Known As The Sorcerers Stone

➤ By Liz Oakes

Nuummite is also called the Sorcerer’s Stone as it has a magical mystical energy. Once you begin to resonate with its powerful energy you may understand why.

It has a deeply felt resonance that is an extraordinary aid to move your spiritual growth forward quickly. 

Within this dark stone is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth. 

If you use it, this may help you to attune yourself with deep earth energy. 


Its energy also aids the way coincidence and synchronicity works in your life, and this can be a very powerful vibration to assist you.

This is an ancient stone with a potent vibration that embodies strong metaphysical properties.

After using this stone you may find an inclination for using your personal magical abilities, and a desire to learn more about this subject may emerge. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Nuummite?

Nuummite are helpful healing crystals for you to make use of, as they embody a strong energy within them that commonly brings good luck.

A piece of Nuummite stone commonly creates an increase in the both the number of occurrences, and the frequency of synchronistic events that you may experience in your life.

This seemingly random bringing together of unrelated events is a strong aid to moving you forward in your life, and may assist manifestation.

NuummiteNuummite Stone

It is also known as the magician’s stone. Magic is often misunderstood, and some people feel that magical abilities are not positive.

On the contrary, the mastery of magic can be a force for extreme good.

By attuning yourself with earth energy and the elemental forces and elemental beings, you can add to the positive energy within your life.

It will attune with your energy to accentuate any magical abilities you already possess.

Who Should Use Nuummite Crystals?

The strong energy of Nuummite may allow you to have faith in the level of psychic protection against negative entities that it embodies. 

It is possible that you may have difficulty using these very dark, almost black stones.

It commonly brings your attention to parts of yourself that you may be reluctant to face, and deal with.

Nuummite PalmstoneNuummite

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This type of situation has been termed the 'dark night of the soul' and it can be a very challenging situation to be in. 

This dark stone will shine light into the depth of your sub-conscious.

For some folk this can be challenging, as in doing so may shine light on things you may have preferred did not come to light.

Use this stone when you are ready to face those parts of yourself, that you may have avoided knowing about and feared, including guilt, shame and fear itself.

Nuummite resonates powerfully within the earth star chakra, which may help your to release negative energies.

This powerful stone can help to enhance your magical powers and make contact with these elemental forces. The energy of this stone is also highly protective.

It is especially useful against stronger levels of magic and sorcery that may be directed against you.


Nuummite is easy to buy, and is a potent stone to utilize as it is a powerful shamanic journeying stone.

Once you have mastered its energy, you may find that you are able to more easily move forward on these inner journeys.

Nuummite Helps To Release Negativity

Nuummite will aid you to release negative energy related to past life experiences as well as karma that has held you in a state of inability to move forward.

Fortunately the energy of this stone aids you to persist. They help you to persevere and give you the strength to continue.

The positive thing about these experiences is that once faced, you can move your life forward in a new way.


While they are releasing any deep karma, this may also encourage you to be able to let go of issues that you have been holding onto that may relate to one of these karmic issues.

They have a number of beneficial healing properties for physical healing and are known to help problems in the throat, the eyes and to aid your vision.

They are good crystals for headaches and are known to aid pain and discomfort related to degenerative diseases and related health conditions, by aiding tissue regeneration.

How To Use This Mystical Magical Earth Energy

By using it in meditation, its unique vibration will help you to begin to develop your ability to utilize the mystical, magical earth energy that is embodied within these stones.

The vibration of Nuummite will connect the base or root chakra and the crown chakra.

This stone of magic may then promote the movement of this strong earth energy throughout the body in a circular motion. 

This will take any excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth chakra, to provide grounding to the earth and Mother Gaia.


This is said to help to remedy any lack of power in your system, caused by past life blockages that are karmic in nature.

This activity will bring in energy from the etheric to be used in the physical body and cleanse you of any negative entities that may be present.

If you wish to use this stone in rituals, it is said that it should be set in silver, and worn at these times.

Wearing Nuummite

Wearing a Nuummite pendant is an easy way that you can wear it every day, and it is possible to buy a range of lovely jewelry made from this stone.

In common with other dark stones, it has a powerful spiritual grounding action. Having it on your body may help you to integrate its energy.

Using this crystal in your daily life will stimulate your intellect and enhance your mental faculties.

The vibration of these black crystals have a strong electro-magnetic quality and create a good strong electromagnetic field around the body.

Nuummite PendantNuummite Crystal Heart Shaped Pendant

It's energy may allow you to more easily remember and later recollect important ideas and deep knowledge stored in the depths of your subconscious.

This is a great stone that can be helpful to stimulate the occurrence of synchronistic events in your life as well as helping to sharpen your mental abilities.

If you have been strongly attracted to this stone, it may be the process of coincidence and synchronicity that this stone creates.

Within Nuummite is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth.

Keeping it within your energy field may aid you to attune yourself with deep earth energy, that you can call on at times of great need.

Once you begin to resonate with the energy of this dark stone you may understand why it will enhance your spiritual growth and personal power.

NuummiteNuummite Stone

As you find a stronger inclination to use your personal magical abilities, it may increase good luck via an increase of your inner power, and may promote manifestation.

It enhances both the number and frequency of coincidences or synchronicity occurring around you.

It may also trigger the help of guardian angels and other angelic beings at the same time.

How Will It Help Your Personal Magical Abilities?

This is a stone of personal magic that has a strong energy, and is excellent fashioned into the crystal skull shape.

This energy can be utilized by doing a crystal skull meditation, a powerful way to utilize this stones energy.

This stone may be used as gazing stone, where you may be enabled to use your psychic vision to see things that may be hidden. 

Nuummite has a strong vibration that may assist you with developing your intuitive abilities.

As your personal magical and mystical abilities begin to be heightened, you may find an increase in synchronicities occurring in your life.

The energy of this stone is active within the third eye chakra and used there will resonate strongly to create major change relating to the third eye, soma and crown chakra energies.

Where Is It From? Nuummite Meaning

Nuummite has been found in only a couple of locations in the world. The meaning of the name Nuummite comes from the place where it was first discovered in Greenland.

This was in the principality of Nuuk, and its name was formed from this place name. 

This location is a very remote area in Greenland, a rugged mountain area north of Nuuk. It was later found in Canada, Spain and the United States but these are smaller deposits.

Nuummite is said to be a rare stone and is purported to be one of the oldest minerals found.

It was thought to have been formed over 3 billion years ago, and is one of the most ancient stones known to man.

Other stones including Isua Stone have been found in that area as well and they too have ancient origins.

It may also be called Nuummit, and it is a dark charcoal gray to black in color, and within the stone it exhibits Labradorescence.

The word Labradorescence refers to the way it seems to change the way it looks when it is moved around, and different colors may be able to be seen.

This play of amazing colors throughout the stone, may be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, although the most common reflected color is gold.

My Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts: as it continues to enhance your clairvoyant abilities, and other psychic abilities you may find this is highly beneficial.

You may discover that this is the beginning of a journey where you may experience major changes happening in your way of thinking.


You may also change how you perceive the world through recognition of your true nature.

Combined with its strength to aid clarity of thought, this may help you to make decisions based on intuition and clear thought, and to speak clearly what you have learned.

Best Crystals To Use With Nuummite

What are the best crystals to combine with Nuummite?

The vibration of this crystal will be boosted by combining it with Pink Tugtupite  stone.

Both of these stones are found in the same area of Greenland, and it is possible to obtain the two stones naturally intergrown.

Adding another of the stones also from that area may be beneficial.

The white Cryolite stone brings through powerful emotional healing, and both Isua Stone and the very dark Aegirine stone come from that area and are strong psychic protection stones.

If you wish to use these stones specifically for shamanic journeying, you might choose to combine it with Shamanite a type of Black Calcite, Covellite or with Shaman Stones.

The addition of Purple Amethyst Crystals may help you if you feel that you require extra spiritual protection.

It may also be used along with Goshenite, Amazonite, Hanksite and Rosasite to give you a greater degree of understanding of the real meaning of truth.

You may choose to combine it with Moldavite to aid faster transformation.

You might like to combine it with some of the high crystal energy stones, which may help to boost psychic gifts. This includes Moldavite, Natrolite, Scolecite or Amethyst Elestial Quartz.

Amethyst Elestial QuartzAmethyst Elestial Quartz

To aid manifestation add in Sunstone, Citrine, Yellow Apatite and Libyan Desert Glass also known as Libyan Gold Tektite.

To accentuate the development of any of the psychic abilities such as your clairvoyant gifts, add in Labradorite, Shattuckite, Rainbow Moonstone or Pietersite.

If you wish to strengthen the energy of this stone related to its magical attributes, you may choose to combine this stone with strong stones that enhance these gifts.

Stones such as Black Onyx, Mordenite, Labradorite, Jet and Petoskey Stone may assist its mystical energy.

When you are working with this stone on deep issues, the addition of stones to bring added spiritual light into the situation is an advantage.

Specifically both Astrophyllite and Creedite may be added for this purpose, and add in Stellerite to help spiritual transformation.

Nuummite is an ancient stone, and this ancient energy will be accentuated when you use it in combination with another ancient stone called Shungite.

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Magical Mystical Nuummite also called The Sorcerers StoneMagical Mystical Nuummite also called The Sorcerers Stone

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