Dream Resolution

by George

I've had great relief from disturbing dreams of being attacked by demons and bad people etc since using the protective stones like Fire Agate and Obsidian, but there's one particular dream that has been recurring for many years now, and is still with me.

Basically it goes like this; I go somewhere, but then can't find my way back. Has anyone got any ideas about crystals that might help me with this issue?

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Recurring Dreams Happen For A Reason
by: natalie

Whether you come from the school of thought that dreams are messages from your subconscious, from your higher self, or from your guides, you are having these dreams because something in your life is needing attention.

Stones like Obsidian (especially the black variety) can bring shadow issues to the surface (ESPECIALLY during sleep) to force you to deal with them. So I'd suggest not using it and seeing what happens. They may go away, they may not.

If not, writing down your dream (with as much detail as you can) every time you have it and trying to get someone to help you with it may help you pin point how to attack this issue at the root.

Amethyst is always an excellent dream stone, as well as very protective (I prefer it over agate and obsidian hands down for protection because of its higher vibration). Celestite and Danburite are great for dreams as well. I've heard good things about jade also but haven't tried it yet.

When you identify what your issue is, then try integrating the Black Obsidian back into your therapy. Rutilated quartz makes for excellent healing too, and it does double duty by having a very cheery vibration. hope all goes okay.

Namaste Natalie

A Wandering Soul
by: george

Hi Natalie
Thanks for your input. My hunch is that I'm not very grounded, and that when I go wandering in my dreams it's not always easy to get back into my body. I've had this dream long, long before using crystals; and that's why I guess I'm drawn to the black stones. I would also identify with the issues that Liz writes about in regard to the Earth Star chakra.

Amethyst has been good for me, too, but blue stones like Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, or Blue Kyanite leave me feeling disturbed and somewhat vulnerable. I'm open to any further input.

Thanks, George.

Ground Yourself & Use EFT
by: Liz Oakes

Hi George

What Natalie says is quite valid and I absolutely agree with her in that if you record your dreams you may benefit from it.

I have a couple of suggestions that may help you. I would make an attempt if you can to get you bare feet on the ground, and ground to earth. Its hard in the winter I know but as summer approaches, (not far away now) make an effort to get your feet on the ground, and if you live anywhere near the coast go and walk in the water.

Walking in water is highly beneficial as it grounds you and helps you emotionally, as water is great for cleansing the emotions.

I also would suggest that you look at my article on my health site on EFT. I have worked with quite few people who have had issues where they have trouble at night, with visitors of some sort.

Like you I personally use Fire Agate, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline and various others which I change... including Scolecite to aid sleep, but you can combine this with EFT or tapping as well.

Tapping can be very effective to clear any negative energy around the problem. Checkout my article stress affect your overall health... which is on using EFT for stress, as EFT helped someone I know to be able to deal with her night visitors more calmly.

Try it for a few days and you may be surprised how effective it is. Many blessings to you Liz

The Barefoot Wanderer!
by: george

Thanks Liz,what you said was very valid. Strangely, just before seeing your reply, I'd just come back from a long walk, all the time telling myself I was walking to keep my feet on the ground! Also, I'd just taken off socks and shoes.

The walking in water is interesting; I've never heard that before. However, I grew up by the ocean, and have lived inland now for 30+ years, and one of the things I miss is paddling in the water's edge on a sunny day.

The last time I was at the sea was a couple of years ago, and I paddled and remember thinking "wow, feels like home," and it did me a world of good. I have tried EFT in the past, but I have to admit I'm hopelessly undisciplined about keeping these things up. That's why I love crystals; they do the work for me!

Maybe Not Amethyst Then...
by: Natalie

Oh, I had no idea you were having these issues while being out of body at the same time. Amethyst can induce obe's. Not sure how they will affect you but if you're having probs slipping out and not finding your way back, amethyst may not be the one to use then. Always worth a try though. :)

I read your comment to Liz, where you mentioned you were ungrounded. My hub has the same problem, working at a job where he does a lot of analytical thinking. For him, regular grounding is important. And it really doesn't take much time as you think. You don't even have to be outside (although it helps a great deal).

Maybe try a grounding meditation exercise right before bed, if possible with your fave grounding crystal. Although very grounding, Obsidian is usually considered a therapy stone, so you may want to move to something more gentle.

Hematite works wonders with grounding (and protection). I have heard in a dream group I belong to that it can also help ground the body during obe's. Hope that helps. Take care!

Bad dreams using obsidian crystal
by: Dragon

Since I've been using black obsidian at night I've been having very detailed dreams some bad. I've used snowflake obsidian and mahogany obsidian and have had no problems until I used black obsidian it's such a beautiful stone I don't want to stop using it so I hope it's causing these dreams to come to the surface to resolve issues😊

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