Shungite, Nuummite, Tugtupite, Charoite and Sodalite

by Leigh

I am relatively new to the use of crystals, however, I am immensely curious and wonder as to other people experience with being unknowingly attracted to all the high vibrational stones.

So far I have acquired many pieces of Charoite, Tugtupite, Nuummite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Shungite and Kyanite, just to name a few. Also, many of the higher blue and green chakra stones.

However, I seem to attract these without actually meaning to or intending to do so... I just keep stumbling across them and they end up coming home, and then I learn about them all afterwards.

Reading the info on this site, it seems these stones are used to aid or enhance psychic abilities etc, particularly in association with meditation. However, besides being new with the stones, I also have zero meditative abilities and am not overly excited at further enhancing my psychic abilities. So why am I drawn to these?

And in fact, is it a good idea to dive straight in at the top as it were, without working on the lower chakras first and moving from the base up?

As a side story, I recently had an interesting experience with a new and rather large crystal mass of Kyanite. I understand it is good with aligning all the chakras, so I lay down and placed it one by one against them. Eventually I must have fallen asleep and woke to find it resting under my pillow, and giving me the most intense feelings of buzzing and disorientation I have ever experienced.

These quickly subsided after I ran away from it. Also, my mother finds her migraine triggered whenever she passes near by.

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Shamanic Journey
by: Mili

Hello Liz, hello friends. I'd like to out an answer. When you read about Nuummite and some other stones, there is term "shamanic journeys". What does the term means? What is "shamanic journey"?

Does the website owner know about this page?
by: Anonymous

Weird, I just landed here. Can't believe just anyone can post anything. Anyway to the OP you must be energetically allergic to Kyanite. I have some stones I put under my pillow and sometimes I have great pleasant dreams, other times I wake up as if I'd slept too much (I don't, rarely ever get over 4-6hrs) and extremely groggy. This passes immediately upon removal of stone from under pillow.

I bought some Kyanite, now I"m wondering if it's safe, haven't used it so far it's packed.

Would like someone to explain the differences between Nuummite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline. They all seem to do the same thing and I think they're impossible to tell apart. Sometimes one has to wonder how a buyer even knows what they're selling. s

Difference Between Crystals
by: Liz Oakes (Site Owner)

You asked about how to tell the difference between Nuummite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite? To help you I thought I'd put links to various pages so you can read about these stones.

Well lets start with Shungite. It has an unusual sort of look to the stone... almost like a pattern, and its quite obvious. See the photo on the top of the article? I try to take photos that show obvious attributes to make it easier to identify the specific stones... and there are many photos here in the actual article about Shungite.

Secondly Nuummite. Well it can get mixed up with other stones, usually not with Shungite or Black Tourmaline, but maybe with Arfvedsonite or Astrophyllite.

Look at the photos of it in the article about it, and you can see that it has Labradorescence within it. This is a word used to describe the way it looks different, the colors seem to flash when it is moved around. Various colors, often gold, but also other colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple may be able to be seen in the stone. So its not just a plain black stone. You have to move the stone to see the colors. If there is no colors it may have been wrongly labelled as Nuummite.

Lastly one of my favorite stones, Black Tourmaline. If its a Black Tourmaline tumble it can get mixed up, as they are harder to identify, so look for one that is a natural shape. They often have vertical ridges on the stone, and you can clearly see what I mean in the top photo in the article on this stone.

Regarding Kyanite, lets start by saying Kyanite is very safe, in fact it doesn't need cleansing, unless its dusty, that sort of thing. But energetically it doesn't absorb negativity. Read more information about Kyanite on its page.

Lastly you asked if I knew about this page? Hahaha! This is my site, and I know about this page, as nothing goes up unless I click a button to allow it. And I won't let people post inappropriate stuff of course. This is a place I put up to allow people to have conversation about crystals. Easier than searching everywhere for what you need to know. Sometimes I answer questions, sometimes I don't depends on how much time I have. Often other readers will answer the question for me, and that is the point, it allows sharing to take place.

All the best Liz (Site Owner)

Reaction to Kyanite
by: Aileen

I have had some strong reactions to particular stones. The kyanite may have been too strong for you to use alone at that time, especially if it was clearing a lot all at once.

Sometimes if a stone is too strong for me it helps to use something else in conjunction that is very grounding. I find something like chlorite quartz very useful for this because it's also very soothing. Black stones like onyx might also be good for you.

Another possibility is that you are having a reaction due to a particularly resistant blockage. You may need to work up to it, or make sure you are fully intending and open to this kind of cleansing/releasing work. You might subconsciously be resisting.

Not to alarm, but this could also be a result of negative intentions or negative entities. When I have had trouble with others sending negative intentions at me, whether just thinking about it or doing ritual work around it, it has been difficult to use protective stones. Those kinds of things can really affect you, physically as well as mentally. I have had problems using certain stones in the past because of entity attachments. Or sometimes removing a particular blockage will be difficult and generate physical reactions. You may need to ask the universe for clarity to find out more about this... black obsidian has helped me with this in the past (and is also protective/grounding).

To be safe, you could try smudging the kyanite with white sage. Best practice, though, is to make sure to ground and use grounding stones.

If all else fails, I've read that you can charge a quartz crystal with another stone like kyanite and then use the quartz crystal in its place. (People do this to make elixirs and such when the stone itself cannot be used directly.) You can probably find more detailed instructions on this site or elsewhere.

High Vibration Stones
by: Aileen

Ah... I reread your post and wanted to mention that Nuummite is also very grounding. Might be good to use in conjunction with kyanite. Just be aware that it can bring things to the surface that you need to work on.

I personally started out being drawn to more grounding and protective stones. I am more of an earth person. My husband loves high-vibration stones and started being drawn to high-vibration crystals when he was younger. His mother's side of the family has psychic abilities, but they don't work with them. It got him to learn more about meditation and energy and actually use more of those abilities.

I think it's the universe working through synchronicity to call you... perhaps to unlock latent psychic abilities, to become aware of something you need to work through (my case), etc. A lot of the stones you mentioned are good for insight, inner awareness, cleansing and healing. Perhaps you have more psychic ability than you know. Maybe there is something you need to work through (from your past or otherwise) that is blocking it.

Just a thought.

Entity attachments
by: Mimi

Hi Liz, I would like to ask, which stones would you recommend to protect me and my aura from picking up entity attachments?

I have had several in the past... would it be possible for a stone to serve such a strong purpose of protection? I think I may need something stronger than Black Tourmaline. Also some of the rarer stones i do not have access to.

Thank you kindly, Mimi.

Preventing Entity Attachments
by: Liz Site Owner and Writer

Hi Mimi

There are a few crystals I can recommend to for preventing entity attachments.

I have my bed gridded with fire agate, I write about it on the page about fire agate. It is a potent stone to use to stop entities form attaching as it creates a very strong barrier around you.

Maori Greenstone also called Bowenite has an excellent energy for this purpose. You might be able to get pendant of that fairly easily.

Other stones you might use includes Pyrolusite, Aegirine, Muscovite, Maori Greenstone, Mt Hay Thunderegg also called Amulet stone or Star Agate, Kimberlite, Tantalite, Aurichalcite or Cookeite.

Mt Hay Thundereggs are easy to get here in Australia, you can pick up pieces at gemshows, especially from carpark sellers.

Pyrolusite is an amazingly strong stone for this purpose, but is very fragile, so you can't keep it on you. I tried that and my first one broke into many pieces.

Tantalite is also very strong, and is found in Australia but is uncommon. Keep your eye out for it at gemshows too. Likely to get it from miners who go after unusual stone. Kimberlite, Cookeite, Aegirine or Muscovite are not as strong as the others, but have some other excellent properties making them worth having and are fairly easy to get.

Best Liz... Site Owner and Writer

by: Anonymous

For me nuumite was a stone I was not expecting at a shop I usually go to. That day I felt drawn to something and I did not know what it was. All of a sudden my feet became frozen in front of a display case. I could not move at all - tried but could not. So I looked at the crystals in the case. Nuumite caught my eye. The one I was interested was a diamond shaped pendant.

I asked to hold it to just get the feel of it. Super hard to describe how I felt so to make it simple: it was mine in capital letters. I feel a since of peace and comfort when wearing it and a sense of knowing feeling and other worldiness feeling. This stone is one of the very very few stones that stopped me in my tracks.

Other stones I liked and bought because I needed them or thought I did at the time but I love the ones that I do not expect at all. I've done research on Nuummite afterwards from this very website and it is the right stone for me.

High Vibe Stones
by: Anonymous

This is actually how I got started on my path. I have all of those stones except one and the first one I was intentionally attracted to ( sook out) was Nuummite because I was being psychically attacked and taking on the energy of everything. I wanted protection from the things coming after me I could sense but not see.

It's good for shielding, especially from darker parasitic energies. I looked for it for YEARS before just stumbling on a piece at a local gem shop. I now wear Nuummite 24/7 in a bracelet combined with Fire Agate.

The first one I was unconsciously attracted to was Sodalite. Once in the thick of the ascension journey as I was consciously trying to heal blocks, I found it in my stuff in 2017; at that point I'd had the sodalite necklace, earrings, and a bracelet since 2001.

I was born with gifts but didn't see a practical way to use them; I was very left-brained about everything way back then. The crystals I was attracted to were trying to alert me to mission.<>

What I have found on my journey, is that certain stones will cross your path because they contain energy that you need for growth. I have always been attracted to high vibrational stones without knowing it as well. Turns out, the answer to why was in my birth chart.

I have a lot of aspects that directly point to being of service to humanity as a psychic for a very specific area/events of life on the ascension journey. These stones were coming into my life because I needed to fully grasp what had happened to me, and what was happening to me so that I can teach others how to navigate similar situations. Definitely not the career path I thought I was going to end up in, lol.

My advice; check your astrological birth chart. The answer is almost always there on why you're drawn to anything & everything. If Tropical doesn't feel right, try Sidereal. But I guarantee; the universe is trying to get your attention for a reason with those crystals.

In the case of the very first high vibe stone, sodalite, it was directly tied to learning how to communicate. How to use my voice to channel healing high vibrational messages to those going through very dark times; I had an incredibly blocked throat chakra when this journey began and I have a natal Gemini North Node placement.

Can't properly teach people through speaking if your throat chakra is blocked * shrugs*.

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