Assisting Personal Shifts and Spiritual Growth

Written By Liz Oakes

Natrolite Crystals are possibly the most powerful variety of zeolite stone. 

They are stones that will create amazing personal shifts, as they are high vibration crystals with amazing energy.

If you are working on your spiritual growth these crystals are extremely beneficial, and they work well in combination with other high energy stones.

This stone is one of this very helpful group of crystals, with strong metaphysical properties that make it most desirable to own.


Zeolites generally as a group of stones can assist the environment, as they absorb toxic products and odors, so it is an excellent stone to have in your home.

Where Is It From? Natrolite Meaning

Natrolite is a zeolite that has been found in Australia, Germany, India, Russia, the Czech Republic and the USA. It comes in a range of colors, with lovely white stone coming from Russia.

This includes pure white, colorless, pale yellow, green, orange, brown and grey. 

The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word "natrium" meaning soda, because of its high sodium content.

The Zeolite family is very large and these crystals are also known as good cleansers.

Stilbites are another one of the zeolite's, and many crystals including Herderite, Cavansite and Apophyllite are formed in a base of Stilbite.

Quite a number of minerals are found in a  Natrolite base, including Benitoite. Specimens containing Benitoite in Natrolite are lovely to use.

These Crystals Are Powerful Zeolites

The positive effect of this crystal on the nervous system, and its ability to harmonize the nervous system with the Lightbody, may be a reason to choose to use it.

The unusual effect that you feel when you use Natrolite, seems to be peculiar to this stone. You are very aware of it, and it can have different effects on different occasions. 

It is almost as if it goes into your mind with this amazing search light and turns it over, as if it is sorting through what is there and looking for something.

Natrolite on CalciteGorgeous Natrolite on Calcite, has formed like flowers! This is actually a small piece, the picture is enlarged to show you the lovely way it formed!

The vibration of this stone aids you to make contact with spirit and if you wish may help you to develop the gift of automatic writing.

You can develop this gift by committing each day to write in your journal, as when you are doing daily journaling it is possible that you may receive written communication directly from spirit.

The process of synchronicity may lead you in the direction you require to go for your greatest growth, if you allow your intuition to guide you.

The spiritual path seems to leads you in many directions.

If you use this stone, understand that it may take you somewhere quite different and in a new direction as is known to be an ascension stone.

Use the power of coincidence and synchronicity that having this high crystal energy stone in your life will encourage.

When it is coupled with other high vibration stones, the vibration of this stone will create powerful growth in your overall spirituality and health.


Using this stone is an extraordinary experience, and one that you would only choose if you want to allow yourself to move your life in a new direction. 

This is a very powerful stone, that is known to aid the development of a range of psychic abilities. 

These abilities include the development of telepathic abilities, psychic visions also known as clairvoyance, clairsentience aka clear feeling and clairaudience aka psychic hearing.

Why Would You Use It?

Natrolite brings profound spiritual shifts and has a marked effect on those who are using it. 

These crystals are absolutely startling stones, for those who wish their spiritual journey to move quickly.

Once you have used Herderite and if new paths have been opened, using Natrolite feels like it is going into the same part that Golden Herderite was in and doing something new to that part of the brain.

Orange NatroliteOrange Natrolite

If you are interested in rare and high vibration crystals it is possible to buy many interesting and powerful stones from different sources.

They may create change in your life, and may take you to new levels. If that is what you want, look for one, find one and use it. It may change your life for the better.

Natrolite is said to also help water related physical problems such as edema and water retention, and it is said that this crystal is useful for those who have a fear of water.

NatroliteNatrolite Specimen

It is one of the most powerful stones for stimulation of the third eye, crown and soul star chakra.

As you meditate with it, you will feel its strong pulsing energy move through the soul star chakra and up through the higher transpersonal chakras.

Natrolite is like an amazing beam of intense light and energy, creating change as it goes. 

Used before you have used Herderite, which is another stone that strongly effects the brain, you feel that it is opening up part of your brain and looking into it.

How Will It Help You? Wearing Natrolite

Wearing a Natrolite Pendant may be beneficial, as it will empower you in a totally new way.

It helps to create a change in your energy that may stimulate coincidence or synchronicity to happen more frequently in your life.

Natrolite PendantNatrolite Pendant

This stone has an excellent effect on the nervous system, and assists those who want to use other strong energy crystals for spiritual growth.

It is known as a stone that will prepare you spiritually for amazing shifts to happen, and may assist the development of clairvoyant abilities.

One of the first things it does is to aid the nervous system to be able to deal with high vibrations.  Other high vibration stones such as Phenacite and Herderite may be easier to assimilate after using this stone.

Although in the past this has been a stone that has been difficult to find, it is now becoming a little easier to obtain.

As Natrolite is part of the group of strong crystal energy stones, they may be able to purchased at the same places. They are stones that can be used together, as they are all taking you on a journey to elevate your spiritual growth.

How To Use It

The best way of using Natrolite is in meditation.  Coupling it with other high vibration stones when you are doing a meditation with crystals is the most powerful use for it.

As many of the high crystal energy stones are difficult to find except as small specimens, pair them with Herkimer's to elevate the energy of smaller stones.


Many healers create wands with combinations of these stones, to aid them in healing different problems. 

It is possible to buy multi crystal wands already created with these stones.

If you can get one ready made it may be an excellent tool to use in a healing environment. 

Before buying such a wand, trial using different combinations to see what you prefer.

If you want to make your own to trial the idea, one way to attach them to a Selenite wand is to use tape made for wounds. 

It sticks to itself and allows the energy through and doesn't stick to the stone. Thank you to the person who told me this as its a great tip!

Using It With Other Stones

White Natrolite occurs naturally with Blue Benitoite, Neptunite and Cavansite and these are all good combinations to use.

Using any of the stones below that are high vibration with Blizzard Stone, helps to make you feel more stable and grounded when you are working in the higher realms.

Use it with strong high vibration stones such as Herderite, Celestite, Moldavite  and Herkimer Diamonds all make excellent companions to use with it.

Other powerful high vibration stones you might to use with it includes Stellar Beam Calcite, Tanzanite, Clear Apophyllite and Scolecite.

More Pictures Of Natrolite


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