Green Ridge Quartz

Powerful High Vibration Healing Crystals

➤ By Liz Oakes

Green Ridge Quartz crystals are extremely powerful healing stones that will help you to make a spiritual connection to the very highest realms.

These high vibration crystals have an amazingly potent resonance that can help to make major changes in the vibration of your energy field. 

Using them as crystals to lay upon the body for healing is their major use. To aid healing, place them on the body at individual chakras.

This will depend on the color and type you have obtained. They are found in only one location, so they are not common.

Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz

If you can get a set of them, you can place them at various chakras to aid healing or combine them with other high vibration stones. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Where Is It From? Green Ridge Quartz Meaning

Green Ridge Quartz is named for the location of Green Ridge Washington USA, which is the only location where these crystals are found. 

The specific location where they come from is high up in the Cascade Mountains, located in King County Washington State in the United States. 

They are quite rare crystals, as they are found in only this one location, but there are crystal sellers who keep them, so ask your favorite seller if they have them.

The crystals that come from this area are unusual and many are rather stunning. 

Prospectors working in this location have unearthed some amazing pieces including quartz crystals with metals included. Many are fully dark orange coated or partially orange coated. 

Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz

The crystals from this area vary quite a bit, in both color and structure but they have a similar crystal make-up to other quartz crystals.

Although a good number of the crystals found at Green Ridge are quartz, other minerals are also found there and some are mixed through the quartz in individual specimens.

There are also stunning pieces of Amethyst Crystal coming from this location as well, although I do not have any.

The energy of these stones relates to the mixture of minerals they embody within them and many are either fully or partially iron coated. 

There is more information about the benefits of the iron coating below. 

Golden Healer Green Ridge QuartzGolden Healer Green Ridge Quartz

While many of these crystals are either white or clear transparent quartz, beautiful bright yellow Golden Healer crystals are also found there, see image.

Other minerals found in this location include chalcopyrite, barite, goethite and pyrite. There are links to articles about all of these minerals further down the page.

Powerful Energy To Aid Ascension

It has become obvious that there are now many crystals being brought out of the earth that have a deeper and finer energy that is powerful to aid Spiritual growth.

As the consciousness of the earth and the crystals within her has lifted, this has had a profound effect on the consciousness of many crystals, particularly many different types of clear quartz.

Clear Green Ridge QuartzClear Green Ridge Quartz

Crystals that are noticeably powerful not only includes these lovely stones, but Nirvana Quartz, Rainbow Mayanite and other types of Golden Healers.

These powerful ascension stones resonate within the higher chakras including within the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the other higher etheric chakras.

While they are wonderful healing stones, they have a strong vibration for lifting you spiritually. They help you to connect with the higher dimensions and are powerful to use in meditation.

White or Clear Green Ridge Quartz are wonderful used in meditation as they work to make contact with beings in the higher realms and make a strong spiritual connection.

If you are using the clear type in a full healing grid on the body, the clearer crystals are best placed at the highest spot, usually within the soul star chakra.

If you can obtain Amethyst stones from this location they also have a similar action, increasing spiritual growth and enlightenment.

How Will Green Ridge Quartz Help You? 

Some years ago I was part of a crystal healing group where we were working with various crystals.

Most of us were working with Green Ridge Quartz so where possible many members of the group obtained chakra sets of these crystals. 

Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz

The chakra set I obtained was made up of 4 pieces. These are a large cluster that had some iron coating and a fully iron coated cluster, that acts to earth your energy while it heals you.

The other two stones in the chakra set are the bright quite gorgeous Golden Yellow Green Ridge Quartz and the utterly beautiful semi-clear dolphin quartz that has partial iron coating too.

In addition to this set I also bought an amazingly clear Elestial Quartz Crystal that came from the same location.

The purpose of the Elestial was for use at the soul star chakra, above the crown chakra.

Placing one of these powerful clear high crystal energy stones in that spot will help to enhance the flow of high vibration energy from the higher realms into the body.

How Would You Use These Crystals?

Each stone in a set was selected by the seller as a crystal that may be used at specific chakras. But if you only have one of these crystals you can of course use it at any spot to aid your healing.

Many of these stones have a small amount of iron coating and this ferrous coating makes them strong grounding stones, that help to fully ground you.

Regardless of how much of this coating is on any crystal you are using, this coating is helpful to remove lower vibrational energy from your auric field.

Using high vibration crystals like these can make you feel quite ungrounded, so using a stone with an iron coating is a good choice when doing spiritual work.

Green Ridge Quartz: Dolphin QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz: Dolphin Quartz

The above stone is a Dolphin crystal specimen, and these are beneficial to encourage the person who is using them to act in a teaching and nurturing role. 

The energy of Dolphin crystals aid the teacher to guide others to fully attain what they need for their highest good.

Note that the top part of this specimen has minimal iron staining, but part of the smaller section at the bottom has an area with quite obvious iron coating.

This ferrous coating acts within the base and/or earth chakras where it is helpful to release any lower vibrational energy that may be present in your aura.

These helps to ensure that there is no impediment that might prevent integration of light into your being

Why Would You Use Green Ridge Quartz? 

The beautiful clear Green Ridge Quartz crystals have an amazing high vibration that relates to the location where they are found.

Their energy opens the crown and higher crown chakras and are extremely high in energy and are powerful healing crystals that will assist anyone who wishes to work with them.

They have a potent vibration that brings light down from the higher realms via the crown chakra and moves it through your energy system to aid your personal healing.

It will bring the white light of Spirit down through the crown and this light will then make its way throughout your entire energy system.

Clear Green Ridge QuartzClear Elestial Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge Quartz has such an extremely powerful energy that will help to boost any other quartz variety they are used with.

Any variety of quartz will amplify the vibration of other crystals and in particular they have a good action to heighten the energy of other types of quartz.

If you wish to boost them even further, you might choose to place a program in them which will make a connection to the higher energy crystals.

If you are not sure how to program crystals, you can learn how, as its very easy to do.

How To Use The Various Crystals In the Set

The set I obtained had four pieces, and these are used by placing them on the body at individual chakras.

In addition I got another totally clear Elestial Green Ridge Quartz, for use at the soul star chakra, making five in total.

If you are able to get a set you can place them at individual chakras or use them in combination with chakra stones for other chakras.

I use them with other stones as it is beneficial to have a crystal at each chakra. Use your intuition to decide which other stones to combine with them.

green ridge quartz chakra stones

If you have only one, you can use your piece of this crystal either at the top of the body at the crown chakra, or above that at the soul star chakra.

The soul star chakra is above the crown and its location varies depending on how much Spiritual work you have done.

There is a specific article that explains more about the soul star chakra here, as it can be from six inches to even two feet above your head.

Iron Coated Green Ridge Quartz

Iron coated Green Ridge Quartz has a powerful action so if you can get a piece with iron coating, this will be a powerful crystal to use.

Some of these crystals may be fully iron coated like the one pictured below or it may have a partial iron coating like the one shown above.

The iron coating helps with the release of any type of negative energy within your auric field.

They are strong crystals to prevent negative thinking and they are especially helpful to aid the release of darkness of a karmic nature.

Any type of oppressive murkiness that is of an ancestral nature may also be unchained, with the powerful light embodied within them liberating the darkness. 

Coated Green Ridge Quartz 1-500Ferrous Coated Green Ridge Quartz

Stones with a full ferrous coating are powerful to aid the release of negativity of any kind and this coating is also helpful to aid grounding.

They are potent to release deep ancestral or shadow energy and they act to remove trapped energy that you may not even be aware of.

Using one of the iron coated stones at the throat chakra is very powerful, as it helps you to release old thoughts and beliefs trapped in your energy field.

They may help to release cords attached to other people who may have been with you in past lives and that need releasing in order to let go of old residual emotions still trapped with you.

They are beneficial crystals to use for severing karmic ties, and combining them with other stones for this purpose may be helpful. 

Obtaining Green Ridge Quartz

I have seen pieces of these crystals for sale recently, including some beautiful light purple Amethyst Green Ridge Quartz and golden healer crystals.

These can be used instead of the clear quartz, and can be placed above the head at the soul star chakra.

The different stones in the set can be used by placing them at individual chakras.

While the specified area might have a highly beneficial effect, they can be use at any spot to assist your healing.

Golden Green Ridge QuartzGolden Green Ridge Quartz

The gorgeous bright yellow Green Ridge stones work powerfully within the solar plexus or alternatively within the navle or sacral chakra.

They are excellent crystals to boost creativity too but due to their strong energy will work within all of the chakras.

Placing Green Ridge Quartz

I have had these crystals for quite a few years so you might find that the various pieces in the set may not be available. 

The set that I got was particularly put together to be used at specific chakras, and are utilized by placing them along the body.

They are all laid at individual chakras at the same time, and if you have a clear quartz piece it can be placed above the head to stimulate the soul star chakra.

If you don't have the full set, you can combine them with other quartz crystals when using them or even with some of the other high vibration stones.

Clear Green Ridge QuartzClear Green Ridge Quartz

The meaning of stones like these is not just about healing, although they are potent stones for crystal healers to use to lay on the body.

In addition they have a powerful action to assist any type of Spiritual work.

They are also known to be strong crystals to use for kundalini activation, with the various colors working in different ways. 

Best Crystals To Use With Green Ridge Quartz

What are the best crystals to combine with Green Ridge Quartz?

These crystals are a high vibration variety of quartz and their energy may be helpful to boost smaller high vibration crystals.

While some of the high crystal energy stones may be small crystals but this is not always the case.

Some crystals that can be small, so benefit from being boosted includes Benitoite Phenacite, Brookite and Golden Herderite.

If the piece of Green Ridge Quartz that you buy is either a clear quartz or amethyst crystal, use it at soul star chakra or crown chakra combined with other crystals that resonate in both those areas.

Other soul star chakra crystals that work well in combination with them includes Vera Cruz Amethyst, Satyaloka Quartz, Rainbow Mayanite, Nirvana Quartz and Golden Healer Quartz.

Rainbow MayaniteRainbow Mayanite
Satyaloka QuartzSatyaloka Quartz

There are a number of strong crown chakra crystals that will be beneficial to pair with these powerful stones and these crystals would be a good choice to use with them.

Higher chakra stones that create a potent action when combined with them includes Mango Quartz, Apophyllite, Herkimer Diamond or Selenite.

If your piece has a coating of iron on it, this will be beneficial to utilize with other golden stones that may resonate within the solar plexus as well as within the higher chakras.

Use with crystals for money if you feel this could be helpful as these combinations may help you to manifest abundance.

This includes Libyan Desert Glass, Yellow Datolite, Elestial Citrine, Stellar Beam Calcite and Golden Healer Quartz.

Other minerals found in the cascade Mountains at Green Ridge and that may be included in these crystals include Chalcopyrite, Baryte, Goethite and Pyrite.

More Pictures of Green Ridge Quartz

Coated Green Ridge QuartzCoated Green Ridge Quartz
Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz

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