Golden Herderite... A Rare & Fragile Crystal

by Liz Oakes
(Healing Crystals For You)

Golden Herderite Cluster

Golden Herderite Cluster

Golden Herderite is not a common stone... and the story of what happened to my first piece of this fairly rare stone came back to me today... so I thought I would share it with you.

Some years ago, after reading about the excellent attributes of Herderite in my crystal books, this lovely stone was on the list of stones that I wanted to buy.

When a friend rang me to tell me that a crystal shop she knew was going out of business, and having a closing down sale this immediately attracted my interest.

Even though the shop was a two hour drive away from where I was living at the time, I couldn't resist. The owner was selling off all the crystals in the whole shop, and had some amazing stones going for very low prices. That day I bought quite a few of the rare stones that I now own. Amongst these was a piece of Golden Herderite... the one pictured in the photo shown here. It is not a good photo but that's the only one I have.

Herderite is one of the high crystal energy stones and has a high vibration. After getting it home I started to use it and loved it. Only a few weeks later I was at a crystal fair, and while checking out their stones I saw another Golden Herderite which quite closely resembled the one I already had. To begin with I walked away, to look at other stones, but was drawn back and ended up buying it. So now I had two almost the same and would use them by holding one in each hand. This created amazing shifts and when other high vibration stones came into my life I started to use the Herderite in combination with various ones.

I was meditating with it almost every day. One night when I was very tired, I decided to meditate with it in bed, instead of sitting up in a chair. Now Golden Herderite is quite fragile and this particular one was not smooth, but had lots of pieces jutting out of it. It was difficult to hold... but I managed as that was how it was. I was using it that night with a lovely piece of pink Morganite in my other hand, and this will take you quite easily to the higher realms. Not only did I go to the higher realms, but... you guessed it... I fell asleep. I did not awaken until morning and I had such a good sleep that I bound out of bed ready for a good day.

As I heard the crunch under my foot I remembered. OMG! I had gone to sleep holding the Herderite, and looked down to see it in a number of pieces on the floor. I stood there simply staring at it for some minutes before picking it up gently, feeling quite contrite.

The photo of the flat Golden Herderite piece... the top one on the Herderite page is the piece that broke cleanly away from the cluster. The good part is that I was able to give away pieces of the stone. Friends who were looking for a piece of this stone, received a small one each, so it was not all bad. This should have taught me a lesson?

Well last night I woke up and couldn't sleep. So I reached for my bag of crystals under my pillow and took out my piece of Scolecite. It has a lovely calming vibration so I quickly drifted back to sleep with it in my hand. You may find this hard to believe but I woke up this morning and as I got out of bed, heard a thud as the Scolecite hit the floor! OMG!

I was so relieved it was not broken. You would have thought I would know better after what had happened to the Herderite wouldn't you? I thought I would tell you this story as they do break .... some of them. Luckily not all of them do!

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