Awaken Latent Powers Of Your Mind

➤ By Liz Oakes

Herderite is a rare stone whose specific frequency stimulates dormant areas of the brain. 

Meditation with it may open new pathways in the brain, and awaken latent powers of your mind.

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use to heighten your ability to be alert to spirit's communication with you and they may enhance a range of different psychic gifts.


Pieces of these rare minerals may be very small, so take notice of that when buying them, but they do have a strong energy that resonates very well.

They have a strong energy within the higher chakras, and using them for meditation may assist the development of a range of psychic abilities.

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A Stone For Amazing Change: How Will It Help You?

Herderite is a crystal that will allow you to access the higher transpersonal chakras, especially when you use it in combination with other high vibration stones.

It has an ability to unify your mind with your spirit.

Any color of this stone can be used by anyone who wishes to utilize the unusual natural crystal energy, which is especially potent in the Golden Herderite stones.

Golden HerderiteGolden Herderite

I personally worked with both brownish golden stones and the pale green ones first, and later found the purple and the lovely lavender Blue stones.

While all of the Herderite colors are slightly different, working with these stones has created an acceleration of my clairvoyant abilities.

For anyone who wants enhanced clairvoyant abilities, psychic visions and stronger spiritual growth, this is a stone to experience.

The different colored Herderite have slightly different properties but all have an amazing ability to develop pathways in the brain and expand the potential of the brain.

As a direct result of this use you may find that you become aware of the future possibilities of your expanded consciousness.


Within the body, and particularly in the brain, there are genetic triggers waiting to be activated. 

Once you activate these triggers you may begin to use the superior gifts and talents gained.

Why Would You Use Herderite?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use this unique stone including:

  • Using this stone's high frequency crystal energy to raise the vibration of the body.
  • It's energy may stimulate your memory and your learning abilities and may also kindle a growth in your creativity.

You can set in motion the changes needed to enhance your future way of life as you continue to use Herderite.

They are strong stones to trigger your clairaudient ability, and you may find that you quickly develop psychic hearing when you use them regularly.


As you explore new areas of interest that this stone stimulates, you begin to increase and embrace your capacity for change.

These newly gained talents or abilities may include an increase in your psychic skills that can lead to psychic employment.

Your enhanced leadership qualities, tact and your ability to work harmoniously within a team will be of benefit to you.

The brownish orange crystals also have good healing properties and are known to aid problems within the brain.

They may particularly help those who have an illness of the brain such as a stroke, or have been in an accident causing a brain injury.

They are excellent crystals for headaches and migraines and are best used as soon as the headache starts.

They are also especially helpful if the headache relates to an injury of the brain.

Meditation With Herderite

It is easy to combine meditation with using your crystals, simply by holding one in your hand.

If you are not sure about how to do meditation, take a look at my page about doing a daily crystal meditation

Meditating with the golden variety is amazing, as you may find yourself ascending to an area where you feel a strong sense of the Divine Presence.

HerderiteBlue Herderite

This contact has the potential to be life changing, and may encourage you to become more aware of who you are, and what you are on this planet to achieve.

Meditation with the green Herderite variety will not be as strong as the golden or purple stones, but will still make you highly aware of why you are here on this planet at this time.

How To Use It? Who Should Use It?

To make the best use of this crystal meditate with it regularly. It is good to meditate every day if you can, even if its only for five to ten minutes. 

There are many benefits to meditation including to make you feel calmer and less stressed. Your sense of self becomes clearer as you move beyond the everyday and into the spiritual path.

If you allow yourself to use this expanded awareness you may then look to the future potential of your increased capabilities.

Blue HerderiteBlue Herderite

You may use this expanded potential to make your life better, to create healing within your entire body, and to effect all those around you as well. 

I have worked with quite a lot of stones, and the way the energy of this stone works, makes it one of the most powerful crystals you could use.

These stones may help you to develop psychic gifts, and in particular it may aid the development of automatic channeled writing.

If you recognize that you can become more, you need simply to accept the responsibility and use all of the tools at your disposal.


By using these beautiful rare crystals you simply decide that you will move forward on the path that human evolution is leading you.

Do you want to make a difference? Are you ready to take up the challenge that it presents to you? 

Herderite is simply a remarkable tool given to humankind to use to create a better future.

While the energy of the different colors is not exactly the same, all of them are potent stones for personal growth.

HerderitePale Green Herderite

The common sensation is a feeling of being able to access the Higher Realms, and more easily make contact with spirit.

At different times during meditation I have used the different colors of these stones, including the blue stones.

The higher transpersonal chakras include the soul star chakra, is where this stone is most effective at creating change.

Where Is It From? Herderite Meaning

The meaning of this stones name is related to a German mining official named von Herder, that it was named after.

Those drawn to work with it should consider obtaining as many varieties of the natural crystals as possible, as each accelerates your growth in different areas.

If the specimens that you obtain are small, you may choose to use them with Herkimer Diamonds or Moldavite to boost their energy.

It is in Brazil that there are the largest numbers of Herderite being found. There are pale green and some rare bright green ones that come from Afghanistan.

The Golden Brown and Golden Herderite stones come from Brazil.

They work powerfully when paired with the greyish purple Herderite and the Lavender Blue stones that come from Africa. 

Some of these colors are less easy to come by than others, and all may be classified as rare minerals.

Some stones labeled as Herderite may actually be Hydroxylherderite. 

The difference relates to a slight difference in their chemical make-up but they are very similar and have a similar energy.

The colors of these rare crystals may also be pale yellow, green, greenish white, pale green, colorless, brownish, gray, lavender, translucent gray, golden brown and some uncommon purples and blues.

Blue Herderite

HerderiteLavender Blue Herderite

Blue Herderite crystals have a very high vibration, and like other colors of this stone are well known for their action to stimulate new pathways in the brain.

The blue stones are perhaps a little smoother than the Golden Herderite, and are lovely stones to use to boost psychic gifts.

Their crystal properties can be seen most clearly when you use them in meditation, and they are powerful stones to stimulate a greater awareness of your spiritual being, and using them may aid your spiritual growth.

You may choose to use Blue Herderite or any other color of these powerful stones while you are doing a meditation to boost psychic gifts.

Their distinctive energy assists you to connect to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra and even to link to the higher chakras in the etheric body.

Purple Herderite

This is a quite new color of this high vibration crystal. Like the other colors of Herderite, it has a very high crystal energy that vibrates particularly strongly at the higher chakras.

Purple Herderite may take a little longer to have an effect than the Golden variety, but when it does it has an extraordinary vibration.

It may stimulate the kundalini awakening process, as it has a strong action to move the energy from the base chakra all the way up to the highest body chakra at the crown.

It is of value to stimulate impulsive action, so if you are usually cautious and want to change this, this lovely stone may help you.

HerderiteGreyish Purple Herderite

Another interesting aspect of the purple crystal is that it stimulates you to feel more motivated and to discover your potential.

Its vibration may arouse you to pursue your goals and to learn what is holding you back from going in the direction you desire, by helping you to remain completely in the moment.

It also aids you to be a better decision maker as it aids you to let go of feelings of bias that may sway your judgment, and it will aid you to be more assertive.

Best Crystals To Use With Herderite

What are the best crystals to combine with Herderite?

If you have a problem with making good decisions, you may like to pair this stone with other crystals that aid decision making, such as Ethiopian Opal, Wavellite, Bloodstone, Grandidierite or Clear Apophyllite.

This extraordinary crystal is also powerful combined with other stones for memory including Azurite, Diaspore, Green Calcite or Prophecy Stone to enhance your memory.

Use it with White Heulandite or Cryolite, as these stones also have an amazing ability to stimulate the brain.

You may choose to use them alone or in combination with other high frequency stones and you may have slightly different results.

Some high vibration stones you might like to combine them with would be Moldavite, Tanzanite, Herkimer Diamonds, Nirvana Quartz or Scolecite.

Use it with Brookite to accentuate its effect on the brain and to make a deeper spiritual connection. Combining it with Scolecite makes the spiritual contact sweeter, and more loving.

One of the first stones I paired with the brownish-gold stone was Phenacite and also used it at the same time with Natrolite.

This created a strong clear sensation in my head and I was aware of the feeling of it stimulating my brain. I felt the energy run from my hands up my arms and up into my head.

These are all high vibration stones and there are many other excellent combinations you may like to use.

Additionally you could use it with Tiffany Stone, Elestial Quartz, Aurora Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Brookite, Natrolite, Creedite, Stellar Beam Calcite and Clear Apophyllite.

If you find that using high vibration stones makes you feel dizzy or spacy after use, you may have become ungrounded. 

Use one of the strong grounding stones after you have used them, to keep your feet firmly on the earth.

Using any of the above stones with Crocoite or Blizzard Stone helps to make you feel more stable and grounded when you are working in the higher realms.

Many pieces of these rare minerals may be very small, so it may be combined with other more common high vibration stones to boost its energy.

Stones such as Herkimer Diamonds are good to combine with it, as they have qualities that boost the vibration of tiny stones.

Crystal Books You May Enjoy

For more information about this crystal and other high vibration stones, take a look at the reviews of crystals books on my in-depth page about it, as you may gain a lot from reading them as they provide quite detailed information.

The crystal books shown on that page are very in-depth crystal reference books, and some give you interesting perspectives on stones and their origins.

If you are not sure which book to choose to for your level of learning, check out my book reviews, to assist you with your choice.

To read reviews of these and many other Crystal Books Click Here.

Golden Herderite ClusterGolden Herderite Cluster
Herderite awakens latent powers of mindHerderite awakens latent powers of mind
Herderite Meanings, Use & PropertiesHerderite Meanings, Use & Properties

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