Psychic Protection

by Concerned

A few months ago, I came to the conclusion that when I dream of 'bad people' and 'evil spirits' entering my house (and then wake up next morning feeling wretched) it is because negative spirits of some kind have entered my system while I was asleep and out of my body.

I started wearing Amethyst, simply because that was what I had, and placed Black Obsidian under my pillow.

Last night, after months of lovely dreams full of helpful people, I took the Obsidian out from under the pillow and placed it on the bedside table instead.

That night the bad guys were back and in my 'house'. I woke up from the dream and grabbed the Obsidian, and immediately felt stronger and relieved. It's back under my pillow again!

The Amethyst seems to help me during the day, but I obviously need something stronger when I'm asleep. Perhaps I should wear the Black Obsidian during the day, too. Or maybe there's something more protective? What do you think?

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Psychic Protection
by: Trudy

I really don't have an answer to your question, but I would keep on putting the obsidian under your pillow. It doesn't sound as if you need it during the day. I too carry an Ameythst during the day for psychic protection from negative energies. Also, try a Rhodonite to leave on your table. It can keep spirits from coming around.

Psychic Protection Stones
by: Liz Oakes

Hello concerned. Your choice of Amethyst and Black Obsidian Stone were both good, but there are lots of other excellent psychic protection stones that you could have used, and that you might use as well.

I have an article on psychic protection, where there is a long list of all the possible crystals you might choose and many of the stones have specific in-depth articles on them.

Check out the information there about using a protective cloak, and if you are not already doing this you might like to start doing this on a daily basis.

Three of my favorite stones that I suggest you might like to add are Black Tourmaline, Kyanite and Fire Agate. I always have Black Tourmaline under my pillow at night along with Fire agate and a few other stones that change. Blue Kyanite or any other color of Kyanite is powerful for protection, and so are all the other colors of Kyanite.

I have an Amethyst cluster, one of the ones shown in my article on Amethyst Crystals on a table in the corner of the bedroom. I put my jewelry on top of it at night, to cleanse any negative energy from them, and except when I move it at full moon to get energized its there all the time.

I also like to carry a Fire Agate in my pocket. Its easy to get smaller ones that are light and easy to carry, as its good to have on you along with any other stones you have been working with. You could wear a Moldavite, pendant or ring and Peridot is also another one that people aren't aware is protective and has many other excellent qualities.

Also Moonstone and Labradorite are stones that many people have as jewelry that are protective. There are now lovely crystaline Kyanite stones available as jewelry, which makes it easy to keep on your body. I wear my Blue Kyanite ring often, as its not only protective but is very beautiful as well as being one of the psychic protection stones. Rhodonite is not one of the protective stones although it will help you to sleep better.

Check out the list of psychic protection stones, you may be surprised how many there are! I would also keep the Obsidian under your pillow for the moment. Blessings Liz

Kyanite For Protection
by: kate kelly

Kyanite is a crystal that provides psychic protection, day and night, it doesn't need cleansing very often and comes in black or blue. Black Kyanite keeps you grounded and removes negative patterns and is excellent for clearing auras and spaces with negative energy attached, Blue Kyanite brings tranquility and cleanses.

Carrying Kyanite and placing it near your bed will help protect you. For some reason you are leaving your energy field and chakras open to picking up negative energies. Here are some suggestions for cleansing yourself and your bedroom which should remove all negative energy. Cleanse your aura and the room by burning sage in the form of a smudge stick in a shell to represent the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and water.

Spread the smoke from the stage all around yourself and into every corner of the room. The sit quietly and clear your mind. Ask Archangel Michael to be with you and assist you in clearing all negative energy from yourself and your bedroom. Then visualize yourself surrounded by a ball of white or golden light.

Spend time seeing this light vividly in your minds eye then spread the light into every corner of the room. Then bring the light back to an egg shape around you. Finally ground yourself by seeing a beautiful large crystal of any color deep in the earth. See roots come from your feet down into the ground till they reach the crystal and see the roots wrap around the crystal.

If you are naturally an open person who picks up negative energy from the environment or other people you will need to cleanse and ground yourself on a regular basis.

I really hope this helps you
love and light
Kate Kelly

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