evidence of it within spiritual communities or sites like this. Any idea what is it based on the photo?

To me it kinda looks like Gabbro Mystic Merlinite. Its hard to see in the photo but the dark patches are actually slightly green. So maybe just a serpentine combo with something?

Any idea what it's metaphysical properties are? That is what I'm most interested in.

Thanks to anyone with insight!


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I bought one too
by: Hillary

I to purchased one of these but beforehand I thought it was misidentified and thought it look like indigo gabbro.

Serpentine Tourmaline
by: Enchanted

The net should have been investigated before buying, Serpentine and Tourmaline are two totally different minerals. They MAY be found in the same vicinity but, Serpentine minerals form where peridotite, dunite, and other ultramafic rocks undergo hydrothermal metamorphism.

"Tourmaline" is the name of a large group of boron silicate minerals that share a common crystal structure and similar physical properties. Beware of sellers who advertise something you've never heard of. There may be new discoveries out there but a lot of the old ones are well documented. is an excellent site for researching minerals and rocks.

In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Peter T.

Indigo Gabbro Also Called Mystic Merlinite
by: Liz

Hi Ben, I know you asked about this a long time ago, but at the time I didn't have an article on Indigo Gabbro also called Mystic Merlinite to point you towards.

The crystal seller is confused because of the green color. Indigo gabbro can have green inclusions due to containing the mineral chlorite which is most commonly a green color though chlorite can be pink or purple as well.

It is not a type of Tourmaline and probably won't contain the mineral Serpentine. The seller was mistaken when they labeled it.

Read my article here about Indigo Gabbro for more clarity about the properties of this stone.

All the best Liz Oakes.

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