Crown Chakra Crystals

by GW

As far as I can ascertain, my chakras are all working reasonably well - except for the crown. I've tried a few different crown crystals, plus kyanite (because I would have had several head injuries as a youngster) but so far it just won't budge.

Beautiful feelings of warmth, love, bliss etc, sometimes rise up through my body, but stop just above the eyes. It's like they hit a wall here, a cold wall.

From your own experiences, what crystals have you found to be MOST useful in freeing up the crown?

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Stimulating Your Crown Chakra
by: Liz - Site Writer

In regard to freeing up your crown chakra, I personally found that the very high vibration stones have the most effect in that area. Be careful though at the beginning, as when you use some of the high vibration stones, they can be highly stimulating, so make sure you ground yourself properly after using them. See this article on spiritual grounding and be sure to ground yourself.

The ones that first made a major impact on my crown were Phenacite, Herderite and Natrolite. Check out my article on high crystal energy stones as there are quite a few others that can help. Someone on Facebook suggested Selenite and I realized I hadn't asked which stones you had already tried?

Once you have opened up your crown expect to also open your soul star chakra above that and you may find many things happen simultaneously. Psychic abilities can open up at the same time as well, especially psychic visions or clairvoyant gifts, though can also be clairaudience which was what developed first in me. And you may start to make contact with beings in the higher realms such as guides etc.

Nirvana Quartz is a quite stunning stone to work with too, and its very likely to open your crown. If none of these work, I would be surprised, so let me know how you get on!

All the best

Love and light Liz

opening crown chakra
by: Empathic Energy

You can also physically open your crown chakra by snapping your fingers above your head 3 times then circling your hand palm down 3 times counter clock wise then 3 times clock wise above the crown chakra.

If you do pendulum work you can also use that to open the chakras and meditation helps too.

by: Anonymous say it stops just above your eyes! Have you ever thought it might be your third eye/brow chakra that is closed or blocked...? As this is the chakra that most would have problems with, opening or unblocking, for it is the intuitive eye and unless you're actually aware of it being open or unblocked could well be the cause of your light going no further... Try a few healing crystals as opposed to opening crystals...

Amethyst is calming and relaxing on the third eye and if left for a short while up to 20 minutes with calm and no distractions should do the trick... If on the other hand you know your third eye opens and is unblocked, use the same amethyst for the crown... I use a less powerful stone to release tensions and aspirations of the crown opening first, before going ahead with crown crystals such as clear quartz, Apophyllite etc.

Hope this helps.
Source: I'm a Certified Crystal Healer

Nirvana Quartz
by: GW

Hi, and thanks for your observations and advice. I got hold of a piece of nirvana quartz a couple of days ago. I think I'm still getting attuned to it (or it to me?) I haven't felt any physical reaction, but there is perhaps a sense of the ice-cap on the top of my head thawing a little. I do, however, feel very calm. Perhaps this is to do with the crystal.

I have considered that the issue might be with my 3rd eye as opposed to the crown, but what it always feels like to me is that my 3rd eye is overloaded because energy can't flow up and out, so gets channelled out the 3rd eye instead,; leaving it very overworked.

If that makes sense to you. Anyhow, I figure that if there is a problem here the nirvana quartz will help anyway.

I'll keep you posted.

Nirvana Quartz
by: Alex

Nirvana Quartz is one of the good stones and it is very helpful to open your crown. So I prefer you to use this stone instead of crown chakra crystal. You just try this stone and check whether it is useful to you or not.

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