Which crystals to attract and manifest my perfect home?

by Cora

I apologize, as I made this a bit long, but I did so in order to cover all the things that I am facing currently. For years, I have been scouring the internet in search of crystals to attract and manifest my perfect home.

Alas, no such luck finding said crystal info. As they say, "be careful what you wish for". As such, I feel that the green crystals for prosperity and money are not it. I cannot live inside a $100 bill!

Don't get me wrong, that would help, but that is not the solution for me. I seek a stable, tranquil & safe home, not cash. I specifically want to attract a home that would be perfect for me.

Unfortunately, I have a pattern of attracting dysfunctional homes; even when living on my own, I am surrounded by neighbors who are loud and inconsiderate, preventing me from resting/sleeping & causing me to have to move over and over again.

As I am much older now, and dealing with life-threatening illness, I can no longer keep this up. I need a home so I can do the life-saving medical treatments.

Those require absolute peace and quiet. I have been thinking about moving out of state, to a less densely populated area, but due to my disability, that is impossible for me to do.

I considered the blue crystals as what I most need in a home is peace, quiet, safety, and tranquility. But I feel those crystals would be placed inside the home, once I have found it. I also have a problem with stability.

Considering I am constantly moving, dozens of times per year, each year. I figured, a grounding black crystal for stability, I think, would be good. But again, such crystal would be placed inside the home, once I find one. And so the perfect home still eludes me.

I have NEVER had a stable home; I figure I have moved close to 1000 times by now. On this website, I learned about the yellow crystals, specifically Imperial Topaz for manifestation. So I bought the one that attracted me the most. (As stated in a previous message, I have had a setback with that one.)

I am currently working with Rhodonite and pink sapphire, in a bid to overcome the past and break the negative patterns that keep me attracting chaos & moving. (Perhaps I should mention that I am a Fire Horse; apparently, the nature of this Chinese sign is to move, but this is truly ridiculous!)

I must add that to complicate matters, I am unable to visualize myself in a stable, peaceful home, try as I might, that is blocked. That is why I had bought the Imperial topaz, because it is also said to help with faith, which I absolutely lack here. I am working with gratitude, and I also have Iolite.

I am wondering if I should start using it, as I have no imagination ability whatsoever. I am not a visual person at all and I never dream when I sleep, or I can't recall any dreams at all.

So, is there a crystal or a combination of crystals, that is specifically helpful in attracting one's perfect home? In the interim, I have set up black tourmaline and fluorite at all corners of my temp room to repel the bad neighbors' chaos. It helps somewhat.

Thank you for reading and to anyone who actually can tell me which crystals will help me in my quest for a stable, perfect-to-me home, may God bless you a thousand times over.

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Cathedral quartz formation.
by: Michael


I bought a cathedral quartz formation (rock crystal) before I knew where my new home was going to be and I bought it especially for in the new home.

A few months later I was offered an apartment in the city where I wanted to live, through a housing lottery. I was number one of 300 people who responded to that lottey.

So the idea of already buying something for your new place works and for me that was a rock crystal cathedral quartz formation.

I wish you the home you want and need!


Thank you
by: Cora

Thank you, Michael, how wonderful for you, and I so appreciate your inspirational contribution! I apologize, not to be a downer but only to share my clinical facts: in the past, that did not work for me. (I learned this technique from the book The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn)

As I am renting a cramped, tiny temporary room (with no space for displays), along with 90% of my possessions, my beautiful crystals are now currently sitting in storage, (only have a few with me) but the gorgeous, display chunk blue fluorite rocks that I had bought in hope & expectation to have made my last home stable & long lasting, alas did not work out to that aim for me, very sorry to say.

I guess, since nothing pops up in a deep online search, there must be no specific crystals whose energies are specifically indicated for attracting a house?

Seems to be a matter of using crystals to remove my own fears & negativity, to unravel the past, break repetitive patterns and then use manifestation crystals, I guess? I suspect it has to do with my deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness. Rhodonite, if I read correctly, is supposed to be the premier crystal for that, so I continue to work with it.

I am open to all suggestions, again I apologize for my negativity, and look forward to all your contributions. I will also report back as to any developments with the crystals that I am currently using. Thank you again so much, Michael. I am sure your technique will help someone lurking out there! :-) God bless.

Use EFT Tapping with Purpurite
by: Liz - Site Owner & Writer

Hi Cora

A stone that is well known to assist real estate situations is Purpurite, and you can find a full page written about it here... Purpurite. While I mainly talk on the page about sales, it also helps to make any real estate related issues flow more easily. I definitely have found this to be so.

Another thing that has helped me a lot to resolve issues in my life, and this includes helping me to find the right home to live in, is EFT Tapping also called Meridian Tapping.

EFT tapping clears emotional issues that are preventing you from living the life you would like to live. If you don't know how to do tapping, I have a page on my health site about EFT, check out the page here... Meridian Tapping

Although I use the idea of tapping for stress, you can substitute anything in that spot. The thing about EFT, is that as you do tapping, various things will surface in your mind, and you must keep a pen and paper handy and write them down as you go.

Truly it doesn't really matter what words you use, as long as the words relate to the issue.

The reason I use stress is that so many people have stress in their lives, and its relatively easy to clear the surface stress with tapping. But you need to chase down the thoughts that surface and discover the reason behind what is causing your problem.

So, while tapping, a thought may come up about some childhood issue. Listen to this and write it down, then tap on it. For me something that came up was a hurtful statement that a teacher had said to me in 5th grade... hard to believe that was stuck all this time in my energy field and making my life difficult.

Once I remembered and tapped on it, a few times, from different angles, I resolved a big issue that was keeping me stuck.

I hope you take the time, make the effort to tap, as this can make an amazing difference to your life.

I really do like Michael's suggestion too, I must remember that.

Best wishes Liz

Reply to Liz
by: Cora

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your kind answer. I am very excited about this purpurite, which I had never heard of before, being that I am not drawn at all to the run-of-the-mill crystals (citrine, amethyst, malachite, tiger eye, agate, garnet etc.), I was pretty happy to read about this one. I am also familiar with EFT "tapping" and I thank you for suggesting it, as I had not thought of it. :-)

The first thing that came thru is rejection. In fact that seems to have been the recurring theme of all my life, starting at birth. Not sure how to remove it from my energy field, since I have not known its opposite, hard for me to imagine acceptance or what that would feel like, but will do more tapping on that.

I did find your page on cassiterite and rejection. I dread acquiring new stuff, and that is a bit over budget right now, because it all ends up in storage! I was hoping maybe rhodonite heals rejection too, any idea? Didn't find any reports.

Otherwise, your page on iolite does say that helps with imagination and visualization. So I shall continue to use it. I much prefer to use the crystals that I currently have as opposed to buying new ones for the aforementioned reasons. I do have thulite for breaking patterns and I wonder if my blue apatite is as good as the yellow for manifestation?

Thanks again Liz, and for your wonderful website. I look forward to your insights. PS: OMG! the captcha now is "escrow", LOL! :D

Major breakthrough
by: Cora

using speech recognition software, so sorry if something doesn't make sense, I tried to catch all the grammatical errors etc. ________.

Okay! I want to report back my findings, in case this helps somebody lurking out there maybe even in the future. It feels odd to share this, as it is very personal. I did a third eye chakra linking with my Imperial topaz. I was planning to program it for attracting a home, when all of a sudden I got surprised with some insights coming back from the crystal to me.

What transpired was a feeling that has no words to it, that has been missing for me. I was made aware that my sense of, what I would describe as security in the sense of safety and stability in one's home, was shattered at a very young age and so I have never had a sense or taste of that. my subconscious has gone on to recreate that... ad nauseatum.

I have spent my entire life feeling threatened, particularly wherever I happened to attempt to sleep (never had a homey feeling, so can't call it a home) my survival at stake. Liz, you talked about stress in your reply to me and I forgot to tell you that yes, I have adrenal burnout. I cannot cope with any kind of stress whatsoever. So this is huge!!

My question and quest now is how does one getting a feeling of security? I guess I have the opposite, insecurity. So I went to find the definition of insecurity, and this is what Google says:

1-uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. (No, I don't doubt myself, am very sure of myself)

2-the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection. (Fireworks went off here; Houston, we have a winner!)

So this leads me to believe that it is not until I get this sense of personal security, particularly in the place where I live, that I will truly be able to find a home. (Which probably explains why visualising myself in my own house was blocked!! WOW!)

If there are any recommendations so far as any crystals that would bring this specific sense of home security that I seek, I am all ears. :-)

(PLEASE NOTE: it is not protection, per se, that I seek here, since I use black tourmaline for that and that is for protection from others when I have to go out at night, which is completely different than feeling a sense of stability and security and personal safety were one lives.

I think I need security within myself and protection from my panic attacks, the ones that tell me my sense of safety where I live is threatened, but threatened by my past not so much by any real enemy but by my own feelings, if that makes sense. I believe the Enemy Within, my own fears so to speak, is what constantly draw to me impossible living situations in the sense of unreasonable roommates crazy neighbors, etc. I suppose they are an outward manifestation of what is going on with me.

Interestingly enough, whenever I have had a kind and decent roommate, nice landlords, or quiet neighbors, I am invariably asked to move for reasons beyond my control such as people selling the place, the roommate moving out of state, losing my job et cetera.

So when not until I heal and remove those fears Within Me, will I be able to attract good, normal, kind and positive people surrounding me with peace and quiet instead of chaos. if anyone was wondering, yes I come from a very dysfunctional and abusive childhood.)

Thank you for reading and sorry for getting so personal. I know there's a lot of us out there who didn't have it coming up roses when growing up so hopefully this will help someone out there. Peace.

Can phosphosiderite substitute here?
by: Anonymous

Hi Liz,
Same situation here; I'm. VERY drawn to phosphosiderite and not at all to purpurite. Are they interchangeable to find a home?

I actually can't find "real estate" on my own, can't afford it and have bad credit. So I guess purpurite is out anyway, right? Will phospho help me here to find my ideal situation: a platonic male roommate who works a lot and is hardly ever home? Or even better, a rent-free arrangement? I need help hope you will reply soon, cos I need a home ASAP.

If purpurite will help me, I'll get it but again: can hardly afford rent and no good credit. = I won't be approved. Like Cora here, I go through a lot of rejection, so any stones to help REVERSE rejection and make me wanted and approved, please?

If the phospho below won't work for either, please suggest which to use.


Thanks a bunch Liz, I wish you much success in your lovely endeavors. Love your site, it's the best crystal site online (#2, crystal cure has disappeared, what a shock) so please never take it down! If you post links where to buy your recommendations, I'll use them, thanks. X

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