Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite)

Potent Mystical Magical Energy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Indigo Gabbro has a mystical and magical energy that can trigger spiritual perception and aids the birth of talents and abilities that you were unaware of.

It is a potent stone for meditation as it can create a surge of energy and pulsations that flow out to the entire body.

It's energy enhances intuition and can aid you to gain greater awareness of your life path.

Indigo GabbroIndigo Gabbro also called Mystic Merlinite

They are a stone of light and dark that can bring through past life memories in meditation, and can also spark psychic powers with a quite strong resonance within the third eye.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use to work on yourself in meditation, especially if you wish to stimulate your ability to see visions.

Using them regularly may help you with this as their energy is known for its action to birth clairvoyant or clairaudient ability and to enhance magical gifts. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

How Will It Help You? Use In Meditation

A powerful way to benefit from the vibration of this stone is to utilize it in meditation, by placing it on your forehead in the area of your third eye

You may need to lie down to do this so that the stone won't roll off, unless you get a flat stone.

Lying down is also helpful as this stone's energy can take you quite deep.

This will help you you to gain deeper Spiritual perception and may stimulate a great number of gifts or abilities through its powerful resonance.

Indigo GabbroIndigo Gabbro

It is easy to buy Indigo Gabbro. The piece shown above is a palmstone or touchstone, and these are beneficial to use as they are flat and won't roll off when you get deep into the meditative state.

The vibration of this stone will flow easily from the third eye upwards into the crown and above into the soul star chakra.

As well the energy will easily flow downwards via the throat chakra, which is also commonly triggered, then will continue down to the base chakra, filling your entire body with its vibration as it moves down.

Why Would You Use Indigo Gabbro?

Why Would You Use Indigo Gabbro?

Its energy is powerful to trigger the birth of psychic powers and magical abilities, and it has a number of other beneficial properties including:

The energy of these stones may boost Spiritual growth, psychic gifts and  intuition.

Meditation with it may trigger mystical or magical experiences which explains its other name Mystic Merlinite.

Its energy within the throat chakra may particularly aid communication and can also enhance the growth of psychic hearing or clairaudience.

Indigo Gabbro Spiritual MeaningIndigo Gabbro

Some people find after using it that they can more easily connect with elemental beings or nature spirits. 

It can also help you to remember your dreams, and may aid lucid dreaming.

It commonly produces a deeper connection with Spirit and it often gives rise to powerful past life visions that come forward for clearing. See more below.

It has metaphysical attributes that will help to align the chakras, and having two stones may be beneficial if you are using it for this purpose. 

It is helpful to place one at the crown and the other at the base chakra to quickly align the chakras and clear negativity as it goes.

Meditation: A Mystical Magical Vibration

Many people experience a deep pulsing from the stone, and this can easily initiate a state of what is commonly called altered consciousness.

It is a stone of light and dark, and it is a stone to use to aid you to work on yourself and to assist you to release issues related to past lives.

Be aware before you go down this path that this is not always easy.

But by dealing with past life issues you may release the associated karma within this life.

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Indigo GabbroIndigo Gabbro Palmstone

This is a powerful stone to use in crystal meditationRegular use is known to activate your ability to see visions, especially those related to past lives.

It also helps to heighten both mystical and magical experiences and may assist you to connect with Spirit and help you to gain mastery of gifts that are triggered at this time.

Many people experience deep visions and these can vary depending on what you are looking for, as your thoughts may be guiding your travels there.

Strong visions related to past lives may come through, and you may find them reasonably easy to recall once you have finished meditating.

Boosts Deep Meditation

It is generally fairly easy to reach a state of deep meditation when using this stone and it is powerful to assist your journey.

You may travel to the mystical realms where you may connect with Spirit and with teacher guides that are there to assist you to open new gifts and have experiences that may help you.

If you feel that you need help, reach out to these guides and ask them to assist you to solve issues that come up.

Often the reason you can recall them is that they are often quite powerful, and may trigger you to recall situations that you'd rather not know about.

These visions do have a purpose, as once you clear the energy around them this can clear the path for you to move forward with a lighter heart.

It may be helpful to take notes as by bringing these experiences into your thinking they aid the release of problems related to past lives you have led.

Some people also experience visions of a precognitive or prophetic nature.

Note: that those visions may only be warnings rather than set in stone future events.

Where Is It From? Indigo Gabbro Meaning

The word 'gabbro' came into use a few hundred years ago, when stones discovered in Italy were named Gabbro after a little village in Tuscany.

The Italian origin and meaning isn't really related specifically to this type of Gabbro, but relates to the general way that gabbro stones form. 

Gabbro is a type of raw mineral with a course grain, formed in molten magma. 

This is an iron and magnesium rich stone, an igneous rock that has a number of minerals included in it.

Indigo Gabbro is commonly a mix of quartz feldspar and minerals such as chlorite, muscovite and magnetite, but may have other minerals included.

Indigo Gabbro was discovered fairly recently and is found only in Madagascar.

Its color is quite lovely and while it is often black it has quite beautiful chatoyant inclusions in the stone.

Its color may be indigo blue, deep purple blue and it may have lighter lavender blue gray sections.

This depends on the minerals that are included and there may be green inclusions from green chlorite.

These inclusions may be a bronzy color, similar to the natural piece below, and this color may be seen in some tumbled or polished stone.

It is easy to buy Indigo Gabbro, and you can obtain natural or raw stone, tumblestones and palm stones which are flat on one side.

A Side Note On Crystal Names: Mystic Merlinite

Regarding Gabbro: There is another stone that is found in Alaska that was also known as Gabbro but is now called Blizzard Stone.

It has a different mineral make-up to the stone featured here. Crystal sellers and miners name stones in order to differentiate them from each other. 

This may be thought to stop confusion, but many people find it confusing anyway. 

Indigo GabbroIndigo Gabbro

A particular author of crystal books does this a lot, and it does mystify many people.

Note: this is not the same stone as Merlinitewhich you can read about here, sorry if you are baffled by this naming or find that it is confusing.

In some ways using a specific name for stones from a particular area is not a bad thing, as a good part of the energy of stones relate to the location where they formed.

Why Is Indigo Gabbro called Mystic Merlinite

Why is Indigo Gabbro also known as Mystic Merlinite? 

Mystic Merlinite is a name created by a fairly well known author of crystal books who also trademarked the name. 

The name does fit the stones energy, so I can see the reason for this name he created.

Not that I agree with it as I know this is confusing. Be aware that the stone sells under both names.

When you buy the stone under the Mystic Merlinite name you may pay more for it due to his trademark.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

These crystals are also known for their action to assist you to more easily recall your dreams, and this may be triggered after you use them in meditation.

In addition this ability to recall will also help you to remember what happened during meditation.

This is valuable if you have received messages from Spirit, your guides or your higher self that are communicated to you during meditation.

Indigo GabbroIndigo Gabbro

They may improve spiritual healing, especially when its related to past life situations.

They are also known to assist the attainment of lucid dreaming, and for this purpose you might need to have them close by when you are sleeping.

The best use of these stones is for meditation when they commonly kindle visions of various types.

They may trigger new psychic powers, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or prophetic or precognitive visions and magical powers.

The visions they can bring through are not always easy to experience but they can bring amazing spiritual growth.

Through their action to assist you to connect with specific spirit guides, they can be very effective to assist Spiritual growth.

Not everyone finds that this is a comfortable stone to have in the bedroom due to its action to stimulate visions, but you may chose to experiment with it.

Best Crystals To Use With Indigo Gabbro

What are the best crystals to combine with Indigo Gabbro?

To increase its magical or mystical energy, it may beneficial to use it in combination with other magical crystals.

There are quite a few that are powerful stones to boost magical gifts including Jet, Labradorite, Hypersthene, Blue Barite or Petoskey Stone.

These stones have a good action to stimulate intuitive gifts, but it may be of value to use them with other stones that help with developing intuition.

In particular stones that may be helpful includes Tsavorite Garnet, Green Apatite, Sodalite or Iolite.

To boost its action to assist you with developing your clairvoyant ability, combine it with other crystals that have a good energy to stimulate psychic visions.

Stones you may choose to use for this purpose includes Melikaria, Hypersthene, Labradorite, Sugilite or Rainbow Moonstone.

Indigo Gabbro or Mystic Merlinite brings increased gifts or talentsIndigo Gabbro or Mystic Merlinite brings increased gifts or talents

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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